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I got a wonderful gift today, October 31st, 2007. molokaicreeper was loaning me MiOsito so that I could go trick or treating. She just maramailed me and told me that I could keep him. Thank you so much molokaicreeper! I will take good care of him. :)


Sharkeude1969 is my husband. We often will use one another's computers - I have a laptop and he has a desktop. But sometimes I need to work on a desktop because of my eyes. So please don't freeze us.


Right now I really want a Chibs. I am willing to trade any combination of my pets except for Isabeau1972, because she is my main pet. MM for any information. Thanks!

Charity_Grace the Mummy Daisy
11 years, 8 months & 24 days OldBorn 10th Oct 2008 14:47

1 Year 5 Months Old