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The Clam has lived peacefully in Jenoa for thousands of years but recently, Maradans have been going deeper in Jenoa to steal his pearls, as they sell for large amounts of MP. He is really very angry and will reward you for bringing back the pearls stolen from him. The clam also now asks for sushi too! The Clam needs your help. He has 30 different missions for you, each harder than the last. You will need to find pearls and bring them back to him.
Completed Level of 30

Complete more Missions

Clam can ask for these items on Level 17

Angel Pearl
Bronze Pearl
Burgundy Pearl
Candyland Pearl
Clam Pearl
Cream Pearl
Cyan Pearl
Dark Blue Pearl
Digital Fairy Pearl
Elekas Castle Pearl
Flowery Pearl
Fuchsia Pearl
Gigantic Paradise Pearl
Gold Pearl
Golem Pearl
Green Pearl
Grey Pearl
Harpy Pearl
Kamilah Desert Pearl
Lavender Pearl
Light Blue Pearl
Minipet Island Pearl
Mint Chocolate Pearl
Moss Green Pearl
Mouldy Pearl
Native Fairy Pearl
Rainbow Pearl
Red Pearl
Salmon Pearl
Sand Pearl
Scrooge Pearl
Silver Pearl
Snowy Pearl
Test Your Strength Pearl
Tiny Aqua Pearl
Tiny Beige Pearl
Tiny Black Pearl
Tiny Blue Pearl
Tiny Brown Pearl
Tiny Coral Pearl
Tiny Green Pearl
Tiny Grey Pearl
Tiny Lilac Pearl
Tiny Magenta Pearl
Tiny Maroon Pearl
Tiny Navy Pearl
Tiny Olive Pearl
Tiny Orange Pearl
Tiny Pink Pearl
Tiny Purple Pearl
Tiny Red Pearl
Tiny Teal Pearl
Tiny White Pearl
Tiny Yellow Pearl
Tooth Fairy Pearl
White Pearl