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Pet Trades can have up to 5 pets on them and you can offer up to 5 pets on other people's trades. Trading currency for pets is not allowed - you can only trade pets for other pets. If you only want to send a pet to another player, you should use the Pet Exchange. You can also buy and sell basic pets at the Pet Auctions. The trading fee is how much the trade will cost. This MP is a fee for completing the trade safely, and is not given to the owner of the pet you are trading with. The cost per pet is the same as the Pet Exchange & Auctions.

Pet Trading

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Newths at Work

The MaraPets server is currently offline

23 February Update

We have an update for you all but it is really not the news we were hoping for... We have repaired what was broken but there was more damage than we ever expected. Although we have many backups and logs some of these were corrupted too and it is making a clean restore impossible. We have had a team working with us around the clock that specialise on data recovery and this is the current delay. We have approx 95% of Marapets data but its that final 5% that we are trying to recover.

We're doing our best to get Marapets back online ASAP. Please be prepared for your account to be quite different from how you left it. You may find some things missing, some trades/pet trades/sales reversed and old items you have used/sold returned. Please do not panic - everyone is affected equally. We will do everything we can to limit the damage and once we are back, we will work with you all to fix and compensate any major losses.

22 February Update

The part has finally arrived and we are now working around the clock to get Marapets back as quickly as possible. Once again, sorry for the delay and we will keep you updated.

19 February Update

As you may have noticed, we have been down for almost 3 days. Marapets experienced a catastrophic hardware failure and we have been working around the clock to fix it. We are sorry for not updating you sooner but we didn't have any news until now. We are waiting on a replacement part to be delivered and installed (the weekend made this slower). Once we have this ready we will know more information and keep you updated here. Marapets is not closing and any information you hear elsewhere is false.