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The Beauty Contest is a weekly event where you can enter your doll to become Marapet's Next Top Model. Simply dress up your doll in your best clothing and give your doll a complete make over and enter. Also, answer the judge's questions and enter. Other players can then vote for you, and the player with the most votes will win. There are also bonus prizes possible for everyone who enters! The Rules are the same as Dress Up forum.

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The winners of the Beauty Contest are released every Tuesday

Vote for IvyRyker

1 Votes

Judge's Questions

1. What are your ambitions and goals on Marapets?
To collect all Dark, Gothic and Mermaid themed items.

2. If you could release a new pet costume, what would it be and why?
A Rose & Thorn themed costume, to show that pets can be both beautiful and dangerous!

3. What is your favourite part of Marapets and why?
The exploring part/feature for sure! There is always something to do/explore!

4. What makes your Marapet's Character the most beautiful and why should we vote for you?
I've been on here for years and I've finally gained some courage to finally enter the Beauty Contests, so I hope I win!

5. If you could change one part of Marapets, what would it be and why?
Only thing I would change would really be more adding more places to Marada to explore!

Vote for IvyRyker

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