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  • sindi maker prices     ~17 Nov 2017
  • King     ~13 Jan 2019
  • carp quest     ~10 Jan 2019
  • missing plates     ~08 Jan 2019
  • Missing Easter Eggs     ~30 Nov 2018
  • Christmas Sindi     ~22 Nov 2018
  • New Vault Code     ~20 Nov 2018
  • to do list .lol     ~12 Nov 2018
  • My blog of ??     ~18 Oct 2018
  • Hellhound trading card -Beelze...     ~14 Oct 2018
  • Power Station     ~12 Oct 2018
  • Halloween costumes,looking for...     ~11 Oct 2018
  • Enchanted Plushie Machine Win     ~25 Sep 2018
  • mission     ~23 Sep 2018
  • Queen Eleka Prize     ~18 Sep 2018
  • Birthday Hunt     ~15 Sep 2018
  • 11 Years on the site     ~23 Aug 2018
  • Extract Enpiah Double win     ~26 Jul 2018
  • To the makers of the avvies.     ~21 Jul 2018
  • Safari Event Alerts     ~21 Jul 2018
  • Ice Fairy Prize     ~09 Jul 2018
  • Scratch cards Wins     ~07 Jun 2018
  • Items and Mission     ~26 May 2018
  • Second last piece from the cap...     ~18 May 2018
  • Flame     ~06 May 2018
  • top of the page clickery     ~06 May 2018
  • Bug AU Set     ~04 May 2018
  • Flutura the Bug Sindi is born ...     ~04 May 2018
  • First Crystal from the Ice c...     ~02 May 2018
  • Second Win ,from the Capsule M...     ~12 Apr 2018
  • To the artist,who made the Ari...     ~02 Apr 2018
  • Ty Ian,Staff and Artist of     ~30 Mar 2018
  • New Mini pet     ~30 Mar 2018
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  • Questions on the features on m...     ~24 Mar 2018
  • Pet 59 -Aneira the Leopard Sin...     ~23 Mar 2018
  • Pearl     ~21 Mar 2018
  • V-Day hunt     ~16 Mar 2018
  • New Vault code for march 2018     ~12 Mar 2018
  • Second Big Win from the reg p...     ~25 Feb 2018
  • Extract Enpiah Win     ~22 Feb 2018
  • Water fairy avvie     ~21 Feb 2018
  • Smuggling-Sneaky     ~08 Feb 2018
  • Greedy Fairy     ~08 Feb 2018
  • Penitentiary Mission     ~04 Feb 2018
  • Homeless Fairy     ~02 Feb 2018
  • Pit     ~26 Jan 2018
  • Item contest winner     ~10 Jan 2018
  • Enchanted Plushie Machine Win     ~28 Dec 2017
  • First essence from Gennie     ~12 Dec 2017

  • sindi maker prices

    Posted on : 17th Nov 2017 15:01   Posted by : Renwick
    Firework sindi -10.5 mill
    Essence of Sindi - 16 AU
    Love sindi potion - 9 mill
    mutant sindi plushie 15 mill
    Enchanted White Sindi Plushie
    Enchanted Purple Sindi Plushie
    13,000,000 MP
    £7 AU


    Posted on : 13th Jan 2019 16:50   Posted by : Renwick
    Congratulations! You have paid taxes for 900 Days!

    To reward you for your loyalty, the Sultan has just given you Sultan Doll!
    Congratulations! Your marapets account has passed the 4,110 Days Old status!

    To reward you for your loyalty and staying with Marapets for this long, King Baspinar has just given you 800,000MP!
    Congratulations! You have visited Marapets for more than 1,770 Days!

    To reward you for your loyalty and playing Marapets for this long, Queen Eleka has just given you 1,000,000MP!

    carp quest

    Posted on : 10th Jan 2019 12:49   Posted by : Renwick
    Blonde Eye Makeup Powder - 8,373MP
    Lime Heart Cookies - 5,951MP
    Azul Eye Charm-was in the main shop at 341 mp
    total spent 14,665 mp .got back from the quest 4,754MP
    lost 9,911 .one of the worse payout on quests from all the other worse pay out from other quests .quests on mara DislikeDislikeDislikeDislike

    missing plates

    Posted on : 8th Jan 2019 16:11   Posted by : Renwick
    Alien Billy Plate
    Applex Plate
    Baxter Plate
    Beige Dapple Plate
    Beige Fynx Plate
    Beige Toto Plate
    Black Addimo Plate
    Black Addoro Plate
    Black Addoth Plate
    Black Addup Plate
    Black Azeido Plate
    Black Azint Plate
    Black Azlian Plate
    Black Azow Plate
    Black Azubi Plate
    Black Bacon Plate
    Black Beach Plate
    Black Billy Plate
    Black Blake Plate
    Black Blooble Plate
    Black Boris Plate
    Black Bottled Plate
    Black Bunns Plate
    Black Bush Plate
    Black Butters Plate
    Black Centaur Plate
    Black Chati Plate
    Black Chevron Plate
    Black Chibimo Plate
    Black Chibzul Plate
    Black Chidow Plate
    Black Chiliz Plate
    Black Chilla Plate
    Black Choi Plate
    Black Choyle Plate
    Black Christmas Plate
    Black Chuckles Plate
    Black Chutt Plate
    Black Clover Plate
    Black Coddle Plate
    Black Crush Plate
    Black Daniel Plate
    Black Dantiz Plate
    Black Dazmo Plate
    Black Decadonk Plate
    Black Delayed Plate
    Black Devil Plate
    Black Diamond Plate
    Black Doyow Plate
    Black Doyzul Plate
    Black Drab Plate
    Black Dracone Plate
    Black Dracorex Plate
    Black Dragula Plate
    Black Drowsy Plate
    Black Dusty Plate
    Black Easter Plate
    Black Eggy Plate
    Black Elektro Plate
    Black Ember Plate
    Black Erto Plate
    Black Fandor Plate
    Black Farley Plate
    Black Fasofin Plate
    Black Fasorul Plate
    Black Fatty Plate
    Black Filondor Plate
    Black Flobberbat Plate
    Black Fluffy Plate
    Black Gazillionaire Plate
    Black Gingerbread Plate
    Black Gobby Plate
    Black Goglue Plate
    Black Grimmus Plate
    Black Grinido Plate
    Black Grinow Plate
    Black Grouchy Plate
    Black Gruffle Plate
    Black Gummi Plate
    Black Halloweenie Plate
    Orange Bellerina Plate
    Orange Bingo Plate
    Orange Blooble Plate
    Orange Bolisoro Plate
    Orange Bonehead Plate
    Orange Boris Plate
    Orange Bottled Plate
    Orange Buckaroo Plate
    Orange Bunns Plate
    Orange Butters Plate
    Orange Centaur Plate
    Orange Charmer Plate
    Orange Chati Plate
    Orange Cherub Plate
    Orange Chibi Plate
    Orange Chibimo Plate
    Orange Chibzul Plate
    Orange Chidow Plate
    Orange Chiliz Plate
    Orange Chilla Plate
    Orange Choi Plate
    Orange Chook Plate
    Orange Choyle Plate
    Orange Chuckles Plate
    Orange Chutt Plate
    Orange Clover Plate
    Orange Coddle Plate
    Orange Crush Plate
    Orange Daniel Plate
    Orange Dantiz Plate
    Orange Dasher Plate
    Orange Dazmo Plate
    Orange Decadonk Plate
    Orange Decapitate Plate
    Orange Deino Plate
    Orange Delayed Plate
    Orange Demi Plate
    Orange Devil Plate
    Orange Devilray Plate
    Orange Dino Plate
    Orange Doomed Plate
    Orange Drab Plate
    Orange Dracorex Plate
    Orange Drowsy Plate
    Orange Dune Plate
    Orange Easter Plate
    Orange Echera Plate
    Orange Efall Plate
    Orange Eggy Plate
    Orange Ember Plate
    Orange Erto Plate
    Orange Fandor Plate
    Orange Fang Plate
    Orange Farley Plate
    Orange Fasafo Plate
    Orange Fasofin Plate
    Orange Fasorul Plate
    Orange Fee Plate
    Orange Fendol Plate
    Orange Filondor Plate
    Orange Flaydor Plate
    Orange Flip Plate
    Orange Float Plate
    Orange Flobberbat Plate
    Orange Fluffy Plate
    Orange Foxicle Plate
    Orange Frex Plate
    Orange Fumb Plate
    Orange Fynx Plate
    Orange Gazillionaire Plate
    Orange Gingerbread Plate
    Orange Goglue Plate
    Orange Grimmus Plate
    Orange Grinido Plate
    Orange Grinow Plate
    Orange Grouchy Plate
    Orange Gummi Plate
    Orange Halloweenie Plate
    Orange Hart Plate
    Orange Hauntling Plate

    Missing Easter Eggs

    Posted on : 30th Nov 2018 14:19   Posted by : Renwick
    If got these eggs.send me a mail and lets make a deal .

    Azul Easter Egg
    Blitzen Easter Egg
    Bolimo Easter Egg
    Doyle Easter Egg
    Equilor Easter Egg
    Fasoro Easter Egg
    Feliz Easter Egg
    Gonk Easter Egg
    Grint Easter Egg
    Huthiq Easter Egg
    Ideus Easter Egg
    Kronk Easter Egg
    Lati Easter Egg
    Lush Easter Egg
    Murfin Easter Egg
    Newth Easter Egg
    Osafo Easter Egg
    Paffuto Easter Egg
    Phanty Easter Egg
    Quell Easter Egg
    Reese Easter Egg
    Renat Easter Egg
    Tantua Easter Egg
    Ush Easter Egg
    Ushunda Easter Egg
    Viotto Easter Egg
    Walee Easter Egg
    Xoi Easter Egg
    Zetlian Easter Egg

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