I don't read or reply to MaraMail. It's too clunky. Please use MT.

ColdLegumes and Kingston are my partners. I live with Kingston.

i remember p clearly why i took my last hiatus... if you don't like me, keep it to yourself and i'll keep to myself, hmm? i don't need your approval or your acceptance, really.

i will never stop fighting for the end of various stigmas and treatments of the disabled, the disordered, and the unwell, and no one has any business censoring these very important topics, but i will no longer tie them to certain site features. you all know how i feel, i know how you all feel. you don't care how i feel, and you know how the rest goes.


gay boy, poly boy, ill boy. autistic boy, lover boy, cripple boy. colorful boy, gaming boy, bird boy. tired boy, angry boy, sad boy. exhausted boy, depressed boy, stoked boy. boy boy boy. boy.

i'm verne. i'm a bird. i'm poly with coldlegumes and kingston. i have very little patience for many things. i like making nice, respectful friends. give and get, sow and reap. etc etc etc.

i'm older than many of the players and staff here, despite the 'young snowflake' stereotype several people have referenced in insulting me.

hmu if you like fallout, tamagotchi, duck tales, birds, etc.

guess i'm done doing that until if and when, then! :)
Hatchworth the Leopard Ideus
1 year, 7 months & 7 days OldBorn 30th Apr 2018 19:29

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