Pet Trades can have up to 5 pets on them and you can offer up to 5 pets on other player's trades. You can only trade pets for other pets and all trades are final. Use the Pet Exchange to send your pet to another player. Buy and sell standard pets at the Pet Auctions and use Pet Lending to safely borrow pets. You can also use the Trades Forum.
Pet Trades

Lot 157,312,631,410,932 7th Nov 2019 03:31

Grasps  the  Mummy  Jessup
Health 283 / 327
Magic 110
Level 165
Strength 342
Defence 346
Speed 352
Charisma 66
Art 20
Language 29
Geography 18
History 22
Maths 24
Music 17
Science 29
Sports 85

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