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Marapets is mobile friendly
DO NOT irritate OLD are crunchy and taste good with ketchup!!
I am an Oldster just enjoying an escape from reality! I like helping those that need help...just NO begging please! This is a game...let's keep it that way!

[center]My Pets are not for Trade!![/center][br]

[center]I belong to a great club...Addicted to Mara! Please do not ask me to join yours!![/center]
Tanteen the Chinese Yakubi
14 years, 2 months & 17 days OldBorn 18th Mar 2006 15:47

13 Years 2 Months Old
9 Years 10 Months Old
9 Years 10 Months Old
Red Azlian
5 Years 7 Months Old
Level 16 Mechanic earning MP7,000MP a day

Job Promotion earning MP7,500MP a day
Level 50  Strength 80  Charisma 30  Maths 60  Science 80  Sports 40  CDs 35  DVDs 30  Books 40  Balance 50  Coordination 40  Environmental Studies 26  Business Studies 14