Player for 5 years, 4 months & 19 daysJoined 18th Jul 2014 19:03
Player for 5 years, 4 months & 19 daysJoined 18th Jul 2014 19:03
~also 13, 404, Ambience, Anarchist, Annihilate, Astral, Atom, Avenger, Banish, Baron, Basilisk, Berserker, Bite, Bullet, Century, Choked, Chris, Citadel, Civ, Civilisations, Code, Conceal, Conceit, Conjure, Conquer, Conspire, Covet, Crusade, Crypt, Cut, Daunt, Decimate, Desire, Destroy, Distance, Eviscerate, Extreme, Farm, Fate, Feign, Fiance, Foe, Force, Forte, Forum, Havoc, Hostile, IP, Illustrious, Incendiary, Infamous, Intellectualizations, Intercept, Intuition, Invade, Invincible, Lacerate, Legion, Life, Linguist, Lullaby, Lust, Maragod, Masochist, Network, OP, Ominous, Pain, Paradigm, Paradoxical, Phobia, Pilot, Plasma, Pleasure, Prime, Primitive, Profit, Provoke, Pulse, Radar, Restricted, Rhetorical, Sabotage, Sadist, Scholar, Serenade, Soar, Sonnet, Talisman, Theory, Treachery, Triad, Uncensored, Unnecessary, Vendetta, Vestige, Visceral, Vow, Voyage, Whisper, Xbox, Yuni
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