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Marapets is mobile friendly
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  1. Missing Gourmets - Flidge
    8th Jul 2020 13:05
    3 months, 13 days & 4 hrs ago
  2. Missing instruments
    7th Apr 2018 10:09
    2 years, 6 months & 16 days ago
  3. 1000 plushie machine results
    2nd Jul 2013 09:53
    7 years, 3 months & 20 days ago
Missing Gourmets - Flidge
3 months, 13 days & 4 hrs ago
8th Jul 2020 13:05

I'll do my best to delete items from this list as needed, but it might not always be completely accurate.

9th Birthday Luxury Cake
9th Birthday Pearl
Acorn Gumball
Acorn Pearl
American Flag Gummy
American Hot Dog
Angel Cake
Angel Potato
Anime Potato
Anjet Poop
Aquarius Water
Australian Potato
Autumn Ice Cream
Azul Easter Egg
Baby Pearl
Bae Candy Heart
Bag of Chocolate Coins
Balloon Pearl
Banana Freezie
Bankrupt Pearl
Banofee Pie
Battle Arena Easter Egg
Battle Fairy Sugar Cube
Battle Gumball
Beach Pearl
Beanberry Sundae
Bee Pearl
Bellerina Jelly
Biala Easter Egg
Black and White Easter Egg
Black Blood
Black Bunns
Black DNA
Black Easter Egg
Black Forest Cake
Black Gummi
Black Potato Chips
Black Sorry Candy Heart
Black Yolk
Blitzen Easter Egg
Blitzen Pearl
Blitzen Potato
Bloody Potato
Blue Bunns
Blue DNA
Blue Easter Egg
Blue Gummi
Blue Potato
Blue Yolk
Blueberry Duo Popsicle
Blueberry Freezie
Blueberry Icicle
Blueberry Shell Candy
Bolimo Easter Egg
Bone Potato
Boot Camp Sugar Cube
Bootleg Cherries
Bootleg Pearl
Bottled Storm
Bounchy Jelly
Broken Egg Pearl
Bronze Easter Egg
Brown Bunns
Brown DNA
Brown Easter Egg
Brown Gummi
Brown Yolk
Bug Candy
Burnt Pearl
Burnt Pokey
Burnt Potato
Burnt Potato Chips
Burnt Sugar Pie
Butter Popcorn
Buttered Potato
Calico Potato
Camouflage Pearl
Camouflage Potato
Candy Crunch Cereal
Candy Gumball
Candytree Easter Egg
Carrot Juice Pouch
Charm Me Candy Heart
Checkered Potato
Cheese Fries
Cheesy Gumball
Cheesy Potato
Cherry Pies
Cherub Poop
Chibs Easter Egg
Chibs Ice Sculpture
Chocolate Beach Cake
Chocolate Cherry
Chocolate Cornet
Chocolate Duo Popsicle
Chocolate Easter Egg
Chocolate Fudge
Chocolate Love Pie
Chocolate Pearl
Christmas Pearl
Christmas Pretzel
Christmas Vanilla Pudding
Circle Easter Egg
Cookie Pearl
Cool Pearl
Corned Beef and Vegetables
Corrupted Giant Carrot
Cotton Candy Pearl
Cowboy Pearl
Cowboy Potato
Cracked Easter Egg
Crindol Easter Egg
Cucumber Pizza
Cupid Potato
Cursed Gumball
Dark Side Pearl
Darling Candy Heart
Decadal Cake Pop
Defective Pancakes
Devil Pearl
Deviled Easter Egg
Diet Ice Fairy Soda
Digital Fairy Sugar Cube
Digital Pearl
Dinosaur Meat
Doyle Easter Egg
Drake Pearl
Drake Sugar Cube
Dukka Coin Jelly
Earth Pearl
Easter Bunny Candy Floss
Easter Cupcake
Easter Egg
Easter Egg Pearl
Easter Egg Shaped Pearl
Easter Pizza
Easter Potato
Eat Me Cake
Egg Burger
Eleka Horns Pearl
Eleka Macaron
Eleka Sugar Cube
Elfberry Ice Cream
Empty Plate
Enpiah Ice Cream
Enpiah Jelly
Equilor Easter Egg
Ercuw Blood
Explorer Pearl
Eye of Newth Jelly
Fade Gumball
Fade Pearl
Farm Easter Egg
Fasoro Easter Egg
Feliz Easter Egg
Figgy Pudding
Fire Potato
Firework Pearl
Fish and Rice
Fish Parcels
Flurso Gumball
Foxfire Burger
Frankenstein Cupcake
Frankenstein Pearl
Frankenstein Potato
Fresh Chocolate Melon Bread
Fresh Cruller
Fresh Strawberry Melon Bread
Frozen Candycane
Frozen Pearl
Fruit Harvest Flakes
Funnel Cake
Galactic Cotton Candy
Geek Pearl
Giant Poinsettia
Giant Salad Bowl
Giftbox Cookies
Gingerbread Pearl
Gingerbread Potato
Glass Pizza
Glitched Gumball
Glitched Potato
Glowing Fairy Sugar Cube
Gobble Leg
Goblin Pearl
Gold Easter Egg
Golem Sugar Cube
Gonk Cake Pop
Gonk Easter Egg
Grape Duo Popsicle
Green Blood
Green Bunns
Green Easter Egg
Green Grape Juice
Green Potato
Green Yolk
Grey Blood
Grey Bunns
Grey DNA
Grey Easter Egg
Grey Gummi
Grey Potato
Grey Yolk
Griffin Sugar Cube
Grilled Corn
Grint Easter Egg
Gummy Arm
Gummy Foot
Gummy Scorpion
Halloween Pearl
Hand Painted Heart Gumball
Hand Painted Rose Gumball
Harpy Cupcake
Harpy Potato Chips
Harpy Sugar Cube
Heart Cupcake
Heart Doughnut
Heart Shaped Sandwich
Hick Easter Egg
Hippow Easter Egg
Historian Pearl
Holly Ice Cream
Holly Jolly Burger
Homeless Fairy Sugar Cube
Honey Glazed Ham
Hot Dawg
Hump Milk
Huthiq Easter Egg
Ian Poop
Ice Cream and Candy
Ice Cream Snowman
Ice Fairy Ice Cream
Iced Christmas Tree Cookie
Iced Fudge
Ideus Easter Egg
Insideout Ice Cream
Insideout Pearl
Insideout Potato
Invisible Pearl
Invisible Soup
Jar of Artifacts
Jar of Birthday Confetti
Jar of Bubbles
Jar of Cotton
Jar of Justin Hair
Jar of Mucus
Jar of Petals
Jar of Single Tears
Jar of Strawberries
Jar of Yellow Teeth
Jelly Pearl
Jelly Potato Chips
Jenoa Easter Egg
Jezebel Easter Egg
Jinn Doughnut
Kamilah Desert Cupcake
Kamilah Pearl
Killer Pearl
King Baspinar Pearl
King Baspinar Right Arm
Kirin Sugar Cube
Knight Pearl
Knutt Easter Egg
Krampus Pearl
Kronk Easter Egg
Lati Easter Egg
Leaf Rolls
Leido Easter Egg
Lemon Duo Popsicle
Leprechaun Pearl
Leprechaun Potato
Light Fairy Pearl
Light Side Pearl
Lightning Punch
Lilac Gumball
Lilac Jelly
Lilac Pearl
Lilac Potato
Lilac Potato Chips
Lilac Sugar Cube
Limax Dip
Lime Freezie
Lime Gummy Bottle
Lobster Dinner
Lobster Sandwich
Love Potato Chips
Low Fat Yule Log
Lucky Easter Egg
Lush Easter Egg
Maestro Poop
Magenta Potato
Magical Gummy Stars
Makara Tail
Melted Frozen Banana
Melted Frozen Cheese
Melted Frozen Drumstick
Melted Frozen Potato
Melted Frozen Red Apple
Melted Snow
Merman Sugar Cube
Merry Hot Chocolate
Midnight Cupcake
Midnight Lolly
Midnight Pearl
Midnight Potato
Midnight Swirl Lolly
Milk and Cookies for Santa
Mini Fairy Sugar Cube
Minipet Potato
Mint Chocolate Decadal
Moon Cupcake
Moon Gumball
Moon Mocktail
Moon Pearl
Moonlight Cupcake
Moonlight Fairy Sugar Cube
Moonlight Potato Chips
Mordo Easter Egg
Mouldy Gumball
Mummy Gumball
Munch Chocolate Bar
Murfin Easter Egg
Music Note Lolly
Mutant Food
Mutant Friday Fish Burger
My Boy Candy Heart
My Girl Candy Heart
My Love Candy Heart
My Pal Candy Heart
My Treat Candy Heart
Mystery Meat
Mystery Meat Pie
Naga Cupcake
Naga Mocktail
Neapolitan Ice Cream Vixen Lolly
Nefarious Pearl
Negative Potato
Newth Easter Egg
Newth Flippers
Nightmare Gumball
Nightmare Pearl
Number One Fan Candy Heart
Oglue Easter Egg
Old Fairy Sugar Cube
Olympic Pancakes
Olympic Sugar Cube
One Hundred Cake
Orange Blood
Orange Bunns
Orange Candy Floss
Orange DNA
Orange Easter Egg
Orange Gummi
Orange Heart Macaron
Orange Yolk
Osafo Easter Egg
Paffuto Easter Egg
Panda Onigiri
Party Flower
Party Potato
Patchwork Pearl
Peppermint Swirl Ice Cream
Pickle Smoothie
Pinata Lolly
Pingi Easter Egg
Pink Easter Egg
Pink Gummi
Pink Heart Macaroon
Pink Potato
Pink Yolk
Pixie Gumball
Pixie Pearl
Pixie Potato
Plushie Fairy Burger
Plushie Fairy Doughnut
Plushie Fairy Ice Cream
Plushie Fairy Lolly
Plushie Fairy Pie
Poera Easter Egg
Poison Berry Parfait
Polar Pearl
Popstar Pearl
Popstar Sugar Cube
Pork Stuffed Peppers
Pot of Gold Cake
Potato Chips
Prawn and Squid Soup
Pumpkin Cookie
Pumpkin Potato
Purple Blood
Purple Bunns
Purple DNA
Purple Easter Egg
Purple Gummi
Purple Heart Macaroon
Purple Yolk
Queen Eleka Ice Cream
Queen Eleka Pancake
Radioactive Potato
Rainbow Cookie
Rainbow Easter Egg
Rainbow Fairy Ice Cream
Rainbow Pizza
Rainbow Smoothie
Rainbow Sugar Cube
Red Blood
Red Bunns
Red Easter Egg
Red Gummi
Red Heart Macaron
Red Yolk
Renat Easter Egg
retires 31 Jul 00:00
retires 31 Jul 00:00
Roast Pork
Roasted Chestnuts
Robot Pearl
Rofling Easter Egg
Royal Easter Egg
Royal Fairy Sugar Cube
Rusty Ice Sculpture
Sand Sandwich
Santa Claws Easter Egg
Scrooge Easter Egg
Seasonal Candy Floss
Seasonal Potato
Seasonal Sultana Bran
Seasonal Tootoo
Severed Decadal Head
Sewer Fairy Cupcake
Sewer Fairy Sugar Cube
Sewer Mousse
Shilpy Easter Egg
Silver Easter Egg
Simeria Pearl
Simerian Pearl
Sindi Easter Egg
Skater Pearl
Sleepy Pearl
Slice of Angel Pizza
Slice of Birthday Cake
Slice of Gourmet Chocolate Pie
Slice of Gourmet Coconut Pie
Slice of Seasonal Cake
Sliced Potato
Slime Boy Sugar Cube
Slime Potato Chips
Snow Burger
Snowman Jelly
Snowman Pancakes
Snowman Pearl
Snowman Potato
Soap Flavoured Gummy
Space Fairy Sugar Cube
Space Pearl
Spaghetti Bolognese
Spam Fairy Cupcake
Spam Fairy Pearl
Spam Fairy Potato
SPAM Fairy Sugar Cube
Sparkle Pearl
Sparkle Potato
Sparkling Water
Sphinx Poop
Spicy Fireball
Spider Cake
Spinestein Poop
Spy Pearl
Square Easter Egg
Stale Crouton
Starry Blueberry Pie
Starry Cherry Pie
Starry Chocolate Pie
Starry Coconut Pie
Starry Lemon Pie
Starry Potato
Steampunk Gumball
Steampunk Pearl
Stone Potato
Stormy Potato
Strawberry Cornet
Strawberry Cupcake
Strawberry Jam and Banana Sandwich
Strawberry Love Pie
Striped Easter Egg
Strobe Pearl
Sultan Gumball
Sultan Sugar Cube
Summer Gumball
Summer Potato
Super Hero Pearl
Super Sized Cotton Candy
Swamp Gumball
Sweetheart Burger
Sybri Tail
Tantua Easter Egg
Teal Potato
Thanksgiving Pearl
The Fates Easter Egg
Thirst Quencher
Thunder Drink
Tiger Potato
Tomato Juice
Tongue Steak
Traditional Yule Log
Trail Mix
Tree Pearl
Tree Potato
Triangle Easter Egg
Tumbleweed Jelly
Turkey Dinner
Ublish Easter Egg
Ugly Teeth Gumball
Ultra Tundra Freezie
Undying Fairy Pearl
Unicorn Potato Chips
Unlucky Poop
Ush Easter Egg
Ushunda Easter Egg
Vacation Gumball
Vacation Pearl
Valentine Heart Cookies
Valentine Pearl
Valentine Potato
Valentines Day Chocolates
Vampire Pearl
Vampire Sugar Cube
Vanilla Brownie
Vanilla Icicle
Vanilla Love Brownie
Village Pearl
Villain Gumball
Villain Pearl
Villain Potato
Viotto Easter Egg
Vortex Pearl
Walee Easter Egg
Wasabi Paste
Watermelon Freezie
Wedding Cake
Wedding Potato
Werewolf Pearl
White Bunns
White Chocolate Covered Strawberry
White Chocolate Decadal
White Easter Egg
White Gummi
White Yolk
Winning Brew
Winter Pearl
Wreath Cookie
Xoi Easter Egg
Yakubi Easter Egg
Yellow Bunns
Yellow DNA
Yellow Easter Egg
Yellow Gummi
Yellow Gummy Hump
Yin Yang Jelly
Zetlian Easter Egg
Ziranek Easter Egg

Last updated - 20/8/2020

Missing instruments
2 years, 6 months & 16 days ago
7th Apr 2018 10:09

Baby Grand Piano x10
Banjo x10
Bass Guitar x10
Didgeridoo x6
Faun Flute x10
Festive Cymbals x10
Festive Tuba x10
Festive Violin x10
Glockenspiel x7
Harmonica x10
Hurdy Gurdy x10
Jingle Bells x10
Jug x8
Kazoo x3
Lyre x10
Ocarina x8
Pear Ukulele x9
Piano x7
Romantic Guitar x8
Snare Drum x10
Spooky Drum Set x10
Theremin x10
Trombone x10

1000 plushie machine results
7 years, 3 months & 20 days ago
2nd Jul 2013 09:53

I've been keeping a spreadsheet of all my results on both plushie machines and figured at least one or two people might be interested in the results, now that I've reached an even 1000 results on both. I do them both at the same time, always choose the same direction (About 100 attempts I moved left for both, but for all the other results, I've moved up.)

Here are the totals..

Dropped plushies:
regular machine - 256 dropped plushies
enchanted machine - 172 dropped plushies

Unenchanted plushies:
regular machine - 348 unenchanted plushies
enchanted machine - 317 unenchanted plushies

regular machine - 343 mp prizes (totaling 52,283mp)
enchanted machine - 457 mp prizes (totaling 337,502mp; 13 of the results were over 1,000mp with the highest being 28,722)

and finally, Enchanted plushies:
regular machine - 53 enchanted plushies
enchanted machine - 54 enchanted plushies (1 of which was LE)

  1. Missing Gourmets - Flidge
    8th Jul 2020 13:05
    3 months, 13 days & 4 hrs ago
  2. Missing instruments
    7th Apr 2018 10:09
    2 years, 6 months & 16 days ago
  3. 1000 plushie machine results
    2nd Jul 2013 09:53
    7 years, 3 months & 20 days ago