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Contest: Happy to vote! MM/MT me.
Pets: Not for trade, unless stated otherwise.
Friends: Will NOT accept random friend requests, sorry.
Club: Already in a club - message me if you'd like to come join!
Lending: If I have an item or pet you need to borrow - MM/MT me.
Maramail/Maratalk: Always open - just don't spam, beg, scam, etc,
..and if you need any help, let me know!

I poof in and out often so beware of slow replies!
You can pester me as much as you like if I don't reply back in one day.

Born and raised in Auckland, New Zealand. Been on Mara since 2010.
I play Overwatch and League of Legends - a support main on both. lol
Also used to religiously play Minecraft, ARK, osu!, and many other games.
STAFF: I alternate between my PC, Laptop, Phone, and iPad when logging on to play.
My IP address might've changed around late Jan/early Feb 2019.

Player for 3 years & 25 daysJoined 18th Nov 2016 21:50
Player for 3 years & 25 daysJoined 18th Nov 2016 21:50
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