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Places to Visit

Gigantic Paradise, the place where everything is ten times bigger than it should be. The reason why is still unclear but with sunny skys and a permanent rainbow, this peaceful world is paradise!
 Ant Hill
Visit the Ant Hill for free once a day to try and grab a free prize.
Grow a magic bean into a beanstalk. Climb it to buy a rare item from the giant.
Buy the cheese items you want for your pets to eat.
 Earth Fairy
The Earth Fairy rewards you for how many levels of Goals you have completed.
Bring the farmer the items he needs and he'll reward you with MP and Balls of Yarn.
You can plant your seeds and grow them into Organic Minipets here.
  Giant Flowers
Buy your giant flower items from this shop.
  Giant Fruit
Buy the giant fruit items you want from this shop.
  Giant Vegetables
Buy the giant vegetable items you need from this shop.
Complete levels of goals related to this world and win prizes.
 Guess the Weight
Guess the weight of the giant potato daily for your chance to win potato items.
Bring the Leprechaun the items he needs and he'll reward you with RP.
Buy the magic items you need for battling.
Your glowing eggs are stored here. Hatch them for new site font and clothing colours.
 Pet Colours
A list of all pet species and pet colours available, along with stats on each pet.
 Pot of Gold
Pick up some free items that other players have donated from the Pot of Gold.
 Rubbish Dump
Complete the rubbish dump missions for a limited edition Rusty pet.
Satyr rewards each of your pets prizes for training strength stats.
 Test Your Strength
Test your strength with the Gigantic Fairy for free every 3 hours and win.
Trade your items with other players for items and/or currency.
 Worm Digging
Play this game for free every 3 hours for your chance to dig up a worm.
Zetzilla pays for Gym & Elite Gym training for a different pet every day.

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