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Gigantic Paradise
At the end of the rainbow in Gigantic Paradise sits a gigantic Pot of Gold filled with items. Most of these items are donated by generous players. The not so generous Scrooge also donates items here. Ever wondered what happened to those items you accidently drop around Marada? Items lost from Random Events go straight to the Pot of Gold too!

You can also view Prizes Won here and the High Scores List for those who donated the most items.

Players with fewer than MP1,000,000MP can visit for FREE once every hour otherwise it's every 2 hours
Pot of Gold

Play more Free Games to win free MP or prizes

Where should items you donate/delete go?

These items were just won at the Pot of Gold
Rune Rescue Balloon
Soft Drinks Stamp
Cobweb Candy
Injured Jessup Plushie
Mummy Ideus Plushie
Pink Azul Plushie
Spooky Lolly
Pink Kumbha Plate
Vomit Green Face Makeup Dye
Cinnamon Jelly Beans
Scrooge Night Cap
Star Jeans
Flayee Plushie
Green Paffuto Plushie
Glass Wipes
Navy Leido Potion
Black Chibs Plushie
Double Star Tree Decoration
Bootleg Flow
Grape Jelly Contact Lenses
Yakubi Quarter Health Tonic
Green Donut Plushie
High Mileage Oil
Empty Digital Soda
Injured Pizza
Eleka Tombola Balloon
Brown Earth Worm
Mummy Renat Plushie
True Love Candy Heart
Gummy Bricks Jelly
Marada News Nov 2021
Lush Lake Ticket
Aqua Crindol Photo
Diet Lemon Soda
Raspberry Gummy Brick
Plastic Surgery Coupon
Used Magazine
Purple Grint Plushie
Silver Renat Photo
Green Pythonix Pelvis
Jessup Stamp
Bronze Gumball
Uayl Trading Card
Green Magnet
Gothic Sindi Plushie
Chinese Gumball
Enchanted Radioactive Feliz Plushie
Grilled Fish Burger
Digital Yakubi Plushie
Slice of Digital Pizza
Plastic Surgery Coupon
Monster Yakubi Photo
Chocolate Mallow Kisses
Chewed Yellow Gumball
Plastic Surgery Coupon
Tombola Tunes
Jack in the Box
Purple Kaala Balloon
Yellow Cantoo Plate
Chippy Trading Card
Lush Lake Ticket
Kaala Jumbo Pencil
Kamilah Codes Sugar Cube
Steam Dagger
Plastic Surgery Coupon
Chewed Red Gumball
Tropical Punch Balloon
Mummy Yuni Plushie
Starry Umbrella
Tub of Dangerously Spicy Ice Cream
Prison Quell Plushie
Corrupt Code E
Maroon Equilor Plushie
Newth Racing Stamp
Circus Ticket
Mummy Azul Plushie
Kamilah Codes Gumball