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Places to Visit

King Baspinar welcomes you to Baspinar's Castle. You are in the most prestigious part of Marada, with some of the most important and powerful Maradans. Battling is very important for the king, and he looks fondly upon those who have well-trained and strong marapets. All major decisions for the site happen here inside the castle. The whole world only uses the currency of Baspinar Points, BP, so do not visit without them! The castle is closed at night time, while the King is sleeping. When the castle is closed, the bridge goes up and you are able to visit the Troll living under the bridge...
 Battle Fairy
The Battle Fairy rewards you for the number of Trading Cards you have collected.
 BP Bank
Deposit and save your BP at this bank and earn daily interest.
 Double Education
Vote for the colour of pet you think should get double education stats next week.
 Double Training
Vote for the colour of pet you think should get double training stats next week.
Buy glasses for your wardrobe and dress up your doll.
Complete levels of goals related to this world and win prizes.
Golem rewards each of your pets for training their balance stats.
Visit the Decapitating Fairy for free once every 16 hours for a prize or lose your pet's head.
 King Baspinar
King Baspinar gives you free prizes the longer you have been playing Marapets.
 Knutt Knight
Battle for the Knutt Knight and receive BP and diamonds to use in the Elite Gym.
 Monthly Checklist
Complete a list of goals to enter our free prize draw to win Account Upgrade credit.
 Rapunzel's Tower
Spend your BP on rare items for sale in Rapunzel's Tower.
 Shop of the Week
Vote for the shop you would like to have a 2 for 1 sale next week.
 Sword in the Stone
Play the sword in the stone game for 25BP once every 10 minutes to try win the jackpot.
Complete Trunx's Theatre mission for a limited edition Phanty pet.
Play the free Tombola game once every 8 hours to win a prize.
The Troll is closed during Marada day time hours.
Come back in 1 minutes

Visit the Vault if you have a secret code for a free prize.
 Weekly Battle Challenge
Win a retired Trading Card every Tuesday if you win the most battles.

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