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Eleka's Castle
The Fates are three evil Maradan goddesses who control the fate of every mortal and immortal marapet, from their birth to their death. These three goddesses, Clotho, Lachesis and Atropos control the destiny of your pets, and all of the other pets in Marada. The Fates are willing to put you to the test, by giving you an evil mission for either Cooking Ingredients, Voodoo Dolls or Poison items. They have 30 different missions for you, each harder than the last. You will need to find items and bring them back to them. If you fail to bring any of them, you will have to start again and they will also punish you and your pets.
Completed Level of 30
The Fates

Complete more Missions

The Fates can ask for these items on Level 24
Addow Poison
Arinya Poison
Astro Poison
Azul Poison
Basil Poison
Bolimo Poison
Chibs Poison
Crikey Poison
Crindol Poison
Daisy Poison
Dakota Poison
Decadal Poison
Doyle Poison
Echlin Poison
Equilor Poison
Ercuw Poison
Eyru Poison
Fasoro Poison
Feliz Poison
Figaro Poison
Flab Poison
Gizmo Poison
Gobble Poison
Gonk Poison
Grint Poison
Hump Poison
Huthiq Poison
Ideus Poison
Ike Poison
Jessup Poison
Justin Poison
Kaala Poison
Kidlet Poison
Knutt Poison
Kronk Poison
Kujo Poison
Lati Poison
Leido Poison
Limax Poison
Lorius Poison
Mordo Poison
Murfin Poison
Newth Poison
Nino Poison
Oglue Poison
Osafo Poison
Paffuto Poison
Phanty Poison
Poera Poison
Pucu Poison
Quell Poison
Raulf Poison
Reese Poison
Renat Poison
Rofling Poison
Rusty Poison
Sindi Poison
Snookle Poison
Speiro Poison
Straya Poison