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Marapets is mobile friendly
Note to staff: I play on my computer and on occasion my tablet, so that may be the reason why my IP address changes when and if it does change. I'm saying this so my account isn't put in jeopardy.

On occasion my online status can be misleading, I log out from time to time to do other things.

Age: 17 (Currently)

Heya, I'm Greystokey! (you can call me Grey or Stokey for short, whichever one you prefer though)

My birthday is April 3rd, so yea.

The black Phantom Chibs that always will be part of my doll is to honor Oreo (a pet cat of mine) who passed away on August 5th 2018.

I strongly dislike a song known as Despacito, so please do not play it when I am around unless you want me to get angry.

I LOVE the Imagine Dragons song Radioactive, though. :P

Dream pets (W.I.P. List): Gothic Willa, Poison Chibs, Punk Tantua, any Eyru

I have a Villain Doyle now thanks to Sweetdemonicangel :3

Player for 1 year, 5 months & 21 daysJoined 1st Sep 2018 13:38

I am trans male (F2M) :3
Player for 1 year, 5 months & 21 days Joined 1st Sep 2018 13:38

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