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  • Borak's Insanity

    Posted on : 11th Dec 2013 10:23   Posted by : marafan122
    Recycled Viotto Potion
    Halloween Bolimo Potion
    Kronk Poison
    Small Pumpkin Creme Frappachino
    Zoink Poison
    Musk - Completed
    Silver Paint
    Caffe Latte - Completed
    Small Hazelnut Latte - Completed
    Red Equilor Potion
    Small Caramel Apple Spice - Completed
    Small Hazelnut Hot Chocolate - Completed
    Christmas Newth Potion
    Yellow Reese Potion
    Xoi Dip
    Bug Fizzy Drink - Completed
    Love Tantua Potion
    Clown Walee Potion
    Black Tea - Completed
    Small Caffe Latte - Completed
    Rainbow Feliz Potion
    Voodoo Tantua Potion
    Diet Strawberry Marapop
    Green Zoosh Potion

    People I luff <3

    Posted on : 1st Jan 2010 13:42   Posted by : marafan122
    Here's a blog of people I <3 all my friends shall be here starting with definite best friends. To all my Mara friends you are amazing. My Mara life wouldn't be the same without you, actually it would suck. If I forget you post on this blog =)

    LetsGetYourPartyOn- You've been my friend since 5th grade and I appreciate it so much. We need to hang out sometime soon <3

    Eva- EVA! I think first time we met was through our 1x1s they were such fun and it grew into a great friendship you were one of my first Mara friends and are super awesome XD

    Jacky- Another one of my first Mara friends. Our 1x1 was so awesome. I'm glad you're back from your long Marapet hiatus.

    Sphinks- I think we became friends via SII. You are awesome and welcomed me into SII with open arms and into TBS with a giant hug. Your writing is pwnsome and are the most devoted person to bring the advanced forum back.

    Dez- Dez you are one of the most funny people I know on Mara. You always know how to make someone laugh and are always up in club chat with me at ridiculous hours.

    Chloe- I haven't known you long and just met you in TBS. You welcomed me with open arms to TBS and are coolio XD. You are super nice to everyone (at least on TBS).

    Amii- Again I've only know you for a short time but you had to have a place on this list. You are funny and nice and also stay up with Dez and I during super late hours XD.

    Beebo- Beebo you are super cool. You always talked to me in SII and still chatted with me during our clubless times. =)

    Mara:// Christmas Time

    Posted on : 6th Dec 2009 10:05   Posted by : marafan122
    Heys y'all. Ok so I want to get my friends prezzies. All my bfs are from LetsGetYourPartyOn to Sel along with the people who aren't on my friends list who are Dez, Chloe and rest of club members. I am somewhat of a saving cheapskate hehe so I most likely won't get people items worth 1mil haha. You can try though so all my bfs post here with lists of what you want and I'll try my hardest to get a good item for y'all. BTW if you guys want to get me a gift (you are absolutely not obligated to do so) then I will post a new blog with a list (Gifty Wish List).
    Happy Holidays everyone

    Mara's World Domination Army

    Posted on : 19th Jul 2009 18:23   Posted by : marafan122
    -copied from Sphinks =P-

    Heeeeeeeellooooooo I'm Mara and this is my WDA mwahahahahaha >=)

    Mara's minions:
    Giant space trolls that eat people- They name says it all basically these demon trolls come from space in there spiked UFOs and eat innocent civilians.

    Mutant demon tortoises- The mutant tortoises can grow to enormous sizes. They have massive jaws with rows of sharp teeth with poisonous ooze dripping from them. They have spikes across their shells and have long, sharp, crooked claws.

    Possessed lava lamps- Yes! The lava lamps have rows of bloody teeth and choke people with their electrical cords and electrocute people with their spiked electrical plug-ins. They have blood-shot eyes and little arms with claws instead of fingers.

    Stuff To Accomplish On Marapets

    Posted on : 10th Jul 2009 14:31   Posted by : marafan122
    Dream Pets:
    Fire fairy Ecrew ( )
    Fairy Chibs ( )
    Elf Morodo ( )

    Money goals:
    Get 5,000,000 mp (X)
    Get 10,000,000 (X)

    Pet Goals:
    Have Jementa read all books ( )
    Have Jementa listen to all CDs ( )
    Get Aqua to have all 100 stats ( )
    Have Jementa eat all gourmet foods ( )

    Mission Goals:
    Complete Traquin (X)
    Complete Rusty Twins (X)
    Complete Ublish ( )
    Complete Circus (X)
    Complete Nimbus ( )

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