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General Info
Friend Requests: Accepting
Pet Lending Requests: Accepting
Photo/Plate Swap Requests: Accepting
Random Maramails looking to chat: Accepting
Mission Help: Accepting, agree to gallery terms first
Trade/Shop Negotiation: X
Trade/Shop Swaps: X
Beauty/Ugly Contest Vote: X
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Pet Trades: X
Maramail/Maratalk: Maramail only
Please do not send me multiple messages or spam my inbox.

Pet Info
Battle Pets: Akatsuki, Insidious, Lace, Rico
Collection Pets: Lace, Akatsuki (Transformation Only)
Insidious the Phantom Knutt
11 years, 3 months & 10 days OldBorn 14th Feb 2009 15:55

2 Years 3 Months Old
2 Years 4 Months Old
1 Year 4 Months Old
Level 15 Police Officer earning MP7,750MP a day

Job Promotion earning MP8,900MP a day
Level 60  Strength 140  Defence 140  Speed 85  Health 85  Charisma 45  Language 45  History 35  Sports 60  Books 60  Stamina 95  Sociology 37  Law 41 

Staff of the Light Fairy
Staff of the Rainbow Fairy