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(staff check my info please)
I love playing marapets,i like cat,
Im a Gemini and a rat in Chinese zodiac,i love hard candy🍬,i don't mind lend my pet out if it for a goal,i love Halloween👻,i love to paint and draw,im an abstract drawer,i love pikachu from pokemon,I love anime&manga,i like watching movies,listening to music.Don't be scared to talk to me,i don't bite,if i get rejected on an item i put an offer on that is ok,it dont hurt my feelings,i love scary items on marapets.
My name is Alicia, My birthday is june 12
(Im an adult)
(° staff : i play on my cellphone, im always log on my marapets on my phone) my sister(Nelbaby) and mom (chocolate bubblezz) both play marapets too. they play on their cell phones . please don't ban us we love marapets)

Raichu36 the Cotton Candy Crindol
2 years & 25 days OldBorn 6th May 2018 20:48

Orange Shea
2 Years Old
Night king
2 Years Old
2 Years Old
2 Years Old
2 Years Old
Green Damaged
2 Years Old
1 Year 12 Months Old
Ghost Fynx
2 Years Old
2 Years Old
2 Years Old
1 Year 9 Months Old
Blue Kronos
2 Years Old
1 Year 11 Months Old
Purple Vampry
1 Year 6 Months Old
1 Year 10 Months Old
Orange Candy
1 Year 3 Months Old
1 Year 7 Months Old
1 Year 8 Months Old
1 Year 6 Months Old
Level 8 Banker earning MP450MP a day

Job Promotion earning MP525MP a day
Defence 20  Charisma 13  Maths 25  CDs 9  DVDs 18  Books 30  Humanities 4  Computer Science 8  Law 4  Business Studies 8 

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