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Everyone knows that celebrities are judged by the size of their wardrobe and are never seen wearing the same thing twice. Priscilla loves celebrities and desperately wants to be one herself and she thinks the best way to do that is through having a large Wardrobe so she spends all her days shopping for items to add to her wardrobe in her never ending quest for what she believes is celebrity status. Pricilla loves to be seen in the company of those who dress to impress so if you think you have what it takes to impress Pricilla she has just the mission for you.
Completed Level of 30

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Priscilla can ask for these items on Level 1

Darkest Brown Lipstick
Chestnut Lipstick
Hot Pink Lipstick
Dark Blue Lipstick
Silver Grey Lipstick
Violet Red Lipstick
Black Lipstick
Maroon Lipstick
Purple Lipstick
Green Lipstick
Pink Lipstick
Aquamarine Lipstick
Slate Grey Lipstick
Navy Blue Lipstick
Orange Lipstick
Light Plum Lipstick
Ginger Lipstick
Light Red Lipstick
Red Lipstick
Dark Red Lipstick
Cyan Lipstick
Worm Brown Lipstick
Plum Lipstick
Leaf Green Lipstick
Apple Green Lipstick
Light Blue Lipstick
Pale Green Lipstick
Sienna Lipstick
Tan Lipstick
Lime Green Lipstick
Rosy Brown Lipstick
Dark Orange Lipstick
Sky Blue Lipstick
Yellow Lipstick
Violet Lipstick
Charcoal Lipstick
Deep Plum Lipstick
Thistle Lipstick
Steel Blue Lipstick
Blue Lipstick
Magnolia Lipstick
Dark Green Lipstick
Salmon Lipstick
Blonde Lipstick
Sea Green Lipstick
Orchid Lipstick
Olive Green Lipstick
Deep Green Lipstick
Deep Green Blue Lipstick
Magenta Lipstick
Neon Purple Lipstick
Neon Orange Lipstick
Neon Pink Lipstick
Deep Purple Lipstick
Forest Green Lipstick
Soft Green Lipstick
Golden Blonde Lipstick
Pastel Blonde Lipstick
Brown Lipstick
Pastel Peach Lipstick