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Hi! I joined Marapets on December 8, 2004.
I'm a 33-year old married British Mum of two living in Japan since 2009.
Just started running my own business so very busy but online every day!!

Check out my Japan x Britain , Harry Potter and Party gallery!

Current goal: Stargate-related pet row, get Shiromaru to 700 stats, Limax pet row(?), organize Harry Potter gallery

Lending my cheap Elf-coloured pet for Biala Goals for free, no need for tip or fees reimbursement. I love Stargate SG-1, Harry Potter, anime, guinea pigs and astronomy. I’m trilingual and have lived in Japan for 11 years. I’m a weeaboo living the dream! Married with two young kids and running my own business. Very busy but always have time to play Mara daily! :)
Player for 15 years, 11 months & 17 daysJoined 8th Dec 2004 06:42
Battle pet: Shiromaru (700+ stats)
Transformations pet: Shiromaru
Favourite costumes: Party and Baby
Favourite species: Limax
Player for 15 years, 11 months & 17 days Joined 8th Dec 2004 06:42

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