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Please do not maramail me and ask me what I want for my trades, I will not reply. If there is a price listed i may take less but be reasonable please. If not do your research and tell me what you think it is worth. (same for Pet Trades)
Gallery- Yes some things are for sale. If I ask you for an offer and it is fair, I still don't have to take it. NOT EVERYTHING IS FOR SALE.
Anything Else- I don't want to be your girlfriend. I don't really want to just talk for fun. If I know you it is a different story. But please no chat Maramails. NO CLUB INVITES!
My Account is as old as Calypso420. She is my very first pet. I have accomplished alot on here.


Staff!!! Prophet and I live together!!

CamelWides the Dragon Ercuw
13 years, 6 months & 8 days OldBorn 29th Dec 2006 20:22

No Name
13 Years Old
Level 14 Chef earning MP4,500MP a day

Job Promotion earning MP5,500MP a day
Level 25  Health 50  Charisma 30  Art 25  Science 25  CDs 20  DVDs 20  Books 30  Stamina 25  Coordination 35  Environmental Studies 10  Business Studies 15 

Easter Egg Shells
Devil Trident