~ Kim I traded for Mr. John Saxon on March 21, 2018, when he was no more than an Invisible Gonk.

Deciding I wanted to make a "play" on his role in the film "My Mom's a Werewolf" I scoured the Werewolf pets of the site and decided out of the ones I don't own/haven't owned in the past, that the Werewolf Quell will fit in the best and be an epic match for the little man.

At 2:18 I was able to do phase one of the transformation. Making my little man a Daylight Quell. Now I just need to get myself a costume and finalize the vision :)
Saxon the Baby Quell
2 years & 30 days OldBorn 6th Nov 2017 03:30

Level 5 Policeman earning MP425MP a day

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