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~ Kim On 10.20.2018 I completed all 30 levels of Priscilla for my first time, earning myself my Gold Trophy annnndddd my EYRU <3

In celebration of this awesome moment, I decided to go big! First Brolin took on his new species, da da da!!!! Eyru! And then, I bought him the one costume I always wanted, but didn't think I'd be able to afford to pull off - Autumn. And I have to say, he looks so friggin perfect, I am freaking out lol.

To the players who helped me along the way, through Priscilla, whether through telling me "you can do it, you can do it" or buying out my shop like wild, so I could afford those last two levels, thank you!!! You rock! And my gosh, I cannot believe I actually did it... <3

Brolin is not, nor will he ever be up for trade..... This is just too epic for me lol
Brolin the Autumn Eyru
2 years & 18 days OldBorn 9th Oct 2018 14:18

Level 4 Entrepreneur earning MP200MP a day

Job Promotion earning MP250MP a day
Charisma 5  Language 6  History 6  Geography 6  Maths 6  Books 25