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Marapets is mobile friendly
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In youth - we learn,
In age - we understand ~Marie von Ebner

**SEE TRADE BLOG about my Trades before mailing me**
My name is Jennifer.
Originally known as Poppi, currently known as .....who knows what my Username might be.

Yes I will lend my GrantPutnam however for ONLY 15mins at a time. NO exceptions.
Is in Temple til end of August 2020
I will only use the "Lending" feature. NO exceptions

Note the lending fee below
This is current the date of 08/22/2020
It could be more.
16,043,120mp Fee
to be paid by borrower

Yes, this is yours truly.

Rhino the Steampunk Phanty
7 years, 6 months & 17 days OldBorn 5th Mar 2013 06:35

Level 3 Journalist earning MP300MP a day

Job Promotion earning MP350MP a day
Level 10  Speed 20  Charisma 4  Language 20  History 7  Geography 6  CDs 4  Books 6