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City Sewers
The City Sewers stink. Most people just avoid this world for fear of disease, but this crazy Sewer Cleaner actually gives up all of his free time to try and clean up the place. The Sewer Cleaner needs your help. There are 30 different missions for you, each harder than the last. He will ask you to collect some items that you can only find around this world. Bring them back to him and he will reward you for helping to clean up. If you fail to complete the mission level within the time limit, you will fail and go back to level one.
Completed Level of 30
Sewer Cleaner

Complete more Missions

Sewer Cleaner can ask for these items on Level 4

Addafo Poop
Addese Poop
Addimo Poop
Addoro Poop
Addoth Poop
Addow Poop
Addup Poop
Adorab Poop
Agatha Poop
Alen Poop
Alyee Poop
Andy Poop
Anjet Poop
Ant Poop
Anubis Poop
Anuriah Poop
Aphid Poop
Apollo Poop
Apophis Poop
Applex Poop
Arinya Poop
Aristocorn Poop
Arso Poop
Astro Poop
Ata Poop
Aura Poop
Autumn Poop
Avalon Poop
Aviv Poop
Azeido Poop
Azint Poop
Azlian Poop
Azow Poop
Azubi Poop
Azul Poop
Azulor Poop
Bablah Poop
Baline Poop
Balloonimal Poop
Banalphin Poop
Bananey Poop
Basil Poop
Batsy Poop
Batz Poop
Baxter Poop
Baylien Poop
Beach Poop
Bearger Poop
Beelzebub Poop
Beetle Poop
Belle Poop
Bellerina Poop
Bewmel Poop
Billy Poop
Bingo Poop
Bitty Poop
Blake Poop
Blissaur Poop
Blooble Poop
Bloobloo Poop