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Marapets is mobile friendly

° Not for sale-haunting howl
*im a collector of bolimo*
bolimo items-missing
------------------------- °Im missing°
°Im missing some magazines
°checkered bolimo photo
°Leopard photo
°Enchanted Light Bolimo Plushie
°Recycled Bolimo Photo
°Simerian Bolimo Photo
°light bolimo Plushie
°fairy bolimo potion
°Digital bolimo plushie
°Funky-enchanted plushie
°Mutant -enchanted plushie
°Emo bolimo pinata
°Bolimo necklace

If you add the Gallery Giftbox to your collection, your gallery will be able to hold double items - for life! Hold 25 items instead of 25!

The Seasonal Fairy also rewards you for every giftbox that you collect