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Marada was accidentally discovered in August 2004 when a British student used a telephone box that was in fact a Time Machine - or H.O.M.E.R (History of Marada Extra-dimensional Replicator). Since then, over 0 people have visited at different times and have missed out on many items from the past. Every Saturday, 30 items are randomly selected from the Time Machine List.

You can use the Time Machine once every 48 hours with a Time Machine Token. Each ride will take you back in time and you'll carry back 4 items. You'll receive a random retired item from the current Prize List plus a time-based Booster, Wand and Mystery Bag. It is against the rules to use the Time Machine for another player.

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You'll also win a FREE BBQ Potato Chips, Crikey Crunch & Tattered Warrior Cape

Prize list changes in 1 day, 11 hours and 22 minutes
Bad Egg Trading Card
Beach Book
Bee Booster
Book of Eggcelent Puns
Book of Vampires
Cheerful Chibs Summoning Stone
Christmas Magazine
Creepy Equilor Plushie
Easter Bunny Trading Card
Easter Stamp
Explosive Trading Card
Fairy in Space
Flaming Sword
Full Moon Chronicles
Ice Cream Snowman
Our 9th Birthday
Pixie Snookle Stamp
Pumpkin Pancakes
Reindeer Jumper
Ripped Jeans
Santa Shirt
Sindi Party Dress
Staff of the Forest
Stars and Stripes Jeans
Super Hero Stamp
Tuxedo Costume
Viotto Figurine
Werewolf Book