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Marapets is mobile friendly
Marapets is mobile friendly
Halina Rose, an old user that recently came back
Staff - i use mobile as well as laptop. Dont ban Call me Hal
20, Autistic - I have Aspergers amongst other medical issues like Dyspraxia and stuff, Ehlers Danlos

Looking for friends, I am not in education
Ashlyah the Nefarious Quell
9 years, 10 months & 26 days OldBorn 25th Oct 2010 00:10

4 Months 8 Days Old
Level 1 Teacher earning MP475MP a day

Banana Sword
Newth Magic Staff
Newth Helmet
Christmas Shield
Newth Sword
Steam Sword
Steam Shield
Harpy Talon Dagger
Arcade Dual Guns
Troll Blaster