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Marapets is mobile friendly
Marapets is mobile friendly
Just to let everyone know- *I am a adult. And I love Marapets.*
Others might sign in using my computer once in a while, please dont ban.

WffwMNH.jpg Hello everyone and Staff. I share this computer with my daughter. Please do not freeze.

Im letting jessica1989 use my computer to sign in. I will let her keep a couple of my pets. I will give her just a few items once in a while [Not much at all]. Please do not ban. Also there are multiple devices here now.

Kalikat the Calico Figaro
7 years, 4 months & 29 days OldBorn 4th Feb 2013 07:03

Green Sixth
2 Years 9 Months Old
Halloween Fynx
2 Years 9 Months Old
7 Years Old
Green Ivor
7 Years 2 Months Old
6 Years 10 Months Old
6 Years 9 Months Old
Blue Shnuggle
6 Years 9 Months Old
1 Year Old
Level 4 Thief earning MP425MP a day

Job Promotion earning MP475MP a day
Level 12  Strength 25  Speed 50  Charisma 5  Sports 5  CDs 5  DVDs 9  Magic 15  Spells 1