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Minipet Island
You can browse Minipet Colours below by minipet or by colour. You can also view all Pet Colours.

You can change colour of a Minipet by riding the Fasoro Falls or using a Ball of Yarn that you can win from Farming quests.

There are 3,402 Minipet Colours
Minipet Colours
There are 12 Andy Colours
Autumn Andy
Black Andy
Blue Andy
Green Andy
Grey Andy
Orange Andy
Pink Andy
Rainbow Andy
Red Andy
White Andy
Yellow Andy
There are 12 Andy Plates
Andy Plate
Blue Andy Plate
Black Andy Plate
Red Andy Plate
Yellow Andy Plate
White Andy Plate
Grey Andy Plate
Pink Andy Plate
Orange Andy Plate
Green Andy Plate
Autumn Andy Plate
Rainbow Andy Plate