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The Editorial is the only place you can submit your ideas and questions to the staff of Marapets. Do not use it for glitches or help with your account. If your question is accepted, you may be answered in the next editorial. Please make sure spelling and grammar is correct or it may be ignored.

 Level 15 or higher players can submit one question to the Editorial per day.
 vikki91 asked:
Can we please have a feature where when we get a Trade offer we can see how much it was up for, and you can't see the price of things when you are creating trades so I had to keep going to my inventory to PC everything :(
The new Trades system has a new and improved 'Create Trade' and 'Make an Offer' page with price checks. You can also view and price check the trade you are offering on from the 'Make an Offer' page!
4 years & 6 days ago
 Eleanor asked:
Did the Stapler retire like it was supposed to? It's not on the Retirement Planning list anymore but when price checked it still shows that it stocks in the School Supplies shop.
Some items that are really new shouldn't be retiring straight away. The retirement feature has been edited many times since and that item was put back on sale.
4 years & 7 days ago
 Salazar asked:
Could the sword in the stone get a 'last won by' bit like dukka dash, sugar stack etc
From now on any player who wins will be shown at the start of the game, just like Dukka Dash and Sugar Stack.
4 years & 7 days ago
 Hack asked:
Can you apply the change you made to user shops (when you buy an item, you still stay on the same page) to club shops?
Sure! Done :)
4 years & 7 days ago
 beccadod asked:
Can Sultan go on our dailies somewhere so I don't keep forgetting to pay him.
Sultan is on the 'Rewards' page but is technically as 'Pay to Play' daily too, so it has now been added to this page too with a countdown. I hope this helps!
4 years & 7 days ago
 Spice asked:
Can you please add page numbers for wishlist to the bottom of the page as well. Similar style to our shops so that I don't have to scroll back up to view a different page?
Sure, all of the wishlist pages now have page numbers at the top and bottom.
4 years & 7 days ago
 AbsolutNormal asked:
Can you please make Banned Members in Clubs a Different color to be deleted easier?
When you visit the 'Club Members' page of your club (as an admin) it will now show any member that has been banned from playing Marapets in red, italic and underlined. This should help you to remove them easier.
4 years & 7 days ago
 Badger asked:
Could you add the 'cancel trade' button for when we search for our trade, or add a feature where we can search for and then cancel the trade? For people with lots of pages it's a nightmare to find one specific item!
Good idea! Now when you search or browse trades and your trade lot shows up, it has a 'Cancel Trade' button instead of a 'Make an Offer' button.
4 years & 7 days ago
 Florence asked:
Can we also get a timer for the magazine stand and news stand?
Sure! I have improved the layout of both places to match some of the newer features of Marapets. They also both now have a countdown feature.
4 years & 8 days ago
 Roadagain asked:
Would it be possible to have the option for trades to only show people that are online? Could be useful during those desperate dashes to get an item for a mission.
I have actually been working on this for a while. There is now an option when you search trades to show only Trades from players currently online. I have also added a new feature 'Recent Trades Online' that will show all trades added in the past 24 hours where the owner of the trade is online right now.
4 years & 9 days ago
 aslion asked:
Can you add a Price Check on the items for the Fates like the other missions/temples have?
Sure, its now added to Fates mission.
4 years & 10 days ago
 Drakasha asked:
Can the names of private clubs be grayed in the club list? There's no way to recognize them before clicking and getting and error now. Thanks!
I've made all private clubs on the list show differently with (private) at the end of their names.
4 years & 10 days ago
 SofistiCat asked:
Could there be a countdown clock in the temples and pyramids similar to missions?
Sure! I have edited all 7 Temples, both Pyramids and also Fasoro Falls with a countdown.
4 years & 10 days ago
 Fork asked:
"Quest Personal Trainer again" for Personal Trainer Quest seem does not workable compare to Computer Repair Quest.
You're right! I just fixed it, it now quests again automatically selecting the same pet you used in the previous quest.
4 years & 11 days ago
 Dingaling asked:
Can you make it where we can create/buy clubs again?
You can now create and buy Clubs again.
4 years & 12 days ago
 Anamya asked:
Can the new smart search be applied to Auctions as well?
It has been added to Auctions now.
4 years & 14 days ago
 Walker asked:
Would it be possible to change it so that when you buy an item from user shops, that it keeps you on the same page you were buying from? Some users shops have 10+ pages in their shop and if you notice another item on a page that you want to buy i often forget what page i was on and have to search through the pages again.
This has been added. It used to have this, not sure what happened there...
4 years & 15 days ago
 gennie asked:
Any chance we could have the red collection check mark in Price check added to giftboxes?
It has been added now for all Giftboxes except for the Extra Pet Giftbox.
4 years & 15 days ago
 Angi asked:
For trades, can a link to a user's wishlist be added?
If the user has written a text wishlist on their trade, you can click on this and it will link to their Wishlist. There is also a link to a user's Blog for those who add their list there instead.
4 years & 15 days ago
 peregrine asked:
Can there be a wish counter for our pets at Genie?
Sure! I've added a Wish Counter now.
4 years & 15 days ago
 Beard asked:
Can Random chat be fixed, when you click on it to view all topics, only topics on the first page show up and everything after that is from February 16th
Fixed it!
4 years & 15 days ago
 Ashtin asked:
Can we get a "remove all" button for wardrobes? It takes forever to remove every piece of clothing individually
You reset your doll by changing gender.
4 years & 15 days ago
 Rosa asked:
Would it be possible to add a search feature to wardrobe to quickly find an item I want to wear/try on?
I actually started on it a while ago and it was almost finished. I finished it today and now you can search your Wardrobe. You can search for a specific item or using keywords like the new Trade, Auction and Attic search. Enjoy!
4 years & 15 days ago
 Luvmeluvr asked:
I love the new "search price" feature that shows you if there is an item wanted, in trades or in auctions!!! I don't suppose there would be a way to have it check your attic for the item as well?
I managed to just about squeeze Attic onto 'Price Check' feature. But there is no room for anything else now to be added to it.
4 years & 15 days ago
 Cranky asked:
Can you please fix the pet status with the temple? Eight of my pets are templed, but only three are labeled as so. It gets confusing.
Sure, this has been fixed now.
4 years & 15 days ago
 Toyboks asked:
Is there a way to change which username appears under your forum post? for example, mine is currently only giving me the option to have ~Asteroeis which isn't my original username. Can this only be your original username or can you set it to any username you own?
I have added a new feature to the Town Hall to 'Organise Usernames' for everyone who has completed the Unnecessary Perfection Instructions. The username that shows first is the username that shows on forums. If you want a different Username to show here, order them and then edit the Username Settings to make the changes show.
4 years & 15 days ago
 Mahjonggmom asked:
Could you please add a "Back to Marada" button for the Poison Pit?
Sure! Its on there now.
4 years & 15 days ago
 Zakster asked:
Can the shops be reworked to be like the Galleries? Basically we are able to search our shops by categories, and the None priced numbered items are listed first (since they're not shown in the live store since they're not priced.)
No, but I did just code a new option at the top of your Shop Stock. You can change the settings of what stock is shown. If you select 'All Stock' it will show as normal, but you can select 'Only 0MP Stock'. This will show all items that are not currently priced and will make pricing and 'Auto Price' much faster.
4 years & 15 days ago
 girlflower388 asked:
Is it possible to have the date available near the time? Since this site is being played by people from all around the world, and not everyone has the same time, so it is easy for them to know when something is going to retire
There isn't actually room for it on the layout. However... the time on the layout links to the old countdown page. This page isn't as useful as it once was but I've added the current date and time of Marada on it. Hope this helps!
4 years & 16 days ago
 Elliot06 asked:
Can you add a search feature on the news. When I notice something has changed it'd be good be able to find the origional news article to give more details about the change.
Sure! There is now a search on the news.
4 years & 16 days ago
 Emily asked:
Could the search settings be upgraded a little bit? For example, searching "eyru" in trades will come up with all items with the word "eyru" in the name. Or search "eyru potion" to see all eyru potions currently in trades. Obviously if someone is searching for something specific, they search the full name.
This has now been added to Trades, Attics and Galleries. Enjoy!
4 years & 17 days ago
 Emberr asked:
Will Silver and Bronze account upgrades ever be a thing again?
Probably not. The way the trophies are coded now means the highest shows first, so if you ever purchase a Gold your Bronze or Silver trophy will not show. Other than that, anything that would have been a 'Bronze' now goes into the Capsule Machine and 'Silver' into the Account Upgrades shop. I don't really see the point anymore.
4 years & 18 days ago
 Salazar asked:
Would it be possible to make the search option in attics like the main search bar? As in if you type a key word in, anything in your attic with that word in come up?
I've actually been working on a smarter, better Attic Search for a while now. You can search for an identical item as normal but the 'containing my phrase' is now much, much smarter! You can search 'red' or 'pumpkin' etc and it will show all items that match this.
4 years & 20 days ago
 Cappygirl asked:
I am suggesting we have a forum for thanking staff who have answered support tickets. I am not a suck up but over the years I have felt like I wanted to say ty at times but we really have no venue for that. Or maybe just a reply ability for the support tickets. Or maybe you have a better idea. I'd just like to be able to say Thank You when they have helped resolve an issue. :)
Aww thanks! Tickets are ancient and a very inefficient system. They're on the list to be updated very soon. They will become more like a "forum" or "instant chat room" with staff. At the moment, if we need more information from a player we have to close ticket and start again. It will be much better in future and once replied, you can say thank you and staff will mark it as closed.
4 years & 20 days ago
 Ease asked:
Can the Eyru Cap and Elegant Waistcoat be coded so that they can be added to the wardrobe? Thanks!
You can finally add both of these items to your Wardrobe and wear them! FINALLY!
4 years & 21 days ago
 gennie asked:
Is it possible to add the Attic Giftbox feature to temples and non-collection missions like Blitzen, Ublish, Bumpkin, etc?
All 7 Temples, 2 Pyramids and Missions that ask for items now have update layouts. They have 'Check Price' feature and the option to complete the level with items from your Attic.
4 years & 21 days ago
 Science asked:
When searching galleries, is it possible to have an indication of whether or not someone is online without having to click on all the names. I'm not sure if the coding is possible, but if you're on a mission and you need an item, you waste valuable time checking to see if players are online or not.
Sure! I've added the Online/Offline status to Gallery Search now.
4 years & 21 days ago
 Bastille asked:
Would there be any chance that Referrals would be working soon? I'd really like more chances of getting a Rofling :)
Referrals will be back this year but totally different to how they were before. It'll be points based with a shop to purchase items. And it won't just be about getting new players. Points will be earned bringing back inactive older players too. And you'll earn extra points if you refer someone who buys AU credit, is active for X amount of days (Queen Eleka Loyalty) and so on. It really will be rewarding you for making Marapets more active.
4 years & 21 days ago
 LordLovin asked:
Is it possible to include a price check for temple items like there are in quests?
Sure! I've added Price Check to all 7 Temples and both Pyramids. The layout design is similar to missions.
4 years & 23 days ago
 Kiracookie asked:
Is it possible to move the "Auto Price" and "Update Prices" buttons on the edit shop stock page to the top for people who just want to quickly update their shop prices without having to scroll to the bottom each time?
Sure, this feature has now been added!
4 years & 24 days ago
 Briongloid asked:
Can the retirement feature have different sections for AU items and capsule machine items? I was blindsided by the halloween items going so quickly and didn't even have the chance to get any!
The retirement page has been updated now with exact date and times items retire, with the most recent first. Capsule Machine will never have retire dates, they are on sale for many, many months and then will go without warning. You have plenty of time.
4 years & 24 days ago
 LordLovin asked:
Is there any way you can get around to making it so the maratalk feature works in pet trades? There is a button for it, but it doesn't work! Although, the mail one seems to work. Thanks.
4 years & 24 days ago
Could you please make games pay 2 points per game? Please, please, please
Score Points will stay the same but we did recently bring back MP for playing games too, so that should help!
4 years & 24 days ago
 Toyboks asked:
When will more pet space be released?
100 is the current maximum and this will most likely never be increased.
4 years & 24 days ago
 Beard asked:
Can we possibly get a Play collection leaderboard?
It has just been added. I have also fixed Pet Trophies so that only the highest awards show, rather than bronze, silver and gold of the same award.
4 years & 24 days ago
 Sauce asked:
Would it be possible to make the Attic Giftbox to work for Quests like it does for Training/Schooling? As in currently if you click attic while questing if you don't have all the items in your attic it will have an error message instead of taking the ones you do have out and allowing you to buy the remaining items off of usershops to finish the quest.
It does this on purpose because there is a time limit on quests. Otherwise you could lose some of the items and still fail the quest.
4 years & 24 days ago
Is there any way that we could have an option to put multiple pets in the hotel at the same time, rather than having to go through the same process one by one?
I have just re-coded the Hotel. You can now select as many pets as you like at once to put into the Hotel for upto 28 days.
4 years & 24 days ago
 Sachiko asked:
Is there any chance that the attic giftbox feature will be implemented into other places?
I have coded it now that the Aquarium, Hump Racing, Eleka Prison and Knutt House quests will now check your attic if you do not have the item in your Inventory. This is of course only for those with the Attic Giftbox.
4 years, 2 months & 4 days ago
 Angi asked:
Is it possible to fix the coding on the belts so that we can color the 2nd layer at the fountain? When it is on the top layer, it doesn't appear at the fountain...
I had no idea this wasn't working. When a belt was "moved above" tops the colour change didn't show in Lush Fountain but it does now.
4 years, 2 months & 4 days ago
 Smellinor asked:
Would it be possible to have it so on the main MaraTalk page we could delete our private MaraTalks off there? I'm collecting quite a long list!
Sure! I've just added a way to remove these now.
4 years, 2 months & 4 days ago