The fifth pet created, Deidara is a tribute to that childhood crush that everyone gets on a cartoon character. Mine was Deidara from Naruto.

I would love for Marapets to release a pet that looks eagle-like or owl-like (or just give the Osafo a stone costume) and release a clay costume! Then I could make Deidara look like one of the C1 birds.
Deidara the Fire Quell
10 years, 9 months & 11 days OldBorn 24th Feb 2009 08:56

Level 16 Banker earning MP9,000MP a day

Job Promotion earning MP10,000MP a day
Defence 70  Charisma 35  Maths 140  CDs 30  DVDs 40  Books 80  Humanities 15  Computer Science 28  Law 15  Business Studies 42 

Staff of the Light Fairy
Staff of the Light Fairy
Balloon Sword

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