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Marapets is mobile friendly
Marapets is mobile friendly
•check my info page•
It takes 2 seconds to message back! Be friendly !
**Attention staff**
I log in on my phone&home computer
I do lend my pets, but just an FYI lending prices are about 100k and up .
Adult Player
Nicky , co|me|ga|wa • 24• Taurus ➰• Positivity • Cosmetology 💄• Married 💕• Mommy👶🏽 • ilovemypits • -
Been playing marapets since 2005
(this was not my first account) if you have any questions or need help with anything on the the site hmu im experienced (:
sorry i won’t vote for you in the beauty/ugly contest unless we’re friends or you’re in my club
my pets arnt for trade unless i have them posted , i do swap photos and plates and lend my pets for goals .
ps ; i have sc and ig , message me if you want them I’m always down for more friends on social media ! (:

Frazzal the Easter Mordo
9 years, 8 months & 22 days OldBorn 14th Nov 2010 12:31

Pink Blooble
2 Years 4 Months Old
Daylight Fatty
2 Years 1 Month Old
Eleka Durabat
2 Years Old
1 Year 11 Months Old
Pink Rat
1 Year 5 Months Old
Level 3 Banker earning MP125MP a day

Job Promotion earning MP175MP a day
Defence 4  Charisma 4  Maths 4  CDs 4  DVDs 8  Books 8 

Ice Elixir
Cheese Axe
Flaming Hair Dryer
Jessup Quarter Health Tonic
Battle Wings
Gigantic Fairy Mallet
Bounchy Axe
Glass Shield
Chocolate Daggers