Nimbus is the home of Greedy Gertrude. Don't let her halo fool you, Greedy Gertrude is not as angelic as she appears. All day Greedy Gertrude sits on her cloud dreaming up ways to prove she is better than everyone else. Greedy Gertrude is very impressed by pets who enjoy eating Gourmet Foods as much as she does and wants to challenge these pets. She has 30 different missions for you, each harder than the last. Greedy Gertrude will show you a gourmet food item and your pet will need to have eaten this item. You can then come back here and complete the mission.
Completed Level of 30
Greedy Gertrude

Complete more Missions

Greedy Gertrude can ask for these items on Level 29
10th Birthday Cake
10th Birthday Cookie
10th Birthday Cupcake
10th Birthday Potato
2012 Pumpkin
2013 Pumpkin
2013 Pumpkin Candy
2014 Pumpkin
2015 Pumpkin
2016 Pumpkin
2017 Easter Egg
21 Blitz Cookie
3 Years Cake
5th Birthday Cake
5th Birthday Cupcake
6th Birthday Cake
6th Birthday Gumball
6th Birthday Pearl
8th Birthday Cupcake
8th Birthday Pearl
8th Birthday Potato
9th Birthday Cake
9th Birthday Cupcake
9th Birthday Luxury Cake
9th Birthday Pearl
Acorn Flan
Acorn Gumball
Acorn Pearl
Acorn Squash
Addow Bunches
Addow Dip
Addow Easter Egg
Addow Full Health Tonic
Addow Half Health Tonic
Addow Ice Sculpture
Addow Poop
Addow Pumpkin
Addow Quarter Health Tonic
Addow Third Health Tonic
Addup Poop
Advent Muffin
Advent Pie
Advent Tree Lolly
Air Crystal
Air Pearl
Air Potato
Air Potato Chips
Alerts Cookie
Alien Cupcake
Alien Goo
Alien Grapes
Alien Gumball
Alien Pancakes
Alien Pearl
Alien Potato
Alien Potato Chips
Almond Gumball
American Bean
American Cupcake

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