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Marapets is mobile friendly
PET TRADING: throwing some pets out now and then, not desperate to trade. Main goal is downsizing. Preferences in blog

PHOTO SWAPS: either in trades or mail me, which of my pets you need a photo from

Adult player, been on Mara for a while but haven't been active until moving over from another pet site a few years ago. Usually I'm pretty laid back and polite, but if you come over rude, I'll call you out on it.

UFT pets usually are in pet trades, I have a blog up for preferences. If you like to offer on a single pet or a different combination just send a mail which pet(s) you're offering on and what.

You may offer for the others not in trade, but please be ready to get a "No thank you" in most cases.
Lags the Sleepy Nino
11 years, 2 months & 25 days OldBorn 26th Oct 2008 11:07