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Hector is an obsessive collector. He moved to the Lost City of Simeria to collect rare artifacts, keys, runes, bones and now hes obsessed with collecting Stamps. Other Maradans laugh at Hector for wasting all of his time collecting stamps but he hopes to change their minds by encouraging more and more Maradans to collect Stamps for their Stamp Albums. Hector needs your help. He wants to encourage everyone in Marada to collect stamps for their own album. He has 30 different missions for you, each harder than the last. If you fail to have any of the stamps he asks for in your album, you will have to start again.
Completed Level of 30
Hector the Collector

Complete more Missions

Hector the Collector can ask for these items on Level 26
Nefarious Stamp
New Years Stamp
Night And Day Quell Stamp
Nightmare Stamp
No Newths Stamp
North Pole Stamp
Obese Fairy Stamp
Obesity Stamp
Oglue Stamp
Olympics Stamp
Palace Stamp
Pawprint Stamp
Pearls Stamp
Pet Transformations Stamp
Phantom Grin Stamp
Phantom Stamp
Phanty Stamp
Pirate Ship Stamp
Pirates Booty Stamp
Pixie Snookle Stamp
Pixie Stamp
Pizza Shop Stamp
Poison Mushroom Stamp
Poison Stamp
Polar Stamp
Princess Rapunzel Stamp
Propellor Hat Stamp
Pumpkin Of Gold Stamp
Pumpkin Stamp
Punk Kaala Stamp
Queen Eleka Stamp
Quell Stamp
Rainbow Fairy Stamp
Rainbow Stamp
Random Stamp
Recycled Stamp
Red Addow Stamp
Referral System Stamp
Rofling Stamp
Romantic Stamp
Royal Fairy Stamp
Royal Wedding Stamp
Rusty Twins Stamp
Santa Sleigh Stamp
School Mordo Stamp
School Stamp
Scout Stamp
Scratchcards Stamp
Sea Star Stamp
Seasonal Stamp
Shell Stamp
Shine Bright Stamp
Shooting Star Stamp
Silkie Stamp
Simeria Stamp
Simerian Sea Stamp
Simerian Stamp
Sindi Stamp
Skateboard Stamp
Skater Stamp