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My name is Kayleigh but most people call me Kay.
I am 31 years old and I live in England. I have 4 siblings, 3 sisters and 1 brother and one very special nephew!
I am engaged to a very wonderful man, who also plays Mara :love:
I've been playing Marapets for about 11 years now and I am very proud I have come this far.
I have achieved many things and I will continue to do so.
I play daily, I am addicted.
I mainly play on my laptop but recently I have been logging in from my phone.
I love History, especially Victorian history. I'm obsessed!! Also a big fan of space.. Universes, galaxies, black holes etc All really fascinate me. I could talk for hours.

My 2 favourite animals are dolphins and parrots.
If given a chance, I would save the Aye Aye and the red panda from extinction..

I have several members of my family who also play
(My fault for getting them hooked)
Dammadkids (Mum) - I often trade photos and plates with her and send the occasional plushie too.
Obey (Fiance) I often trade photos and plates with him.
Wanny89 - (Sister) We don't really do any trading as she doesn't play as much as the others.
Please don't freeze us. We are a family of Maraweeners!

Sleighbell has 144 Friends