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Having a soft spot for giraffes, a Jessup was the first pet I ever created on Marapets. Not too long after, Skaggi the Tundra Jessup was spotted in the pound and quickly replaced my first pet and has been my default pet ever since.
I love the Tundra costume and I love my Jessup, so Skaggi will always remain as he is x
(09/05/2017) The horrifying day when I let Skaggi play with a Green Leido Plushie not realising it was Enchanted. 500k later and He was back Tundra Jessup :/
(23/03/2019) Used the 'Use Items' function to mass use toys for his collection...and there was an Enchanted Radioactive Ideus in amongst them... Cost me alot more than 500k this time to change him back... Grr
(14//04/2019) Turned Mutant after taking a chance making a DNA Mini for Goals... Sigh
(05/05/2019)Fed Favolos with the wrong pet because I wasn't paying attention and turned him Green... &*$£!?%*%!!

DYK: Skaggi is the name of an NPC in Skyrim who owns the Left Hand Mine located outside Markarth.
Skaggi the Tundra Jessup
4 years, 11 months & 4 days OldBorn 9th Jan 2015 14:20