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  • Highest quest numbers for goals

    Posted on : 17th Sep 2018 07:23   Posted by : Sickening
    Knutt Knight - 500

    Santa Claws - 400

    Sumo Sally - 250

    City of Marada
    Garage - 500

    Sewer Monster - 450

    Prison - 100

    Cosmonaut - 400

    Humps - 250
    Traveller - 300
    Talon - 2500

    Lush Lake
    Personal Trainer - 50

    Puchalla Inn - 500

    Knutt House - 150
    Travis Truck - 300

    Computer Repair - 500

    Minipet avatars (lending)

    Posted on : 9th Mar 2018 07:40   Posted by : Sickening
    Hello! Below is a list of minipets with avatars that I’m willing to lend!

    Some of them require pets, for some I can provide the pet (lending fees will need to be covered) and some I don’t have the pet required which will be noted next to each mini.

    A tip of a photo or plate would be appreciated but is not required.

    MM/MT a list of which minipets you would like to borrow however I must ask that you acknowledge in the mail that your are only borrowing the minipet and that you ensure that you will not need to go offline while you have the minipet.

    Agatha – Make a plate
    Anlur – Attatch to vixen and view (also have pet if needed)
    Aphid – Make a plate
    Bablah – Make a plate
    Baline – Make a plate
    Baylien – Make a plate (random)
    Belle – Make a plate
    Bellerina – Make a plate
    Blub – Attach to water pet
    Bonbon – Make a plate (random)
    Bop – Make a plate
    Bouncer – Make a plate
    Camofog – Make a plate
    Caribow – Make a plate
    Chawmp – Make a plate
    Chibi - Dress your character in a Chibs Onesie or Chibs Mask and attach a Chibi minipet to your pet.
    Chidder – Make a plate
    Chubular – Make a plate
    Cirroc – Make a plate
    Clover – Make a plate
    Coal – Make a plate (random)
    Corny – Make a plate
    Cremul – Make a plate
    Dandylion – Make a plate
    Dapple – Make a plate
    Dapurtle – Make a plate
    Deeko – Make a plate
    Devilray – Make a plate
    Dragoth – Make a plate
    Dumdo – Make a plate
    Egbert – Make a plate
    Elf – Make a plate
    Festival - Have in inventory and view
    Flurso – Make a plate
    Fritzi – Make a plate
    Frolic – Make a plate (random)
    Fwidman – Make a plate (random
    Gamma – Make a plate (random)
    Gator – Make a plate
    Gleam – Make a plate
    Gobbled – Make a plate (random)
    Halloweenie - Make a plate
    Hart – Attach to a valentine pet and view (I do not have the pet)
    Heart - Attach to a love pet
    Hearty - Make a plate
    Hethe – Make a plate
    Helloth - Make a plate
    Hot Dawg – Have in inventory and view it
    Houlab – Make a plate
    Houo – Make a plate
    Inferno - Attach to a fire pet and view (I do not have the pet)
    Irkette – Make a plate
    Jason – Make a plate
    Juju – Make a plate (random)
    Kaburi – Make a plate
    Keech - Make a plate
    Kitto – Make a plate
    Koob – Attach to a scout pet and view (also have pet if needed)
    Krampling – Make a plate
    Kringle – View plate in your collection
    Kumbah – Make a plate
    Lambit – Attach to easter pet then take a photo at the parlour
    Leaflit – Make a plate (random)
    Liam – Attach to a rotten pet and view (I do not have the pet)
    Lightbug – Make a plate (random)
    Lindsey – Make a plate
    Lolzbra – Make a plate
    Lustress – Attach to a valentine pet and view (I do not have the pet)
    Midoat – Make a plate (random)
    Minibot – Make a plate
    Minifoot – Have a minifoot in inventory and view it
    Minti – Make a plate (random)
    Misti – Make a plate
    Mizu – Make a plate
    Mr Rabbit – Make a plate
    Mugen – Attach a Mugen to your pet
    Naga – Make a plate
    Nebbi – Make a plate
    Neil – Make a plate
    Nimble – Make a plate (random)
    Nuttler - Make a plate (random)
    Nyuchan – Make a plate
    Parpy – Make a plate
    Partridge – Make a plate
    Pat – Attach to a leprechaun (I do not have the pet)
    Phantasm – Attach to a Phantom pet (I do not have the pet)
    Plague - Make a plate
    Plap – Make a plate
    Plugged – Make a plate
    Poco – Attach to a millionaire pet and view (also have pet if needed)
    Puffnut – Make a plate
    Pumpking – Attach to a Halloween pet and view (also have pet if needed)
    Punk – Attach to a punk pet and view (I do not have the pet)
    Reginald – Make a plate (random)
    Rejected – Make a plate
    Rock – Make a plate (random)
    Rudolph – Make a plate and view collection
    Rupper – Make a plate
    Ryan – Make a plate
    Salvus – Make a plate
    Sassy – Make a plate
    Scavange – Make a plate
    Schoot – Make a plate
    Shamrock – Make a plate
    Shmancy – Make a plate
    Shnuggle – Make a plate
    Skiddy - Attach to a skater pet and view (also have pet if needed)
    Skramp – Make a plate (random)
    Slig – Make a plate
    Smartdo – Make a plate
    Snixie – Make a plate (random)
    Solaroo – Make a plate (random)
    Spectra – Make a plate
    Spinner - Make a plate
    Spoopy - Make a plate
    Spootli – Make a plate
    Starcub – Make a plate
    Teft – Make a plate
    Terra – Make a plate
    Toff – Make a plate
    Toki – Have in inventory and click on it
    Topplin – Make a plate
    Totette - Make a plate (random)
    Toxic – Make a plate (random)
    Tubby – Make a plate (random)
    Turkiye – Attach to a gobble and view (also have pet if needed)
    Tut – Attach to a desert pet and view (I do not have the pet)
    Twindly - View plate in collection
    Valentino – Attach to a valentine pet and view (I do not have the pet)
    Vampider – Make a plate
    Vamps – Attach to vampire pet and view (I do not have the pet)
    Verano - Make a plate
    Vorto – Attach to a tornado pet and view (I do not have the pet
    Weep – Make a plate
    Wisp – Make a plate

    Pet avatars (lending)

    Posted on : 9th Mar 2018 07:27   Posted by : Sickening
    Hello! These are avatars that my pets have that I???m lending out!

    All fees and avatars are listed under the name of each pet (fees could change)

    Pets will only be lent out via pet lending

    MM/MT if you would like to lend

    If you receive any avatar not listed from a pet or don???t get an avatar please inform me so I can edit the lists Wide Grin
    Avatars on my pets:

    119,920MP Fee
    Damaged - 37 days (aged)
    Boris - 31 days (aged)
    Chuckles - 16 days (aged)
    Jinn - 7 days (aged)
    Pingi - 75 days (aged)
    Luffley - 30 days (aged)
    Jokemo - View Minipet
    Heart - View Minipet
    Noot - 14 days (aged)
    Lovebug ??? 10 days on a love pet (aged)
    Dracone ??? 29 days (aged)
    Fidge ??? View Minipet
    Myer ??? 106 days (aged)
    Nesasio ??? View Minipet
    Lubadore ??? View Minipet
    Ata ??? 22 days (aged)
    Billy ??? 175 days (Currently ageing)
    Float ??? 158+ -204 (Currently ageing)

    209,960MP Fee
    Anlur ??? View minipet

    207,560MP Fee
    Bugsy ??? View Minipet (has to be minipet pet)
    Bullo ??? View Minipet (has to be a daisy
    Crabs ??? 26+ (aged)
    Charmer ??? 50+ (aged)
    Chubley ??? 10+ (Currently ageing)
    Deci ??? 10+ (aged)
    Experiment 667 ??? 40+ (aged)
    Fang ??? 10+ (aged)
    Gromps ??? 40+ (aged)
    Pudine ??? 20+ (aged)
    Tokem ??? 60+ (Currently ageing)

    4,378,800MP Fee
    Bottled ??? Pet with 700+ play collection (view play list)
    Schnoodle ??? Visit gourmet collection and obsess fairy
    Vampry ??? 1020+ (aged)
    Wide Pride ??? View gourmet collection
    Stop eating! ??? View gourmet collection
    Super obese ??? View gourmet collection
    Mintcream ??? View mintcream in gourmet collection
    Buttercream ??? View buttercream in gourmet collection
    Morbid obese ??? View gourmet collection and fairy
    Music ??? View cd collection (6+)
    Obese ??? View gourmet collection (100+)
    Obese fairy ??? View gourmet collection
    Play ??? View toy collection (2500+)
    Plump ??? View gourmet collection
    Sakko ??? View DVD collection
    Baby grand piano ??? View instrument collection
    Bagpipe ??? View instrument collection
    Bell ??? View instrument collection
    Bongos ??? View instrument collection
    Castanets ??? View instrument collection
    Cello ??? View instrument collection
    Christmas drum ??? View instrument collection
    Clarinet ??? View instrument collection
    Claves ??? View instrument collection
    Cymbals ??? View instrument collection
    Drum ??? View instrument collection
    Electric guitar ??? View instrument collection
    Festive bells ??? View instrument collection
    Festive cymbals ??? View instrument collection
    Festive tube ??? View instrument collection
    Festive violin ??? View instrument collection
    Flute ??? View instrument collection
    French horn ??? View instrument collection
    Guitar ??? View instrument collection
    Harp ??? View instrument collection
    Holiday horn ??? View instrument collection
    Holy harp ??? View instrument collection
    Horn ??? View instrument collection
    Jingle bells ??? View instrument collection
    Kazoo ??? View instrument collection
    Koudi ??? View instrument collection
    Lute ??? View instrument collection
    Mandolin ??? View instrument collection
    Maracas ??? View instrument collection
    Midi ??? View instrument collection
    Panflute ??? View instrument collection
    Piccolo ??? View instrument collection
    Recorder ??? View instrument collection
    Romantic Guitar ??? View instrument collection
    Saxophone ??? View instrument collection
    Shamisen ??? View instrument collection
    Skull violin ??? View instrument collection
    Snow guitar ??? View instrument collection
    Taiko ??? View instrument collection
    Tambourine ??? View instrument collection
    Triangle ??? View instrument collection
    Trumpet ??? View instrument collection
    Tuba ??? View instrument collection
    Ukulele ??? View instrument collection
    Viola ??? View instrument collection
    Violin ??? View instrument collection
    Whistle ??? View instrument collection
    Xylophone - View instrument collection
    Bearger ??? View Bearger in gourmet collection
    Desert fairy ??? View book collection (230+ books)
    Forest fairy ??? View toy collection (500+)
    Groovin??? ??? View CD collection (250+)
    Heavy (possible?) ??? View gourmet collection
    Sakko ??? View DVD list

    260,600MP Fee
    Doomed ??? 50+ (aged)
    Flobberbat ??? 1100+ (aged)
    Rubble ??? 15+ (aged)
    Reaper ??? 139+ (currently ageing)

    3,720MP Fee
    Easter ??? Attach to Easter pet and view mini
    Lambit ??? View mini and take a photo of pet

    87,640MP Fee
    Flighty ??? View transformation list
    Rainbow fairy ??? View transformation list

    234,200MP Fee
    High ??? 230+ (aged)
    Jacko - 940+ (aged)
    Pumpking ??? View Mini

    129,200MP Fee
    Koob ??? View minipet

    3,840MP Fee
    Poco ??? View minipet

    259,640MP Fee
    Spidly ??? 15+ (aged)
    Sphinx ??? 166+ (Currently ageing)

    118,720MP Fee
    Tri ??? 191+ (Currently ageing)

    259,760MP Fee
    Turkiye ??? View mini

    213,240MP Fee
    Witchlet ??? 180+ (aged)

    My pets

    Posted on : 9th Oct 2016 10:01   Posted by : Sickening
    At the start of keeping track on 9/10/16 I have:
    Ainayr the Snow Daisy
    Aria Marie the Light Fairy Dakota
    Attuare the Ice Fairy Poera
    Carlymaries the Easter leido
    DaisyDaresYou the Poison Daisy
    Detinator14 the Rainbow Kujo
    Devide the Light Fairy Nino
    EvanRosier the Sponge Kronk
    Judaas the Pixie Huthiq
    LauraRebecca the Scout Chibs
    Laura_Annie the Simerian Osafo
    LilDivine the Nimbus Phanty
    LylaRae the Pampered Quell
    Ravenclawz_32 the Dragon Gonk
    Ryhla the Cupid Zoosh
    Sweety_Buns the Black Zoink
    Valyntine the Love Lati
    bettymae the Ice Crindol
    daisyXxXxX123 the Ghost Yakubi
    fiz_123 the Royal Tantua
    fredmercury the Madscientist Kidlet
    girl_two the Sleepy Quell
    lovemeXiamcute the Pixie Lati
    loveya1234 the Ninja Equilor
    reble the Earthfairy Nino
    rhyana the Poison Zola

    - - - - - - - - - -
    October 2016:
    Created: JohnHamish the Vampire Sybri
    Adopted: Expungement the Purple Kaala
    Traded: LylaRae the Pampered Quell for Kayllin the Earthfairy Viotto
    Auctioned: bettymae the Ice Crindol
    Costumed: Kayllin the Earthfair Viotto to pixie
    Changed: Expungement to School Jessup
    Changed: loveya1234 the Ninja Equilor to Doll Gobble
    Costumed: Reble the earthfairy nino to glass
    Costumed: Sqeety_buns the Black zoink to Ghost
    Changed: fredmercury the madscientist kidlet to silver osafo
    Renamed: girl_two the Sleepy Quell to DevonRose
    Changed: fiz_123 the Royal Tantua into a Christmastree Limax
    Changed: daisyXxXxX123 the Ghost Yakubi into Villain Vlad
    Changed: Valyntine the Love Lati into Love snookle
    Now own: Aeropt the Starry Viotto
    Changed: Laura_Annie the Simerian Osafo into a Starry snookle
    Costumed: LauraRebecca the Scout Chibs into moonlight
    Adopted: Mordamin the blue bolimo
    Changed: Mordamin the blue bolimo into grey troit
    Given: Nashoa the Sleepy Nino
    Created: Odelias the Love Sindi
    Adopted: Harry_Potter_14 the Starry Addow
    February 2017

    As of 07/02/2017 I have:
    Aeropt the Starry Viotto
    Ainayr the Snow Daisy
    AriaMarie the Lightfairy Dakota
    Atuarre the Icefairy Poera
    Carlymaries the Easter Leido
    DaisyDaresYou the Poison Daisy
    Devide the Lightfairy Nino
    DevonRose the Sleepy Quell
    EvanRosier the Sponge Kronk
    Expungement the School Jessup
    Harry_Potter_14 the Starry Addow
    JohnHamish the Vampire Sybri
    Judaas the Pixie Huthiq
    Kayllin the Pixie Viotto
    LauraRebecca the Moonlight Chibs
    Laura_annie the Starry Snookle
    LilDivine the Nimbus Phanty
    Mordamin the Grey Troit
    Nashoa the Sleepy Nino
    Odelias the Love Sindi
    Ravenclawz_32 the Dragon Gonk
    Ryhla the Cupid Zoosh
    Sweety_Buns the Ghost Zoink
    Valyntine the Love Snookle
    daisyXxXxX123 the Villain Vlad
    fiz_123 the Christmastree Limax
    fredmercury the Silver Osafo
    lovemeXiamcute the Pixie Lati
    loveya1234 the Doll Gobble
    reble the Glass Nino
    rhyana the Poison Zola

    February 2017 - April 2017
    daisyXxXxX123 has been renamed Bellatrix
    LovemeXiamcute has been renamed to Astorias
    Laura_annie has been renamed to Rosabeth
    fiz_123 has been renamed to Presleys
    Harry_Potter_14 has been renamed to Roonil
    Sweety_Buns has been renamed to Wotchers
    DevonRose the Sleepy Quell changed to Winter sindi
    Aeropt recostumed to calico from starry
    harlows the blue astro created
    Mordamin recostumed to floral from grey
    fredmercury the Silver Osafo portaled
    vanderwaal the Silver Osafo created
    Ottaline created and turned Black gizmo
    Colour concoction used on Ottaline now digital gizmo
    eeyores american murfin created
    Roonil changed to Earthfairy Nino
    eeyores changed to starry Addow
    Harlows costumed from blue to Camouflage Astro
    Occamys the arcade willa created
    Ravenclawz_32 renamed to Isadorah
    Volkodlak the Werewolf Quell created
    Leilahs the Camouflage Tasi created
    Harlows costumed from blue to Invisible Astro
    Occamys costumed from arcade willa to chibi willa
    Thelmah the Pastel Vixen created
    DevonRose the winter sindi turned back to sleepy quell
    Ottaline costumed from digital to Bootleg gizmo
    Kreachers the Christmastree Limax created
    Kreachers costumed from Christmastree to fire Limax
    Lorahs the checked Oglue created
    Lorhas costumed to Pinata Oglue
    Palomas the Party Quell created
    rhyana the Poison Zola costued to doll Zola
    sydelko the Minipet Quell created
    Pastula the pixie lati created
    Pastula costumed Fancy Lati
    Bogrod the space quell created
    Bogrod costumed Dragon quell
    McKarty the School Kujo created
    McKary costumed Bootleg Kujo
    Pastula costumed from fancy to Bug Lati
    Almus the Rainbow Ercuw created
    Almus costumed Plushie Ercuw
    Karkaroff the scout Chibs created
    Karkaroff costumed Cursed chibs
    Anxietys the Emo Zoink created
    UPI completed and pets organised!

    As of 20/04/2017 I have:
    DevonRose the Sleepy Quell
    Aeropt the Calico Viotto
    Ottaline the Bootleg Gizmo
    Bellatrix the Villain Vlad
    Occamys the Chibi Willa
    Kreachers the Fire Limax
    Thelmah the Pastel Vixen
    rhyana the Doll Zola
    LauraRebecca the Moonlight Chibs
    loveya1234 the Doll Gobble
    Almus the Plushie Ercuw
    Kayllin the Pixie Viotto
    Devide the Lightfairy Nino
    Nashoa the Sleepy Nino
    Roonil the Earthfairy Nino
    reble the Glass Nino
    Karkaroff the Cursed Chibs
    Odelias the Love Sindi
    Astorias the Pixie Lati
    Leilahs the Camouflage Tasi
    Rosabeth the Starry Snookle
    harlows the Invisible Astro
    AriaMarie the Lightfairy Dakota
    Judaas the Pixie Huthiq
    Bogrod the Dragon Quell
    Palomas the Party Quell
    Volkodlak the Werewolf Quell
    sydelko the Minipet Quell
    Presleys the Christmastree Limax
    Mordamin the Floral Troit
    Pastula the Bug Lati
    McKarty the Bootleg Kujo
    Valyntine the Love Snookle
    JohnHamish the Vampire Sybri
    Lorahs the Pinata Oglue
    Ainayr the Snow Daisy
    EvanRosier the Sponge Kronk
    Anxietys the Emo Zoink
    wotchers the Ghost Zoink
    Ryhla the Cupid Zoosh
    LilDivine the Nimbus Phanty
    DaisyDaresYou the Poison Daisy
    Atuarre the Icefairy Poera
    Carlymaries the Easter Leido
    Expungement the School Jessup
    vanderwaal the Silver Osaf
    eeyores the Starry Addow
    fredmercury the Bronze Feliz
    Isadorah the Dragon Gonk

    May 2017 - September 2017
    Nolans the Polar Limax created
    Lomaxs the Detective Limax created
    Expungement renamed Thisen
    Isadorah the Dragon Gonk changed to Starry Echlin
    LilDivine renamed to Shooketh
    JohnHamish renamed to faffing
    JohnHamish costumed from Vampire to nimber
    Thisen changed from School Jessup to Arade Rofling
    Rhyla costumed from cupid to magenta
    Wotchers changed from ghost to halloween
    bbqs the summer yuni created
    Odsal the starry kujo created
    Evanrosier renamed to templia
    Lorahs changed from pinat oglue to prize raulf
    AriaMarie renamed oashish
    Daisydaresyou renamed tillix
    Preselys changed from christmastree to prison
    buttahbenxo the blue echilin created
    Adopted a water rusty
    rusty renamed doggos
    Kaylied the party eyru is created
    Gifted isadoria the bug troit
    Isadoria renamed to coppiers

    As of 14/10/2017 I have:
    DevonRose the Sleepy Quell
    Kaylied the Party Eyru
    Doggos the Calico Rusty
    Thisen the Arcade Rofling
    bbqs the Summer Yuni
    Bellatrix the Villain Vlad
    Aeropt the Calico Viotto
    Ottaline the Bootleg Gizmo
    rhyana the Doll Zola
    Thelmah the Pastel Vixen
    Pastula the Bug Lati
    Occamys the Chibi Willa
    Karkaroff the Cursed Chibs
    Odsal the Starry Kujo
    Anxietys the Emo Zoink
    LauraRebecca the Moonlight Chibs
    Bogrod the Dragon Quell
    Palomas the Party Quell
    Volkodlak the Werewolf Quell
    sydelko the Minipet Quell
    loveya1234 the Doll Gobble
    McKarty the Bootleg Kujo
    Isadorah the Starry Echlin
    wotchers the Halloween Zoink
    Devide the Lightfairy Nino
    Nashoa the Sleepy Nino
    reble the Glass Nino
    Roonil the Earthfairy Nino
    harlows the Invisible Astro
    Leilahs the Camouflage Tasi
    Coppiers the Bug Troit
    Astorias the Pixie Lati
    Kreachers the Fire Limax
    Lomaxs the Detective Limax
    Nolans the Polar Limax
    Presleys the Prison Limax
    Valyntine the Love Snookle
    Almus the Plushie Ercuw
    Kayllin the Pixie Viotto
    Rosabeth the Starry Snookle
    Judaas the Pixie Huthiq
    Odelias the Love Sindi
    Mordamin the Floral Troit
    vanderwaal the Headless Xoi
    Shooketh the Nimbus Phanty
    Lorahs the Prize Raulf
    Ainayr the Snow Daisy
    Oasish the Lightfairy Dakota
    Tillix the Poison Daisy
    Carlymaries the Easter Leido
    Ryhla the Magenta Zoosh
    Faffing the Nimbus Sybri
    Atuarre the Icefairy Poera
    Buttahbenzo the Blue Echlin
    Templia the Sponge Kronk
    fredmercury the Red Tantua

    October 2017:
    Ryhla is now a navy zoosh
    Mordamin is renamed Hunger
    Hunger is now a fat troit
    Addictive the fat zoink is born
    Vanderwaal renamed to Severed
    SB gave pet named Vanderwall
    Vanderwaal is now a gothic willa
    Carlymaries renamed to petrify
    Petrify is now a voodoo gobble
    Buttanbenzo renamed tvvatsky
    tvvatsky is now an inside out echlin
    Rosabeth is not a galaxy snookle
    Bookish the school mordo is born
    Thisen is renamed station
    Aeropt is renamed Swahili
    Coppiers is renamed Dirts
    Ainayr is renamed Haiku
    Tvvatsky is now a sparkle echlin
    Laurarebecca is renamed graftons
    Graftons is now a seasonal chibs
    Nashoa is renamed Hettie
    Lomaxs is renamed Marj
    Djordjevich the Nimbus Vlad is born
    Templi is renamed salvation
    Salvation is now a rainbow kronk
    loveya1234 is renamed leta
    Leilahs is now a strobe tasi
    Reble is now a gothic nino
    Thelmah is now a candle vixen
    Pastula is renamed Sykes
    Diner is gifted from Selsi
    Diner is now a lilac kidlet
    Odelias is now a pastel sindi

    - - - - -

    February 2018:
    Tvvatsky Given away
    Isadorah Given away
    Graftons, Lorahs and Rhyana traded for fairy Decadal
    Fairy decadal is renamed Lisbeth
    Lisbeth is accidentally costumed prison
    Lisbeth is costume coral
    Domenic is created
    Steffy is Created
    Nolans is given away
    Marj is given away
    Reble is renamed to Odetta
    Given fairy deca from Jingo
    Fairy deca is renamed to Veronika
    Faffinf is templed to Party
    Odelias is trader for chibi quell
    Chibi quell is renamed Petti
    Hettie is traded for Drought the rainy gobble
    Occamys and Kreachers are traded for a Lorius
    Lorius is renamed Tiesto and costumed Sparkle
    Cinematic is created
    Creamfields is created
    Pulp is created
    Pulp is now an orange xoi
    Creamfields is now a rainbow zetlian
    Jamming is created
    Jamming is now a musical felix
    Cinematic is no a cartoon mordo
    Tillix is traded for Merkules the doll Echlin
    Petrify the Voodoo gobble is traded for Pun the baby renat
    Pun is now a toy viotto
    Palomas is renamed Rhyana
    Harlows is renamed Erasure
    fredmercury is renamed Distort (RIP)
    Kayllin is renamed Sashay
    Reign gave me Wynonna
    Wynonna is costumed Gothic
    Reign gave me Gilded the gold troit
    Bookish is created
    Bookish is now a school mordo
    Presleys is costumes Pirate
    Judaas is renamed Perpetua
    Candid is created
    Candid is now a doll Kujo
    Wotchers is renamed Trixabelle
    Won Lit in an auction
    Lit is now a fire snookle
    Almus is renamed Hawley
    won Pretentious from auction
    Bogrod is traded for Fluvia the water Quell

    - - - Organisation - - -

    Posted on : 4th Dec 2018 10:31   Posted by : Sickening

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