Hector is an obsessive collector. He moved to the Lost City of Simeria to collect rare artifacts, keys, runes, bones and now hes obsessed with collecting Stamps. Other Maradans laugh at Hector for wasting all of his time collecting stamps but he hopes to change their minds by encouraging more and more Maradans to collect Stamps for their Stamp Albums. Hector needs your help. He wants to encourage everyone in Marada to collect stamps for their own album. He has 30 different missions for you, each harder than the last. If you fail to have any of the stamps he asks for in your album, you will have to start again.
Completed Level of 30
Hector the Collector

Complete more Missions

Hector the Collector can ask for these items on Level 10
Electric Bill Stamp
Eleka Tombola Stamp
Elger Hat Stamp
Equilor Stamp
Evil Bunny Stamp
Fasoro Falls Stamp
Fasoro Stamp
Fast Food Stamp
Feliz Stamp
Fidge Stamp
Fild Stamp
Fish and Chips Stamp
Flail Stamp
Flamed Stamp
Flooring Stamp
Flower Shop Stamp
Football Stamp
Fried Corn Stamp
Frolic Stamp
Fropa Attack Stamp
Frozen Food Stamp
Fruit Harvest Stamp
Fruit Shop Stamp
Furniture Stamp
Fynx Stamp
Gavula Stamp
Giant Flowers Stamp
Giant Fruit Stamp
Giant Vegetables Stamp
Gigantic Paradise Stamp
Glowing Egg Nest Stamp
Glowing Red Egg Stamp
Graveyard Gates Stamp
Graveyard Stamp
Grint Stamp
Guess the Weight Stamp
Gurple Stamp
Gym Stamp
Halloween Paffuto Stamp
Halloween Snowman Stamp
Halloween Treats Stamp
Happy Pool Party Stamp
Haunted House Stamp
Haunted Stamp
Hithe Stamp
Holiday Bow Stamp
Hospital Stamp
Hotel Stamp
Housse Stamp
Ice Cream Stamp
Igloo Stamp
Iolan Stamp
Jenoa Stamp
Jessup Stamp
Jet Stamp
Kleptome Stamp
Klondike Solitaire Stamp
Knutt Stamp
Krampus Stamp
Leido Bounce Stamp

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