Every fairytale must have it's villain, and the inhabitants of the Foxfire Forest swear that there is none so foul, so villainous, so cruel and bloodthirsty as the Beast In The Woods. Some claim he is a wolf, others swear that is an Ogre, or perhaps something from some darker, forgotten part of Marada. The Beast longs for shiny things - Fake Dukka Coins and Minerals.
Completed Level of 30
Beast in the Woods

Complete more Missions

Beast in the Woods can ask for these items on Level 19
Air Geode
Amber Fragment
Aquamarine Fragment
Blood Martite
Citrine Fragment
Copper Martite
Dark Geode
Earth Geode
Earth Martite
Elegant Martite
Emerald Fragment
Light Geode
Light Martite
Ocean Martite
Rainbow Martite
Ruby Fragment
Sapphire Fragment
Spinel Fragment
Storm Martite
Tourmaline Fragment
Water Geode

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