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My Gallery items are NOT for sale! If you need for mission and are sure you can replace, I usually lend.

I have extra dna minis in my trades up for swaps and updated blog of which ones I am missing.

I collect:

Baby Quell Plushies (Rhaulina, my first pet, used to be a baby quell for a long time and I collected baby quell plushies for her to command, lol)
Minipets (one of each, I used to have perfect collection but at the moment I am missing some goals related ones and some gourmet minis + some organic minis, those are on my wishlist)
Dna Minipets (One of each color)
Some random cat/rose/toy stuff
Ench. Ninja Knutt plushie is here for the memory of my first battle pet Nessane who used to be ninja knutt.


If you add the Gallery Giftbox to your collection, your gallery will be able to hold double items - for life! Hold 25 items instead of 25!

The Seasonal Fairy also rewards you for every giftbox that you collect