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"I'm Captain Trenchard! The Dagger of the Sea! I've sailed the Straits of Darkness on Midwinter's Day! My ship's the Raptor and I've taken her into the Seven Lower Hells, drunk ale with Kahooli, and sailed home again! My mother was a sea dragon, my father was lightning, and I dance a sailor's jig on my victim's skulls! I fought with the war god, and kissed death herself! Men tremble at my shadow and women swoon at my name, and no one lives who can call me a liar! I'm Trenchard, the Dagger of the Sea."
CaptainTrenchard the Pirate Basil
8 years & 4 days OldBorn 5th Jul 2012 15:40

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Digital Naoen
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Moonlight Nimble
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Summer Spoopy
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Underwater Phantasm
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