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Marapets is mobile friendly
Mother and wife. I love pet games and tick based games. Its my free mental therapy.

My pets are not for sale but I am willing to loan any of them.
Swrgbkj the Black Rusty
12 years, 11 months & 10 days OldBorn 10th Oct 2007 15:07

Level 7 Banker earning MP375MP a day

Job Promotion earning MP450MP a day
Defence 15  Charisma 11  Maths 20  CDs 8  DVDs 16  Books 25  Humanities 3  Computer Science 6  Law 3  Business Studies 6 

Jessup Dagger
Xoi Quarter Health Tonic
Jessup Bow
Jessup Shield
Jessup Helmet
Jessup Amulet
Jessup Gauntlet
Jessup Sword
Knutt Quarter Health Tonic
Addow Quarter Health Tonic
Spear of Ublish
Jessup Helmet
Zetlian Quarter Health Tonic
Bolimo Quarter Health Tonic