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It's all for you, Beck.

All hail the incredible talent of erinturner







  • MISSING CD BLOG     ~20 Feb 2018
  • Instruments needed for Beck     ~14 Feb 2018
  • Goals Progress Tracker     ~06 Feb 2018
  • Missing Giftboxes     ~05 Feb 2018
  • MISSING Glowing Eggs     ~04 Feb 2018
  • MISSING STAMPS     ~04 Feb 2018


    Posted on : 20th Feb 2018 22:52   Posted by : Fashionista
    9th Birthday Songs
    Baby Bird Songs
    Bubbly Pop
    Christmas Carols
    Classic Jazz
    Classical Melodies
    Dancing Eggs
    Dark Dance
    Desert Melodies
    Discontinued Music
    Earth Fairy Sonnets
    Easter Songs
    Electro Music
    Experimental Music
    Exploring Music
    Festival Music
    Fire Fairy Salsa
    Frankenstein Fusion

    Geek Remix
    Gingerbread Songs
    Gnome Music
    Gobble Love Songs
    Gobbling Gobbles
    Goblin Tunes
    Greatest Hits by Baby MaraDolls
    Greatest Hits by Syn D
    Greedy Fairy Music
    Halloween Hits
    Hot Air Instrumental
    Howling Hits
    Japanese Music
    Jelly Tunes
    Killer Songs
    Late Night Lullabies
    Light Fairy Sonnets
    Light Side Music
    Loser Blues
    Loud and Terrible Music
    Lowlyhood Hits
    Mini Disc
    Minipet Christmas Carols
    Moonlight Melodies
    Musical Vortex
    Native Music
    Number Ones by Huffix
    Oasis Album
    Olde Western Hits
    Peaceful Serenade
    Pixie Music
    Puchalla Hits
    Rocket Sounds
    Romantic Hits
    Rotten CD
    Royal March
    School Bus Songs
    Seasonal Classics
    Simerian Songs
    Skater Music
    Snowman Dance
    Snowman Sing Alongs
    Snowman Songs
    Songs of Kamilah Desert
    Soul Music
    Space Age Rock
    Space Fairy Techno
    Spooky Tunes
    Stars Volume 01
    Summer Anthems
    Summer Hits 2010
    Superhero Anthems
    Swan Songs
    The Best Christmas Carols
    Thunder Noise
    Transuranic Tunes
    Transvaluation Tunes
    Trashcan Tunes
    Undead March
    Undercover Hits
    Underwater CD
    Undying Fairy Songs

    Walkie Talkie Sounds
    War Music
    Winter Exploring Tunes

    Instruments needed for Beck

    Posted on : 14th Feb 2018 12:37   Posted by : Fashionista
    Banjo - 10
    Glockenspiel - 3
    Harmonica - 10
    Jug - 10
    Piano - 6
    Romantic Guitar - 1
    Slide Whistle - 8
    Trombone - 10

    Goals Progress Tracker

    Posted on : 6th Feb 2018 01:52   Posted by : Fashionista
    Baspinar's Castle - Level 5 or higher at Trunx's Theatre

    Biala Mountain - Level 4 Blitzen's Grotto

    Candyland - 125+ Candy Tree Quests

    City of Marada - Complete Level 5 Tarquin's Library mission

    City Sewers - Complete Level 2 Sewer Cleaner mission

    Dukka Caves - You need to use a limited edition pet Potion on your pet.

    Eleka's Castle - Win a Eleka Tombola Book at the Eleka Tombola game

    Enpiah - Complete Level 5 Ublish's Lair mission

    Gigantic Paradise - Complete Level 20 Rubbish Dump mission *done 12?

    Jenoa - Own underwater pet

    Lowlyhood - Change mouth at dentist

    Lush Lake - Enter the Olympics at ultimate level

    Kamilah Desert - Complete 100 or more Talon quests

    Minipet Island - Compete volcano map

    Nimbus - Need Fairy pet

    Puchalla Village - Cheese color pet

    Simeria - You need to own any Detective coloured pet

    Slater Park - You need to own any Cotton Candy coloured pet

    Undying Woods - Complete Level 5 Trotter's Movies mission

    Ziranek - Use Digital Costume on Pet

    Missing Giftboxes

    Posted on : 5th Feb 2018 21:43   Posted by : Fashionista
    Archeology Giftbox
    Capsule Machine Giftbox
    Clothing Rack Giftbox
    Double Crystals Giftbox
    Double Diamonds Giftbox

    Elite Gym Giftbox
    Enchanted Plushie Machine Giftbox
    Extra Pet Giftbox
    Extract Enpiah Giftbox
    Fasoro Falls Giftbox

    Fishing Giftbox
    Foxfire Pond Giftbox
    Gallery Giftbox
    Genie Giftbox
    Gym Giftbox

    Ice Caves Giftbox
    Kamilah Pyramid Giftbox
    Missing Transformations Giftbox
    News Stand Giftbox
    Nutty Tree Giftbox

    Olympics Giftbox
    Operations Portal Giftbox
    Photo Parlour Giftbox
    Poison Pit Giftbox
    School Giftbox

    Scratchcards Giftbox
    Sewer Pipes Giftbox
    Transformation Temple Giftbox
    Transmogrification Repeat Giftbox
    Transmogrification Temple Giftbox

    Transubstantiation Temple Giftbox
    Transumption Temple Giftbox
    Transuranics Temple Giftbox
    Transvaluation Temple Giftbox
    University Giftbox

    Vending Machine Giftbox
    Vortex Park Reservoir Giftbox
    Wardrobe Selfie Giftbox
    Webcam Giftbox

    MISSING Glowing Eggs

    Posted on : 4th Feb 2018 14:37   Posted by : Fashionista
    Beanstalk Glowing Egg
    Blue Candy Glowing Egg
    Candycane Glowing Egg
    Carrot Glowing Egg
    Corrupted Black Glowing Egg

    Corrupted Yellow Glowing Egg
    Cotton Candy Glowing Egg
    Digital Fairy Glowing Egg
    Drake Glowing Egg
    Earth Fairy Glowing Egg
    Eleka Glowing Egg
    Fire Fairy Glowing Egg
    Forest Fairy Glowing Egg
    Glowing Fairy Glowing Egg
    Golem Glowing Egg
    Green Candy Glowing Egg
    Griffin Glowing Egg
    Hairy Glowing Egg
    Haunted Moon Glowing Egg
    Homeless Fairy Glowing Egg
    Kirin Glowing Egg
    Lilac Glowing Egg
    Mafia Glowing Egg
    Mara Glowing Egg
    Marapets Candy Glowing Egg
    Melted Glowing Egg
    Merman Glowing Egg
    Mini Fairy Glowing Egg
    Moonlight Fairy Glowing Egg
    Naga Glowing Egg
    Native Fairy Glowing Egg
    Nimbus Glowing Egg
    Pink Candy Glowing Egg
    Purple Candy Glowing Egg
    Red Candy Glowing Egg
    Red Damask Glowing Egg
    Sewer Fairy Glowing Egg
    Skull Glowing Egg
    Slime Boy Glowing Egg
    Snowman Glowing Egg
    Space Fairy Glowing Egg
    Space Glowing Egg
    Spam Fairy Glowing Egg
    Sultan Glowing Egg
    Summer Glowing Egg
    Summer Jessup Glowing Egg
    Summer Nino Glowing Egg
    Summer Sybri Glowing Egg
    Summer Troit Glowing Egg
    Summer Yuni Glowing Egg
    Sunburnt Bikini Glowing Egg
    Tan Fleshy Glowing Egg
    Tanned Bikini Glowing Egg
    Tooth Fairy Glowing Egg
    Vampire Glowing Egg
    Water Fairy Glowing Egg
    Winter Glowing Egg

    + new ice caves eggs

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