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  • Ultimate Pet Trading Guide

    Posted on : 5th Dec 2018 05:32   Posted by : charissa
    Welcome to the Ultimate Pet Trading Guide! After pet trading so many times, I have noticed that pet trading values can be vastly different from maker values. (Updates of pet trading values tend to lag behind pet maker values) All opinions are welcomed to modify this guide!

    How This Works: I have split the pets into categories and indicated how easy they are to trade for each species within that category. This does not apply to other categories because of course, it is hard to trade a middle le for a high le and very easy to trade a middle le for a low le! These are largely based mostly on my past pet trading experiences and cannot be used to determine maker values.

    High LEs

    Decadal - 80 mil Very easy to trade
    Justin - 40mil Very easy to trade
    Rofling - 65 mil Normal to trade, excess supply

    Middle High LEs

    Basil - 35 mil Easy to trade
    Chibs - 18.5 mil Easy to trade
    Crikey - 30 mil Easy to trade
    Hump - 10 mil Very hard to trade
    Lorius - 18-20mil Easy to trade
    Pucu - 30-32 mil Easy to trade
    Yuni - 18 mil Hard to trade
    Zola - 35mil Very easy to trade, low supply
    Middle LEs

    Echlin - 5 mil Very hard to trade
    Ercuw - 10 mil Hard to trade
    Eyru - 10 mil Easy to trade, hard to get decent offers
    Figaro - 10 mil Slightly hard to trade
    Gobble - 7 mil Hard to trade
    Kronk - 6 mil Hard to trade
    Lati - 6 mil Hard to trade due to minipet AU
    Limax - 15 mil Easy to trade
    Mordo - 6 mil Hard to trade
    Nino - 6 mil Normal
    Quell - 10 mil Normal,Easy to trade for costumes like ice cream and sleepy
    Raulf - 25 mil Easy to trade, overpriced due to shortages
    Rusty - 15 mil Easy to trade
    Sindi - 11 mil Normal
    Snookle - 11 mil Normal
    Straya - 18 mil Easy to trade
    Sybri - 9 mil Hard to trade
    Tasi - 7-8 mil Normal/Hard to Trade
    Viotto - 8 mil Normal
    Vixen - 8 mil Normal, depends on costume
    Vlad - 7.5 mil Hard to Trade
    Willa - 10 mil Easy to trade/Normal

    Low Middle LEs

    Arinya - 8 mil Easy to trade, baby AU
    Daisy - 7 mil Easy to trade, baby AU, no underdying festival
    Dakota - 4 mil Hard to trade
    Gizmo - 2 mil Hard to trade
    Ike - 3 mil Normal
    Kujo - 4 mil Easy to trade
    Troit - 3.5 mil Normal

    Low LEs

    Normally can trade for each other depending on owner's preference and costume, with the exception of ushunda which is available in shop search. I did not include values as they mostly trade for each other. It really depends on trader's luck and preference if they can trade for higher LEs.



    These are the going rates of LE pets value converted to stats. They were based on my trading experience too. Do note that elites must be half of the stats.

    Decadal - 350 non LE
    Rofling - due to sharp decline in value of roflings, can be for
    290-350 depending on traders
    High LE - 140 non LE
    Mid LE - 100 non LE
    Anything below = hard to trade

    Traded my non le with 2706 gourmets for a zola.

    Otherwise, entirely based on both trader’s discretion. If you know of any successful trades, please contact me and I will put it up.


    Below are the costumes in which a middle LE needs to be added to a basic pet to trade for another pet of one of the costume listed below. E.g. A plain raulf and a mid le trades for a fairy raulf. These costumes are at least 15mil or players have to go through 30 levels of temple to get them. This list does not include costumes with outdated art

    I have not included other costumes as the rest are based on preferences

    Ice Cream*

    *does not include quells which came out in the AU shop before
    **does not include summer eyru which can be obtained through missions.

    Char://Pet Trading Log

    Posted on : 13th Apr 2017 16:58   Posted by : charissa
    This log was started around 15/10/2017.

    Start: Dazre the moonlight decadal, Kisea the red echlin and Jaeve the scout chibs, Javea the scout chibs, Jefan the hairy chibs, Delene the daylight decadal, Eloz the grey zoink

    Dazre changed to ice cream decadal from colour concoctions.
    Traded Delene the daylight decadal and Javea the scout chibs for Deinty the spring decadal.
    Traded Kisea the red echlin for KaraKujo the green kujo (before revamp)
    Portalled Karakujo to plushie (after revamp)
    Traded Karakujo for Zarieh the school kujo
    Traded Jaeve the scout chibs and Zarieh the school kujo for Nadye the Angel chibs
    Traded Nadye the Angel chibs for Splattor the splatter Snookle and Civette the Valentine chibs
    Traded Dazre the ice cream decadal for Judds the pastel decadal and Kheto the splatter quell
    Traded Civette the Valentine chibs for Crayeon the splatter yuni
    Traded Crayeon the splatter yuni for Tigeon the tiger yuni and Proxima the pixie snookle
    Traded Kheto the splatter quell for some long named nimbus limax
    Renamed the limax to Ezlie.
    Traded Deinty the Spring decadal for Rhoman the Easter decadal, Noane the nimbus chibs and Zoug the splatter vixen
    Traded Zoug the splatter vixen for Orbitty the spacefairy Snookle and Mimea the fire quell.
    Renamed and costumed Orbitty the spacefairy Snookle to Cazlyn the school Snookle
    Traded Mimea the fire quell for Elrad the skater Sindi
    Traded Proxima the pixie Snookle and Notive the party daisy for Rosalae the pixie chibs
    Created Eloz the grey zoink and portalled to party zoink
    Traded Eloz the party zoink for Aramac the nimbus vlad and Tindelor the dragon vlad
    Traded Tindelor the dragon vlad for Berc the earth fairy Nino
    Traded Berc the earthfairy Nino for Mistics the spacefairy snookle
    Traded Aramac the nimbus vlad and Jefan the hairy chibs for Strawbello the ice cream limax
    Traded Ezlie the nimbus limax for Sladeypooh the pixie yuni and Ateli the pixie Sindi
    Traded Ateli the pixie Sindi for Telom the gothic sindi
    Won Macabrely from beezelbub giveaway
    Portalled Macabrely to candy
    Traded Macabrely the candy zoink for Schmelli the candy willa
    Traded Schmelli the candy willa for Pikeu the anime quell
    Traded Judye the scout Lati for Vinal the daylight figaro
    Traded Elrad the skater Sindi for Zuren the school snookle
    Won Kapon the calico vixen from giveaway
    Traded Kapon the calico vixen for Koteq the polar figaro
    Traded Roselae the pixie chibs for Nerilla the Christmas tree limax
    Traded Cremio the candy willa for MissWigglez the lightfairy limax
    Renamed MissWigglez the lightfairy limax to Elynne
    Traded Telom the gothic sindi for Esmre the Christmas tree limax
    Traded Koteq the polar figaro and Pikeu the anime quell for Arbane the desert chibs
    Traded Arbane the desert chibs for Jaeve the stoneage chibs
    Costumed Jaeve to dragon (4.5 mil)
    Traded Jaeve the dragon chibs for Nadye the Angel chibs
    Traded Splattor the splatter Snookle and Vinal the daylight figaro for Skyaru the Christmas tree limax and Nerusia the Christmas tree limax
    Traded Nadye the Angel chibs for Oddessia the lightfairy limax and Lyemax the lightfairy limax
    Traded Oddessia the lightfairy limax for Inyi the Christmas tree limax
    Traded Mistics the doll Snookle and Zuren the school Snookle for Zarvin the candy chibs
    Traded Lyemax the lightfairy limax for Alpines the polar figaro, Dianthia the snow figaro and Zabor the burnt figaro
    Renamed Terrapin_station to Kefia
    Traded Kefia the nimbus tantua for Jibin the shaved hump
    Traded Jibin the shaved hump, Alpines the polar figaro and Zabor the burnt figaro for Adeu the pastel lorius and Taystee the ice cream chibs
    Renamed Judds the pastel decadal to Esdea
    Traded Esdea the pastel decadal for Lovio the Valentine decadal
    Traded Dianthia the snow figaro for Kasmut the desert rusty
    Traded Adeu the pastel lorius for Zulae the pastel limax, Maliz the floral limax and Mercinda the native willa
    Traded Mercinda the native willa and Rhoman the Easter decadal for Roasi the superhero decadal
    Traded Zarvin the candy chibs for Luilae the pastel limax and Bevea the starry snookle
    Renamed two non les to Mr and Ms (8 mil)
    Traded Mr and Ms for Boia the polar limax and Gestured the 100 statted chibs
    Templed Kisn to echlin and costumed love
    Traded Kisn the love echlin for Sauli the rainbow figaro
    Traded Gestured the 100 statted chibs for Cohal the polar limax and Sauli the love limax
    Traded Cohal the polar limax for Filax the christmas tree limax
    Traded Boia the skater limax and Gesra the orange kujo for Moft the punk limax
    Traded Nurelia the chibi chibs for Wo the christmas tree limax and Yeffy the pampered limax
    Created a pixie figaro and traded for Vassey the christmas tree limax
    Traded Sauli the love limax for Aryli the christmas tree chibs
    Traded Aryli the christmas tree chibs and Izmi the white kujo for Jaxdan the moonlight chibs
    Traded Azabel the leprechaun snookle for Boutia the polar limax
    Traded Boutia the polar limax for Okun the easter limax
    Templed Teffe to party through runes got back from templing Luile
    Traded Teffe the party limax for Karilen the starry limax, Tryania the starry eyru and Spamonia the recycled snookle
    Traded Pezzi the ice cream chibs, Noane the water chibs, Jaxdan the moonlight chibs and Sauli the rainbow figaro for Aell the arcade decadal
    Renamed Sladeypooh the pixie Yuni to Venly
    Traded Venly the pixie Yuni, Karilen the starry limax and Tryania the statted starry eyru for Maiton the school decadal
    Traded Nerilla the 120/90 statted polar limax for Auraue the starry snookle, Beiya the pastel snookle, Helc the floral snookle and Ghani the spacefairy snookle
    Costumed Ghani to scout
    Traded Ghani the scout snookle and Spamonia the recycled snookle for Eleanar the autumn limax
    Traded Helc the floral snookle for Panope the Christmas viotto
    Traded Panope the yellow viotto and Bevea the love snookle for Siovan the water chibs
    Traded Aell the arcade decadal for Hiriu the daylight decadal
    Traded Eleanar the autumn limax for Jalousie the black chibs
    Costumed Jalousie the yellow chibs valentine
    Traded Beiya the pastel snookle for PandaDub the camouflage limax
    Renamed PandaDub to Kycen
    Templed Rozil to blue echlin
    Traded Rozil the blue echlin for Zhaydee the thunder Willa
    Traded Zhaydee the thunder Willa for Russele the orange limax
    Costumed Aurael the starry snookle to tornado (1mil)
    Traded Aurael the tornado snookle for Ballora the steampunk snookle
    Renamed Judyhopps the scout lati to Ledea
    Traded Ledea the scout lati to Camda the vampire snookle
    Costumed Camda the vampire snookle to tornado
    Traded Marvos the rainbow chibs for Koliat the scout chibs
    Traded Pileyr the rainbow figaro for Tsuritsa the christmas tree limax
    Traded Roize the fat decadal and Tsuritsa the christmas tree limax for a fairy decadal
    Renamed the fairy decadal to Kazlyn
    Traded Zulae the pastel limax for Krinoe the 100+ statted water chibs
    Traded Koliat the scout chibs and Russele the orange limax for Nyss the angel chibs
    Created two starry snookles, Disea and ?
    Traded the two starry snookles for Mersa the moonlight yuni
    Traded Mersa the moonlight yuni for Kittany the fairy chibs
    Traded Maiton the school decadal for Physialis the chibi willa, Keirun the 80+ statted mordo, Kasimira the 100+ statted scout snookle, Sabei the chibi dakota, Puleng the 100+ statted chibi snookle and Raeon the 140+ statted darkfairy flab
    Traded Raeon the 140+ statted darkfairy flab for Angsly the pixie yuni
    Traded Angsly the pixie yuni and Merza the blue echlin for Candled the 140+ statted candle eyru
    Got Melaux the autumn troit from the pound
    Traded Melaux the autumn troit and Kreve the fat troit for Skyelor the hairy viotto
    Traded Skyelor the hairy viotto for Piccal the valentine limax
    Won Higiri the winter sybri from a giveaway
    Traded Higiri the winter sybri for Aryette the pixie snookle and Crudo the dragon kronk
    Traded Kasimira the 100+ statted scout snookle for Kaence the scout vixen and Zogata the easter sindi
    Traded Aryette the pixie snookle and Zogata the easter sindi for Imbalance the spring viotto
    Traded Puleng the 100+ started chibi snookle for Rilen the water chibs and Keyur the devil crikey
    Traded Siovan the water chibs and Keyur the devil crikey for Carmee the ice cream chibs
    Traded Roasi the superhero decadal for Crystila the 60 statted hairy chibs, Carilen the anime chibs, Gibsan the valentine chibs and Charelie the ice cream mordo
    Traded Charalie the ice cream mordo for Profitable the checkered kujo
    Traded Rilen the toddler chibs for Nerlie the prize Zola
    Traded Krinoe the 100/50 statted fancy chibs for Zayek the grey sindi, Noveh the tornado snookle, Futhering the blue lorius and Misan the orange figaro
    Traded Zayek the grey sindi for Cherley the fancy lati
    Traded Misan the orange figaro for Arbelle the starry viotto
    Traded Noveh the tornado snookle for Diriu the tornado snookle
    Traded Arbelle the starry viotto and Camda the tornado snookle for Raziya the chibi lati
    Traded Venca the 140 statted candle eyru for Khyya the moonlight chibs, Capestorm the 100+ statted moonlight vixen and Culpable the bootleg kujo
    Traded Capestorm the 100+ statted moonlight vixen for Peachwave the ice cream yuni
    Traded Furthering the blue lorius for Dibbe the zombie limax and Luvei the balloon limax
    Traded Gibsan the valentine chibs for Allieen the hairy chibs
    Traded Dibbe the green limax for Sauli the green limax
    Traded Cherley the fancy lati and Skyaru the balloon limax for Ryhtmi the mutant chibs
    Traded Allieen the hairy chibs for Naeli the hairy chibs
    Traded Profitable the green kujo and Culpable the bootleg kujo for Alinora the toy viotto
    Traded Luwiss the fat limax for Ryseh the calico limax
    Traded Alinora the toy viotto and Okun the polar limax for Kusx the cottoncandy chibs
    Traded Peachwave the ice cream yuni for Bokei the pirate limax
    Renamed Bokei the pirate limax to Viff
    Traded Crystila the 60+ statted hairy chibs for Kurutsu the anime raulf and Reinherz the dragon raulf
    Renamed Reinherz the dragon raulf to Velarie the dragon raulf
    Traded Kurutsu the anime raulf, Nerlie the prize Zola and Rythmi the blue chibs for Geano the chibi decadal
    Traded Geano the chibi decadal for Tisah the chibi decadal
    Traded Kusx the cottoncandy chibs for JT the party lorius
    Traded Khyya the moonlight chibs for Altzy the autumn kujo, Brexel the old limax and Wenrie the British tasi
    Traded Brexel the old limax for Bk the pirate eyru
    Traded Bk the pirate eyru for Kimbrie the fairy raulf
    Traded Altzy the autumn kujo and some random non Le for Brales the cartoon mordo and Jatlon the beige figaro
    Traded Brales the cartoon mordo, Jatlon the beige figaro and Wenrie the british tasi for Mowna the ice cream lati
    Traded JT the party lorius for Wyrden the party chibs, Zufe the underwater quell and Weddin the anime raulf
    Traded Sabei the chibi Dakota for Keirkan the glass tasi
    Traded Jevea the anime chibs, Revea the candle limax and Keirkan the glass tasi for Gambon the dragon Zola
    Traded Gambon the dragon Zola for Vezu the tundra zola
    Traded Tisah the chibi decadal and Zufe the underwater quell for Pampepato the sleepy decadal
    Traded Jalousie the valentine chibs for Maddisun the angel chibs
    Traded Maddisun the angel chibs for Deanna the underwater raulf
    Traded Lindeh the anime chibs for Jyro the blitzen willa, Donalde the millionaire limax and xxx (renamed to Zena) the Chinese limax
    Traded Jernia the pink limax for Tarielle the valentine tasi and Josilynn the pastel lati
    Traded Tarielle the valentine tasi and Josilynn the pastel lati for Vorri the Chinese limax
    Traded Donalde the millionaire limax and Jyro the blitzen willa for Zoltun the arcade raulf
    Traded Jassea the blue limax for Custards the ice cream limax
    Traded Custards the ice cream limax for Lauzir the arcade raulf
    Traded Kyedia the spring chibs and Jereo the water chibs for Kiune the werewolf decadal
    Traded Lovio the valentine decadal, Kiune the werewolf decadal and Zoltun the arcade raulf for Josire the angel rofling
    Traded Viff the pirate limax for Eldrax the 180/75 christmas tree chibs
    Traded Eldrax the 180/75 christmas tree chibs for Tamsiien the daylight decadal
    Traded Wyrden the party chibs and Jazly the easter chibs for Trystin the defective decadal
    Traded Trystin the defective decadal for Razihel the splatter decadal
    Traded Kittany the fairy chibs and Jesre the nimbus chibs for Bamjung the moonlight decadal
    Traded Jerald (paid 4 mil to name) non Le for Crunx the Mad scientist chibs
    Traded Crunx the mad scientist chibs for Trepi the chibi chibs
    Traded Nyss the angel chibs for Sheya the prison chibs and Turose the nimbus chibs
    Traded Hiriu the party decadal for Trikru the party limax, Chelseh the underwater chibs and Drav the seasonal chibs
    Traded Drav the seasonal chibs, Turose the nimbus chibs, Chelseh the underwater chibs and Sheya the prisoner chibs for Radon the radioactive rofling
    Traded Radon the radioactive rofling for Kallone the yellow rofling
    Traded Bamjung the moonlight decadal, Razihel the splatter decadal, Tamiisen the daylight decadal and Kazlyn the fairy decadal for Vef the tundra rofling and Vaxley the fairy rofling (THIS TRADE WAS BAD, I knew it was going to but I had to urgently downsize because I had a lot more pets than giftboxes)
    Traded Trikru the party limax for Adeem the party snookle
    Traded Trepi the chibi chibs for Sumso the sleepy viotto, Xocu the pastel limax and Nao the polar limax
    Traded Sumso the sleepy viotto for Yeden the chibi decadal
    Traded Sharlene the Breeze tantua for Matso the silver limax
    Traded Matso the silver limax for Zollon the chocolate limax
    Traded Daisey the tundra fasoro for Shelle the firework sindi
    Traded Xocu the pastel limax and Yeffy the space limax for Maru the orange lorius
    Traded Maru the orange lorius for Ninetails the anime raulf and Elope the pink eyru
    Traded Elope the pink eyru for Nu the purple raulf
    Created Noemi non le and traded for Enlyn the Easter limax
    Traded Enlyn the Easter limax for Yeffy the space limax
    Created Julieta non le and traded for Kiraw the Easter lati
    Traded Kiraw the Easter lati for Jatzia the silver snookle (renamed to Caryn)
    Traded Vezu the tundra zola for Veloren the green justin
    Traded Veloren the green justin and Cazlyn the school snookle for Daraye the arcade decadal
    Traded Daraye the arcade decadal for Harnel the toddler decadal
    Traded Shelle the firework sindi for Rarmoy the ice cream quell and Neeri the party quell
    Created Daizy non le and traded for Yuf the minipet lati
    Traded Rarmoy the ice cream quell for Confectionist the candy willa
    Traded Neeri the party quell and Yuf the minipet lati for Zarissie the Detective limax
    Traded Mi (name) for Kathey the coral straya
    Traded Confectionist the candy Willa for Faery_magik the mermaid straya
    Traded Kallone the toddler rofling for Trees the spring decadal and Jaylenne the pastel decadal
    Traded Jaylenne the pastel decadal and Harnel the toddler decadal for Kallone the toddler rofling (lol)
    Traded Trees the spring decadal for Dabir the minipet decadal and Tryss the seasonal nino
    Traded Tryss the seasonal Nino for Milkae the candy Willa and Sunbuns the toy poera
    Traded Yeden the chibi decadal for Kysi the chibi eyru, Gible the chibi lorius and Gwyh the chibi Zola
    Traded Nu the purple raulf for Daww the valentine straya
    Traded Daww the valentine straya for Audacity the moonlight straya
    Traded Kysi the chibi eyru for Cabul the rainbow raulf and Labby the grey rusty
    Traded Labby the grey rusty for Kintina the minipet sybri, Rusev the minipet gobble, Snooky the spacefairy snookle, Tarlei the mermaid sindi and Tembe the seasonal phanty
    Traded Gwyh the chibi Zola, Gible the chibi lorius, Cabul the rainbow raulf, Kintina the minipet sybri, Rusev the minipet gobble, Tarlei the mermaid sindi, Tembe the seasonal phanty and Sunbuns the toy poera for Lightspeed the lightning rofling
    Traded Oryina the fairy sindi for Cussons the minipet chibs
    Traded Cussons the minipet chibs for Zihn the red lorius (later renamed to Sherie and recostumed mermaid)
    Traded Kathey the coral straya for Jassea the minipet straya
    Traded Snooky the spacefairy snookle for Witney the mermaid straya
    Traded Witney the mermaid straya for Kathey the coral straya
    Traded Ninetails the anime raulf for Chibea the nimbus chibs
    Traded Chibea the nimbus chibs for Hyai the fairy lorius
    Traded Keirun the chibi mordo for Labby the minipet rusty and Letti the sparkle rusty
    Traded Vaxley the fairy rofling for Jennisa the moonlight straya and Milford the gold rofling
    Traded Esmre the pampered limax for Daizy the chibi daisy and Tez the grey rusty
    Traded Daizy the chibi daisy for Mythia the chibi straya
    Traded Audacity the moonlight straya for Abodement the fairy Lorius
    Traded Hyai the fairy lorius and Tez the grey rusty for Darklea the Halloween pucu
    Traded Yeffy the space limax for Ameliaa the mermaid straya
    Traded Darklea the Halloween pucu for Pirest the cursed lorius and Entoxicate the aqua chibs
    Traded Entoxicate the aqua chibs, Labby the minipet rusty and Lauzir the nimbus raulf for Trustly the Monster decadal
    Traded Abodement the fairy lorius for Dorius the angel lorius
    Traded Merilyn the valentine limax for Pennyless the hobo chibs
    Traded Pennyless the hobo chibs for Murmaid the mermaid straya, Boutia the nimbus limax and Ayanni the mermaid sindi
    Traded Milkae the candy willa for Hedi the red mordo and Prass the love tasi
    Traded Hedi the red mordo and Prass the love tasi for Secro the pink limax
    Traded Secro the punk limax for Coca8Cola the mermaid straya
    Traded Sherie the mermaid lorius for Risoka the tundra zola
    Traded Cailie (name) non le for Palish the skater lati, Skrrt the skater gizmo and Laify the skater dakota
    Traded Risoka the tundra zola and Pirest the cursed lorius for Kinuyo the island decadal
    Traded Boutia the nimbus limax and Ayanni the mermaid sindi for Affect the mermaid straya
    Traded Affect the mermaid straya and Skrrt the skater huthiq for Demsey the aqua straya
    Traded Palish the skater lati and Laify the skater Dakota for Milkae the candy willa
    Traded Milkae the candy Willa and Acarra the seasonal snookle for Acaela the mermaid straya
    Traded Cife the emo snookle and Ballora the steampunk snookle for Typhaon the yellow straya
    Traded Acaela the mermaid straya and Kallone the toddler rofling for Itch > 396 stats, 220 elites, 1175 transformations, 726 magic
    Around end April, all those who had more pets than gifboxes received a warning. I had upsized to a max of 8 pets over my giftbox limit but managed to downsize to 1 pet over my giftbox limit (through getting decas and strayas)
    Traded Typhaon the navy straya for Therus the anime raulf
    Traded Therus the anime raulf for Sumso the sleepy viotto
    (All those straya trades ._____. I hope new costumes will be released soon or they will be at a loss)
    Traded Nikhola (gourmet food= 2706) non LE for Selestia the daylight Zola
    Traded Itch, 410 health, 400+ stats, 200+ elites, 1301 transformations for Meeped the starry rofling and Isotopes the radioactive rofling WHICH GOT REVERSED BECAUSE OF A HACKER. Sad(((( eventually traded Itch for Varian the fire fairy rofling and Niynna the minipet decadal
    Traded Murmaid the mermaid straya for Kuoe the chibi kujo
    Traded Niynna the minipet decadal and Trustly the Monster decadal for Snuggled the chibi rofling
    Traded Demsey the aqua straya for Luckaus the white limax and Sebi the punk limax
    Traded Selestia the daylight Zola, Luckaus the white limax and Sebi the punk limax for Tiora the red decadal
    Traded Wu the Christmastree limax for Ollies the cowboy lati, Reyzo the blitzen lati and Palish the skater lati
    Traded Sumso the sleepy viotto for Riski the tundra eyru and Gasan the earth fairy kujo
    Traded Riski the tundra eyru for Swordsman the pirate limax
    Traded Swordsman the pirate limax for Noreth the pirate limax
    Traded Reyzo the blitzen lati for Aarielle the scout rusty
    Traded Aarielle the scout rusty for Fenuel the mermaid straya
    Traded Fenuel the mermaid straya for Graza the chibi ercuw
    Traded Amese the red panda Willa and Palish the skater lati for Savor the seasonal eyru
    Traded Savor the seasonal eyru for Rhiannon the mermaid straya
    Traded Tiora the red decadal for Yourself the thunder Zola, Chonan the nightmare raulf and Kerin the Dalmatian straya
    Traded Chonan the nightmare raulf for Ridiculing the plushie zola
    Traded Kerin the Dalmatian straya for Fenuel the mermaid straya and Plymouth the burnt eyru
    Traded Fenuel the mermaid straya for Fliye the valentine limax
    Traded Rhiannon the mermaid straya for Polare the nimbus raulf
    Traded Graza the chibi ercuw for Hev the sparkle lorius
    Traded Kathey the blue straya for Xokai the chibi ercuw
    Traded Sleepwalking the sleepy decadal and Kinuyo the island decadal for Dwam the chibi sindi, Zybree the chibi limax, Puvo the chibi mordo, Leur the chibi gobble, Xalto the chibi eyru, Veura the chibi vixen, Adesion the chibi pucu, Izekhial the chibi lorius
    Traded Itsuko the candy decadal for Rosadene the chibi straya, Tasines the chibi tasi, Tiffuni the chibi sybri, Viellis the chibi vlad, Zaniell the chibi willa and Romlyn the chibi quell
    Traded Varian the firefairy rofling for Bolvar the green zola and Stephany the werewolf rofling
    Traded Stephany the werewolf rofling for Veggie the bronze rofling
    Traded Josire the angel rofling for Evangelial the lightning rofling and Kohbe the silver zola
    Traded Zaniell the chibi willa for Nikeae the valentine straya
    Traded Jenie the mermaid straya for Biddy the yellow Yuni, Linette the white Kronk and Lonali the ice cream limax
    Traded Zarissie the Detective limax for Kerin the angel straya
    Traded Evangelial the lightning rofling for Koriente the nimbus zola and Chutaro the party lorius
    Traded Karisa the green straya for Desserts the ice cream troit and Favours the party vixen
    Traded Desserts the ice cream troit and Kohbe the silver zola for Luhci the fairy decadal
    Traded Zarissie the Detective limax for Brenner the angel straya
    Traded Brenner the angel straya for Waiko the Christmastree quell and Enaro the fancy vixen
    Traded Linette the Eleka kronk for Artec the candle vixen
    Traded Lonali the ice cream lati for Baca the Eleka snookle
    Traded Baca the Eleka snookle and Artec the candle vixen for Merelia the daylight figaro
    Traded Favours the party vixen for Rixio the baby figaro
    Traded Anelia the yellow willa and Kerin the angel straya for Emali the daylight Zola
    Traded Emali the daylight Zola for Kaije the minipet crikey
    Traded Kaije the minipet crikey for Grantern the calico rusty and Yixen the angel raulf
    Traded Luvei the balloon limax for Tunzu the thunder willa
    Traded Mythia the chibi straya for Enrine the baby chibs
    Traded Enaro the candle vixen and Zollon the chocolate limax for Adapa the nimbus lorius
    Traded Lesre the stoneage limax for Denzol the mermaid lorius
    Traded Minv the autumn limax for Capryse the baby rusty
    Traded Nao the candle limax for Minv the autumn limax
    Traded Adapa the nimbus lorius for Dymeti the daylight lorius
    Traded Inyi the nimbus limax for Yixen the angel raulf
    Traded Meffe the love limax for Copay the fancy rusty
    Traded Noreth the pirate limax for Sasch the spring eyru
    Traded Merelia the daylight figaro for Censlie the party eyru
    Traded Moft the punk limax and Vefi the baby limax for Efeni the spring chibs
    Traded Minv the autumn limax for Tallento the chibi rusty
    Traded Enrine the baby chibs for Jazly the Easter chibs
    Traded Korie the Christmas tree rofling and Vorri the seasonal limax for Alese 390 stats with health
    Traded Yixen the Angel raulf and Feyton the fat limax for Midnightrage the moonlight zola and Ensonya the Halloween quell
    Traded Ensonya the Halloween quell for Xylie the strobe figaro
    Traded Fiven the sleepy decadal for Emaia the baby zola and Zmall the minipet Zola
    Traded Luile the baby decadal for Ashran the 100 statted Zola and Sibena the 100 statted minipet rofling
    Traded Sibena the 100 statted minipet rofling and Jazly the Easter zola for Kg the fat decadal
    Traded Kg the fat decadal and Xylie the strobe figaro for Keeping the defective basil, Xephia the starry zola and Breux the bug chibs

    My graphics

    Posted on : 30th Dec 2017 20:44   Posted by : charissa



    Posted on : 20th Oct 2017 06:17   Posted by : charissa

    Graphics bought Oct

    Posted on : 3rd Oct 2017 11:01   Posted by : charissa
    Arcade rofling
    Baby limax
    Baby mordo
    Baby willa
    Baby chibs
    Baby rusty
    Baby raulf
    Chibi vixen
    Chibi pucu
    Chibi Lorius
    Chibi gobble
    Chibi snookle
    Chibi mordo
    Chibi quell
    Daylight figaro
    Galaxy limax
    Icecream snookle
    Nimbus raulf
    Nimbus lorius
    Party lorius
    Party limax
    Pixie snookle


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