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  • NTS

    Posted on : 20th Mar 2017 02:27 PM   Posted by : Mags

    Possible new pets to work for !!

    Posted on : 11th Mar 2017 01:29 PM   Posted by : Mags

    Would love any opinions :p

    RIP old mara

    Posted on : 5th Sep 2015 09:03 PM   Posted by : Mags


    Elixir- Apps

    Posted on : 16th Aug 2015 10:36 AM   Posted by : Mags
    You may choose anything reasonable, preferably items of reasonable price (under 500k) or with specific reference. This is so that we can help as many members as possible with their goals!

    Please note that we will be giving higher ranked members a slightly bigger advantage. However, every poster is guaranteed to receive something.

    Post with these two things:

    1. The item(s) you want (multiple items makes it easier on us! )
    for ex. runes, keys, costumes, clothing items, wigs, gourmet food, plushies...

    2. Why you want the item
    for ex. to help my pet complete temple; because I like clothing; to give to my friend Mags bc I love her... (;

    Friend Appreciation Blog

    Posted on : 21st May 2015 06:57 AM   Posted by : Mags
    Inspired by Angei, way back...
    I was just looking at that and I got so sad omg ; n ;

    So here's just four of my close friends, don't ask to be put on here; I'd write about you but I'm lazy

    My active baes:

    E m i l e e (Emily2583)

    o m g you're my #1 bae, we date way back and you're even there in Angei's blog, I can't believe you left mara for so long and I found you right after you got back and we still remember eachother and get along (': x10000

    you're the best of the best and I love throwing all my dirty jokes and complaints and whatev else at you bc I know you'll take them like the man you are. I gloat bc I'm the only one that calls you by your real name Emileeeeee

    S t e l l a (Kandace)

    if Em is my #1 bae then you're my #1 bae too, sometimes you're my #0 bae and sometimes you're my #2 bae but anyway my point is you're my fave girl to talk to rn bc I can't believe I've known you for so long and didn't realize we had all these similarities (age, culture, whatnot)

    when I talk to you I feel like I'm constantly high/drunk and no matter what we talk about, I feel u 105% and I know that makes u feel me 110% back (;

    My inactive baes:

    G i g i (hotchick195)

    I'd have removed you from my friends list but hey you're special Gigi because we date quite a while back (': you're so inactive nowadays but I still love you and you're my girlll, you're kind to everyone and much more mature than I am. I want to see you back more regularly ok

    I'm sad bc we used to talk a lot more and my memory keeps failing me so there's a lot I don't remember but at least I still remember that you're awesome af c;

    C h a r l i (Colour)

    one of the kindest people I know, you strike me as one of those cute short people wearing dark framed glasses and always hiding under your covers haha <3

    you give things away half the time you're even online, and while you're a bit introverted, you have the brightest personality and I really want to try voice calling you sometime plss.
    I will shower you in hugs and kisses when (when, not if) you come back


    That was probably the most gushy and disgusting thing I've written in a long time and I apologize for that ??\_(???)_/??

    but whoever's reading: Appreciate your friends bc they might not always be around!

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