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  • Jake:// Missing Photos (W-Z)

    Posted on : 9th May 2017 07:04   Posted by : ItsJake
    Will be making a forum about buying/swapping soon... any donations are appreciated

    if you have any of these you would like to swap for photos of my pets, let me know. i will swap for similar valued photos or multiple lower valued photos.

    Note: Will be storing all photos in my attic for now until I get the extreme hoarder avi >_<
    I will remove photos as i get them though

    Water Azul
    Water Chibs
    Water Daisy
    Water Decadal
    Water Fasoro
    Water Newth
    Water Paffuto
    Water Quell
    Water Raulf
    Water Rofling

    Werewolf Crikey
    Werewolf Doyle
    Werewolf Equilor
    Werewolf Hump
    Werewolf Knutt
    Werewolf Mordo
    Werewolf Quell
    Werewolf Rofling
    Werewolf Tantua
    Werewolf Zola

    White Addow
    White Arinya
    White Astro
    White Azul
    White Basil
    White Bolimo
    White Chibs
    White Crikey
    White Crindol
    White Daisy
    White Dakota
    White Decadal
    White Doyle
    White Echlin
    White Ercuw
    White Eyru
    White Fasoro
    White Feliz
    White Figaro
    White Flab
    White Gizmo
    White Gonk
    White Grint
    White Hump
    White Huthiq
    White Ideus
    White Ike
    White Jessup
    White Justin
    White Kaala
    White Kidlet
    White Knutt
    White Kronk
    White Kujo
    White Lati
    White Leido
    White Limax
    White Lorius
    White Mordo
    White Murfin
    White Newth
    White Nino
    White Oglue
    White Osafo
    White Paffuto
    White Phanty
    White Poera
    White Pucu
    White Quell
    White Raulf
    White Reese
    White Rofling
    White Rusty
    White Sindi
    White Snookle
    White Speiro
    White Sybri
    White Tasi
    White Troit
    White Ushunda
    White Viotto
    White Vixen
    White Vlad
    White Walee
    White Willa
    White Yakubi
    White Yuni
    White Zetlian
    White Zoink
    White Zola
    White Zoosh

    Winter Eyru
    Winter Feliz
    Winter Flab
    Winter Kujo
    Winter Newth
    Winter Sindi
    Winter Sybri
    Winter Walee

    Witch Azul
    Witch Daisy
    Witch Feliz
    Witch Huthiq
    Witch Jessup
    Witch Justin
    Witch Lati
    Witch Mordo
    Witch Murfin
    Witch Phanty
    Witch Poera
    Witch Quell
    Witch Xoi
    Witch Yakubi
    Witch Yuni
    Witch Zoink

    Wizard Addow
    Wizard Ercuw
    Wizard Murfin
    Wizard Newth
    Wizard Osafo
    Wizard Snookle
    Wizard Troit
    Wizard Yuni

    Yellow Addow
    Yellow Arinya
    Yellow Astro
    Yellow Azul
    Yellow Basil
    Yellow Chibs
    Yellow Crikey
    Yellow Crindol
    Yellow Daisy
    Yellow Dakota
    Yellow Decadal
    Yellow Doyle
    Yellow Echlin
    Yellow Equilor
    Yellow Ercuw
    Yellow Eyru
    Yellow Fasoro
    Yellow Figaro
    Yellow Flab
    Yellow Gizmo
    Yellow Gonk
    Yellow Grint
    Yellow Hump
    Yellow Huthiq
    Yellow Ideus
    Yellow Ike
    Yellow Justin
    Yellow Kaala
    Yellow Kidlet
    Yellow Kronk
    Yellow Kujo
    Yellow Lati
    Yellow Leido
    Yellow Limax
    Yellow Lorius
    Yellow Mordo
    Yellow Murfin
    Yellow Newth
    Yellow Oglue
    Yellow Osafo
    Yellow Paffuto
    Yellow Phanty
    Yellow Poera
    Yellow Pucu
    Yellow Quell
    Yellow Raulf
    Yellow Reese
    Yellow Renat
    Yellow Rusty
    Yellow Sindi
    Yellow Snookle
    Yellow Speiro
    Yellow Sybri
    Yellow Tantua
    Yellow Tasi
    Yellow Troit
    Yellow Ushunda
    Yellow Viotto
    Yellow Vixen
    Yellow Vlad
    Yellow Walee
    Yellow Willa
    Yellow Xoi
    Yellow Yuni
    Yellow Zetlian
    Yellow Zoink
    Yellow Zola

    Yellow Zoosh
    Zombie Addow
    Zombie Arinya
    Zombie Astro
    Zombie Azul
    Zombie Basil
    Zombie Bolimo
    Zombie Chibs
    Zombie Crikey
    Zombie Crindol
    Zombie Daisy
    Zombie Dakota
    Zombie Decadal
    Zombie Doyle
    Zombie Echlin
    Zombie Equilor
    Zombie Ercuw
    Zombie Fasoro
    Zombie Figaro
    Zombie Flab
    Zombie Gizmo
    Zombie Gobble
    Zombie Gonk
    Zombie Grint
    Zombie Huthiq
    Zombie Ideus
    Zombie Ike
    Zombie Jessup
    Zombie Justin
    Zombie Kaala
    Zombie Kidlet
    Zombie Knutt
    Zombie Kronk
    Zombie Kujo
    Zombie Lati
    Zombie Leido
    Zombie Lorius
    Zombie Mordo
    Zombie Murfin
    Zombie Newth
    Zombie Nino
    Zombie Oglue
    Zombie Osafo
    Zombie Paffuto
    Zombie Phanty
    Zombie Poera
    Zombie Pucu
    Zombie Quell
    Zombie Reese
    Zombie Renat
    Zombie Rofling
    Zombie Sindi
    Zombie Snookle
    Zombie Speiro
    Zombie Sybri
    Zombie Tantua
    Zombie Tasi
    Zombie Troit
    Zombie Ushunda
    Zombie Viotto
    Zombie Vixen
    Zombie Vlad
    Zombie Walee
    Zombie Willa
    Zombie Xoi
    Zombie Yakubi
    Zombie Yuni
    Zombie Zetlian
    Zombie Zoink
    Zombie Zola
    Zombie Zoosh

    Jake:// Missing Photos (S-V)

    Posted on : 9th May 2017 06:53   Posted by : ItsJake
    Will be making a forum about buying/swapping soon... any donations are appreciated

    if you have any of these you would like to swap for photos of my pets, let me know. i will swap for similar valued photos or multiple lower valued photos.

    Note: Will be storing all photos in my attic for now until I get the extreme hoarder avi >_<
    I will remove photos as i get them though

    School Addow
    School Azul
    School Chibs
    School Decadal
    School Jessup
    School Kujo
    School Mordo
    School Phanty
    School Quell
    School Reese
    School Snookle

    Scout Azul
    Scout Basil
    Scout Chibs
    Scout Ercuw
    Scout Fasoro
    Scout Feliz
    Scout Huthiq
    Scout Justin
    Scout Lati
    Scout Mordo
    Scout Osafo
    Scout Quell
    Scout Raulf
    Scout Snookle
    Scout Vixen

    Seasonal Addow
    Seasonal Basil
    Seasonal Bolimo
    Seasonal Doyle
    Seasonal Feliz
    Seasonal Huthiq
    Seasonal Jessup
    Seasonal Murfin
    Seasonal Newth
    Seasonal Oglue
    Seasonal Phanty
    Seasonal Reese
    Seasonal Snookle
    Seasonal Tantua
    Seasonal Ushunda
    Seasonal Viotto
    Seasonal Vixen
    Seasonal Yuni
    Seasonal Zoosh

    Sewers Basil
    Sewers Decadal
    Sewers Echlin
    Sewers Paffuto
    Sewers Quell
    Sewers Sybri
    Sewers Zoink

    Shaved Chibs
    Shaved Crindol
    Shaved Daisy
    Shaved Fasoro
    Shaved Flab
    Shaved Hump
    Shaved Justin
    Shaved Kaala
    Shaved Kidlet
    Shaved Lati
    Shaved Limax
    Shaved Lorius
    Shaved Murfin
    Shaved Pucu
    Shaved Tasi
    Shaved Troit
    Shaved Walee
    Shaved Willa
    Shaved Yuni
    Shaved Zoink

    Silver Addow
    Silver Arinya
    Silver Astro
    Silver Azul
    Silver Basil
    Silver Bolimo
    Silver Crikey
    Silver Crindol
    Silver Daisy
    Silver Dakota
    Silver Decadal
    Silver Doyle
    Silver Echlin
    Silver Equilor
    Silver Ercuw
    Silver Eyru
    Silver Fasoro
    Silver Feliz
    Silver Figaro
    Silver Flab
    Silver Gonk
    Silver Huthiq
    Silver Ideus
    Silver Ike
    Silver Jessup
    Silver Kaala
    Silver Kidlet
    Silver Knutt
    Silver Kujo
    Silver Lati
    Silver Leido
    Silver Limax
    Silver Lorius
    Silver Mordo
    Silver Murfin
    Silver Newth
    Silver Nino
    Silver Oglue
    Silver Osafo
    Silver Paffuto
    Silver Poera
    Silver Pucu
    Silver Quell
    Silver Raulf
    Silver Reese
    Silver Renat
    Silver Rofling
    Silver Rusty
    Silver Sindi
    Silver Snookle
    Silver Speiro
    Silver Sybri
    Silver Tantua
    Silver Tasi
    Silver Troit
    Silver Ushunda
    Silver Viotto
    Silver Vixen
    Silver Vlad
    Silver Walee
    Silver Willa
    Silver Xoi
    Silver Yakubi
    Silver Yuni
    Silver Zola
    Silver Zoosh

    Simerian Addow
    Simerian Osafo
    Simerian Speiro
    Simerian Yuni
    Simerian Zoink

    Skater Chibs
    Skater Crindol
    Skater Dakota
    Skater Ercuw
    Skater Gizmo
    Skater Gonk
    Skater Huthiq
    Skater Lati
    Skater Limax
    Skater Murfin
    Skater Newth
    Skater Sindi

    Skater Snookle
    Skeleton Daisy
    Skeleton Huthiq
    Skeleton Kidlet
    Skeleton Newth
    Skeleton Paffuto
    Skeleton Quell
    Skeleton Renat
    Skeleton Snookle
    Skeleton Troit
    Skeleton Xoi
    Skeleton Zoosh

    Sketch Astro
    Sketch Azul
    Sketch Daisy
    Sketch Decadal
    Sketch Doyle
    Sketch Echlin
    Sketch Equilor
    Sketch Ercuw
    Sketch Fasoro
    Sketch Flab
    Sketch Gobble
    Sketch Huthiq
    Sketch Ideus
    Sketch Knutt
    Sketch Kujo
    Sketch Lati
    Sketch Leido
    Sketch Limax
    Sketch Lorius
    Sketch Mordo
    Sketch Murfin
    Sketch Nino
    Sketch Osafo
    Sketch Paffuto
    Sketch Poera
    Sketch Pucu
    Sketch Quell
    Sketch Raulf
    Sketch Renat
    Sketch Rofling
    Sketch Sindi
    Sketch Speiro
    Sketch Sybri
    Sketch Tantua
    Sketch Tasi
    Sketch Ushunda
    Sketch Vlad
    Sketch Willa
    Sketch Yuni
    Sketch Zola
    Sketch Zoosh

    Sleepy Decadal
    Sleepy Figaro
    Sleepy Gizmo
    Sleepy Kidlet
    Sleepy Kujo
    Sleepy Limax
    Sleepy Murfin
    Sleepy Nino
    Sleepy Osafo
    Sleepy Viotto
    Sleepy Yuni

    Slime Chibs
    Slime Ercuw
    Slime Gobble
    Slime Leido
    Slime Reese
    Slime Xoi

    Snow Addow
    Snow Arinya
    Snow Astro
    Snow Azul
    Snow Basil
    Snow Bolimo
    Snow Chibs
    Snow Crikey
    Snow Daisy
    Snow Dakota
    Snow Decadal
    Snow Doyle
    Snow Ercuw
    Snow Eyru
    Snow Fasoro
    Snow Feliz
    Snow Figaro
    Snow Flab
    Snow Gonk
    Snow Grint
    Snow Hump
    Snow Huthiq
    Snow Ideus
    Snow Ike
    Snow Justin
    Snow Kaala
    Snow Kidlet
    Snow Knutt
    Snow Kronk
    Snow Kujo
    Snow Lati
    Snow Limax
    Snow Lorius
    Snow Mordo
    Snow Murfin
    Snow Newth
    Snow Nino
    Snow Oglue
    Snow Osafo
    Snow Paffuto
    Snow Phanty
    Snow Poera
    Snow Pucu
    Snow Raulf
    Snow Reese
    Snow Renat
    Snow Rofling
    Snow Rusty
    Snow Sindi
    Snow Snookle
    Snow Speiro
    Snow Sybri
    Snow Tantua
    Snow Troit
    Snow Ushunda
    Snow Viotto
    Snow Vixen
    Snow Vlad
    Snow Walee
    Snow Willa
    Snow Xoi
    Snow Yakubi
    Snow Yuni
    Snow Zoink
    Snow Zola
    Snow Zoosh

    Snowman Bolimo
    Snowman Decadal
    Snowman Gobble
    Snowman Huthiq
    Snowman Kidlet
    Snowman Newth
    Snowman Poera
    Snowman Raulf
    Snowman Sybri
    Snowman Viotto
    Snowman Yuni

    Space Azul
    Space Crindol
    Space Echlin
    Space Equilor
    Space Limax
    Space Quell
    Space Rofling
    Space Zetlian

    Spacefairy Astro
    Spacefairy Equilor
    Space Fairy Ercuw
    Space Fairy Fasoro
    Space Fairy Feliz
    Spacefairy Gonk
    Space Fairy Snookle
    Space Fairy Zoosh

    Sparkle Crindol
    Sparkle Knutt
    Sparkle Quell

    Splatter Arinya
    Splatter Crindol
    Splatter Decadal
    Splatter Fasoro
    Splatter Figaro
    Splatter Ike
    Splatter Kidlet
    Splatter Lati
    Splatter Limax
    Splatter Osafo
    Splatter Poera
    Splatter Pucu
    Splatter Quell
    Splatter Raulf
    Splatter Renat
    Splatter Rofling
    Splatter Snookle
    Splatter Sybri
    Splatter Vixen
    Splatter Vlad
    Splatter Willa
    Splatter Xoi
    Splatter Yuni
    Splatter Zoink

    Sponge Equilor
    Sponge Kronk
    Sponge Limax
    Sponge Murfin
    Sponge Xoi
    Sponge Yakubi

    Sports Basil
    Sports Crikey
    Sports Figaro
    Sports Pucu
    Sports Quell

    Spring Arinya
    Spring Chibs
    Spring Daisy
    Spring Decadal
    Spring Eyru
    Spring Fasoro
    Spring Knutt
    Spring Kujo
    Spring Limax
    Spring Nino
    Spring Raulf
    Spring Sindi
    Spring Troit
    Spring Viotto
    Spring Willa
    Spring Zola

    Spy Kujo
    Spy Lati
    Spy Poera
    Spy Xoi
    Spy Yakubi

    Starry Addow
    Starry Arinya
    Starry Astro
    Starry Azul
    Starry Basil
    Starry Bolimo
    Starry Chibs
    Starry Crikey
    Starry Crindol
    Starry Daisy
    Starry Dakota
    Starry Decadal
    Starry Doyle
    Starry Echlin
    Starry Ercuw
    Starry Eyru
    Starry Fasoro
    Starry Feliz
    Starry Figaro
    Starry Flab
    Starry Gobble
    Starry Gonk
    Starry Grint
    Starry Huthiq
    Starry Ideus
    Starry Ike
    Starry Jessup
    Starry Justin
    Starry Kaala
    Starry Kidlet
    Starry Knutt
    Starry Kujo
    Starry Lati
    Starry Leido
    Starry Limax
    Starry Lorius
    Starry Mordo
    Starry Murfin
    Starry Newth
    Starry Nino
    Starry Osafo
    Starry Poera
    Starry Pucu
    Starry Quell
    Starry Raulf
    Starry Reese
    Starry Rofling
    Starry Rusty
    Starry Sindi
    Starry Snookle
    Starry Speiro
    Starry Sybri
    Starry Tantua
    Starry Tasi
    Starry Troit
    Starry Ushunda
    Starry Viotto
    Starry Vixen
    Starry Walee
    Starry Willa
    Starry Yakubi
    Starry Yuni
    Starry Zola

    Steampunk Azul
    Steampunk Dakota
    Steampunk Gizmo
    Steampunk Gonk
    Steampunk Ike
    Steampunk Kronk
    Steampunk Murfin
    Steampunk Phanty
    Steampunk Rofling
    Steampunk Snookle

    Stone Addow
    Stone Arinya
    Stone Astro
    Stone Azul
    Stone Basil
    Stone Bolimo
    Stone Crikey
    Stone Crindol
    Stone Daisy
    Stone Dakota
    Stone Decadal
    Stone Echlin
    Stone Ercuw
    Stone Fasoro
    Stone Figaro
    Stone Flab
    Stone Gonk
    Stone Huthiq
    Stone Ideus
    Stone Ike
    Stone Jessup
    Stone Kaala
    Stone Kidlet
    Stone Knutt
    Stone Kujo
    Stone Lati
    Stone Limax
    Stone Lorius
    Stone Mordo
    Stone Murfin
    Stone Newth
    Stone Nino
    Stone Oglue
    Stone Osafo
    Stone Poera
    Stone Pucu
    Stone Quell
    Stone Raulf
    Stone Reese
    Stone Renat
    Stone Rofling
    Stone Rusty
    Stone Sindi
    Stone Snookle
    Stone Speiro
    Stone Sybri
    Stone Tantua
    Stone Tasi
    Stone Troit
    Stone Ushunda
    Stone Viotto
    Stone Vixen
    Stone Vlad
    Stone Walee
    Stone Willa
    Stone Xoi
    Stone Yakubi
    Stone Yuni
    Stone Zola
    Stone Zoosh

    Stoneage Arinya
    Stoneage Dakota
    Stoneage Decadal
    Stoneage Ercuw
    Stoneage Gobble
    Stoneage Gonk
    Stoneage Ike
    Stoneage Knutt
    Stoneage Limax
    Stoneage Nino
    Stoneage Phanty
    Stoneage Troit
    Stoneage Zetlian

    Summer Arinya
    Summer Decadal
    Summer Eyru
    Summer Fasoro
    Summer Hump
    Summer Jessup
    Summer Leido
    Summer Nino
    Summer Pucu
    Summer Sybri
    Summer Troit
    Summer Yuni
    Summer Zoink

    Superhero Speiro
    Superhero Basil
    Superhero Murfin
    Superhero Newth
    Superhero Sindi

    Swamp Ercuw
    Swamp Gobble
    Swamp Renat
    Swamp Ushunda
    Swamp Willa
    Swamp Yakubi

    Teal Addow
    Teal Arinya
    Teal Astro
    Teal Azul
    Teal Basil
    Teal Bolimo
    Teal Chibs
    Teal Crikey
    Teal Crindol
    Teal Daisy
    Teal Dakota
    Teal Decadal
    Teal Doyle
    Teal Echlin
    Teal Equilor
    Teal Ercuw
    Teal Eyru
    Teal Fasoro
    Teal Feliz
    Teal Figaro
    Teal Flab
    Teal Gizmo
    Teal Gobble
    Teal Gonk
    Teal Hump
    Teal Huthiq
    Teal Ideus
    Teal Ike
    Teal Jessup
    Teal Justin
    Teal Kaala
    Teal Kidlet
    Teal Knutt
    Teal Kujo
    Teal Lati
    Teal Leido
    Teal Limax
    Teal Lorius
    Teal Mordo
    Teal Murfin
    Teal Newth
    Teal Nino
    Teal Oglue
    Teal Osafo
    Teal Paffuto
    Teal Phanty
    Teal Poera
    Teal Pucu
    Teal Quell
    Teal Raulf
    Teal Reese
    Teal Renat
    Teal Rofling
    Teal Rusty
    Teal Sindi
    Teal Snookle
    Teal Speiro
    Teal Sybri
    Teal Tantua
    Teal Tasi
    Teal Troit
    Teal Ushunda
    Teal Viotto
    Teal Vixen
    Teal Vlad
    Teal Walee
    Teal Willa
    Teal Xoi
    Teal Yakubi
    Teal Yuni
    Teal Zetlian
    Teal Zoink
    Teal Zola
    Teal Zoosh

    Thunder Ike
    Thunder Lorius
    Thunder Willa
    Thunder Zola

    Tiger Addow
    Tiger Arinya
    Tiger Astro
    Tiger Azul
    Tiger Basil
    Tiger Bolimo
    Tiger Crikey
    Tiger Daisy
    Tiger Doyle
    Tiger Echlin
    Tiger Equilor
    Tiger Fasoro
    Tiger Feliz
    Tiger Figaro
    Tiger Flab
    Tiger Gonk
    Tiger Grint
    Tiger Ideus
    Tiger Ike
    Tiger Justin
    Tiger Kidlet
    Tiger Knutt
    Tiger Kujo
    Tiger Leido
    Tiger Limax
    Tiger Lorius
    Tiger Murfin
    Tiger Newth
    Tiger Oglue
    Tiger Osafo
    Tiger Paffuto
    Tiger Poera
    Tiger Pucu
    Tiger Quell
    Tiger Raulf
    Tiger Reese
    Tiger Renat
    Tiger Rofling
    Tiger Rusty
    Tiger Sindi
    Tiger Snookle
    Tiger Speiro
    Tiger Tasi
    Tiger Troit
    Tiger Ushunda
    Tiger Vixen
    Tiger Vlad
    Tiger Walee
    Tiger Xoi
    Tiger Yakubi
    Tiger Yuni
    Tiger Zola
    Tiger Zoosh

    Toddler Astro
    Toddler Basil
    Toddler Chibs
    Toddler Decadal
    Toddler Equilor
    Toddler Huthiq
    Toddler Kidlet
    Toddler Mordo
    Toddler Reese
    Toddler Rofling
    Toddler Sybri
    Toddler Troit
    Toddler Vlad
    Toddler Yuni

    Toy Gonk
    Toy Kujo
    Toy Leido
    Toy Murfin
    Toy Nino
    Toy Sindi
    Toy Sybri
    Toy Viotto
    Toy Xoi
    Toy Zoink

    Trailer Basil
    Trailer Chibs
    Trailer Newth
    Trailer Phanty

    Tundra Fasoro
    Tundra Flab
    Tundra Gonk
    Tundra Jessup
    Tundra Poera
    Tundra Sybri
    Tundra Troit
    Tundra Vixen

    Underwater Dakota
    Underwater Ercuw
    Underwater Eyru
    Underwater Gobble
    Underwater Ideus
    Underwater Kujo
    Underwater Leido
    Underwater Limax
    Underwater Quell
    Underwater Raulf
    Underwater Sybri
    Underwater Tantua
    Underwater Ushunda
    Underwater Zetlian

    Undying Fairy Fasoro
    Undying Fairy Murfin
    Undying Fairy Nino
    Undying Fairy Phanty
    Undying Fairy Yuni

    Valentine Arinya
    Valentine Astro
    Valentine Azul
    Valentine Basil
    Valentine Chibs
    Valentine Crikey
    Valentine Crindol
    Valentine Ercuw
    Valentine Fasoro
    Valentine Figaro
    Valentine Flab
    Valentine Huthiq
    Valentine Lati
    Valentine Limax
    Valentine Newth
    Valentine Nino
    Valentine Oglue
    Valentine Paffuto
    Valentine Poera
    Valentine Quell
    Valentine Reese
    Valentine Sindi
    Valentine Snookle
    Valentine Speiro
    Valentine Tantua
    Valentine Tasi
    Valentine Vixen
    Valentine Xoi
    Valentine Yuni
    Valentine Zetlian
    Valentine Zoink

    Vampire Daisy
    Vampire Eyru
    Vampire Fasoro
    Vampire Gobble
    Vampire Hump
    Vampire Kidlet
    Vampire Limax
    Vampire Lorius
    Vampire Murfin
    Vampire Phanty
    Vampire Quell
    Vampire Raulf
    Vampire Reese
    Vampire Renat
    Vampire Snookle
    Vampire Sybri
    Vampire Tantua
    Vampire Tasi
    Vampire Vlad
    Vampire Yuni
    Vampire Zoosh

    Villain Doyle
    Villain Fasoro
    Villain Gizmo
    Villain Kujo
    Villain Quell
    Villain Rusty
    Villain Tasi
    Villain Vlad
    Villain Xoi
    Villain Yuni

    Voodoo Equilor
    Voodoo Ercuw
    Voodoo Fasoro
    Voodoo Tantua
    Voodoo Troit

    Vortex Ercuw
    Vortex Fasoro
    Vortex Gobble
    Vortex Huthiq
    Vortex Paffuto
    Vortex Snookle

    Jake:// Missing Photos (P-R)

    Posted on : 9th May 2017 06:38   Posted by : ItsJake
    Will be making a forum about buying/swapping soon... any donations are appreciated

    if you have any of these you would like to swap for photos of my pets, let me know. i will swap for similar valued photos or multiple lower valued photos.

    Note: Will be storing all photos in my attic for now until I get the extreme hoarder avi >_<
    I will remove photos as i get them though

    Pampered Astro
    Pampered Ercuw
    Pampered Fasoro
    Pampered Gobble
    Pampered Huthiq
    Pampered Limax
    Pampered Murfin
    Pampered Quell

    Panda Azul
    Panda Fasoro
    Panda Feliz
    Panda Kujo
    Panda Sindi
    Panda Zoink
    Panda Zoosh

    Party Basil
    Party Chibs
    Party Daisy
    Party Decadal
    Party Ercuw
    Party Eyru
    Party Flab
    Party Gobble
    Party Ike
    Party Kaala
    Party Knutt
    Party Limax
    Party Lorius
    Party Mordo
    Party Nino
    Party Sindi
    Party Speiro
    Party Troit
    Party Vixen
    Party Xoi
    Party Yuni

    Pastel Addow
    Pastel Arinya
    Pastel Azul
    Pastel Basil
    Pastel Bolimo
    Pastel Chibs
    Pastel Crikey
    Pastel Crindol
    Pastel Daisy
    Pastel Dakota
    Pastel Doyle
    Pastel Echlin
    Pastel Equilor
    Pastel Ercuw
    Pastel Eyru
    Pastel Fasoro
    Pastel Feliz
    Pastel Figaro
    Pastel Flab
    Pastel Gobble
    Pastel Gonk
    Pastel Grint
    Pastel Huthiq
    Pastel Ideus
    Pastel Ike
    Pastel Jessup
    Pastel Justin
    Pastel Kaala
    Pastel Kidlet
    Pastel Knutt
    Pastel Kujo
    Pastel Lati
    Pastel Leido
    Pastel Limax
    Pastel Lorius
    Pastel Mordo
    Pastel Murfin
    Pastel Newth
    Pastel Nino
    Pastel Osafo
    Pastel Poera
    Pastel Pucu
    Pastel Quell
    Pastel Raulf
    Pastel Reese
    Pastel Rofling
    Pastel Rusty
    Pastel Sindi
    Pastel Snookle
    Pastel Speiro
    Pastel Sybri
    Pastel Tantua
    Pastel Tasi
    Pastel Troit
    Pastel Ushunda
    Pastel Viotto
    Pastel Vixen
    Pastel Walee
    Pastel Yakubi
    Pastel Yuni
    Pastel Zola
    Pastel Zoosh

    Phantom Gonk
    Phantom Knutt
    Phantom Sindi
    Phantom Zola

    Pinata Arinya
    Pinata Crindol
    Pinata Echlin
    Pinata Huthiq
    Pinata Ike
    Pinata Murfin
    Pinata Newth
    Pinata Oglue
    Pinata Rofling
    Pinata Sybri
    Pinata Vixen

    Pink Addow
    Pink Astro
    Pink Azul
    Pink Basil
    Pink Bolimo
    Pink Chibs
    Pink Crikey
    Pink Crindol
    Pink Daisy
    Pink Dakota
    Pink Decadal
    Pink Doyle
    Pink Echlin
    Pink Equilor
    Pink Ercuw
    Pink Eyru
    Pink Fasoro
    Pink Feliz
    Pink Figaro
    Pink Flab
    Pink Gizmo
    Pink Gobble
    Pink Gonk
    Pink Grint
    Pink Hump
    Pink Huthiq
    Pink Ideus
    Pink Ike
    Pink Jessup
    Pink Justin
    Pink Kaala
    Pink Kidlet
    Pink Knutt
    Pink Kronk
    Pink Kujo
    Pink Lati
    Pink Leido
    Pink Limax
    Pink Lorius
    Pink Mordo
    Pink Murfin
    Pink Newth
    Pink Nino
    Pink Oglue
    Pink Osafo
    Pink Paffuto
    Pink Phanty
    Pink Poera
    Pink Pucu
    Pink Quell
    Pink Raulf
    Pink Reese
    Pink Renat
    Pink Rofling
    Pink Rusty
    Pink Sindi
    Pink Snookle
    Pink Speiro
    Pink Sybri
    Pink Tantua
    Pink Tasi
    Pink Troit
    Pink Ushunda
    Pink Viotto
    Pink Vixen
    Pink Vlad
    Pink Walee
    Pink Willa
    Pink Xoi
    Pink Yakubi
    Pink Yuni
    Pink Zetlian
    Pink Zoink
    Pink Zola
    Pink Zoosh

    Pirate Basil
    Pirate Eyru
    Pirate Kujo
    Pirate Limax
    Pirate Newth
    Pirate Reese
    Pirate Rofling
    Pirate Yakubi
    Pirate Yuni

    Pixie Chibs
    Pixie Daisy
    Pixie Decadal
    Pixie Figaro
    Pixie Huthiq
    Pixie Lati
    Pixie Lorius
    Pixie Murfin
    Pixie Paffuto
    Pixie Renat
    Pixie Sindi
    Pixie Snookle
    Pixie Troit
    Pixie Viotto
    Pixie Yuni

    Plant Equilor
    Plant Gobble
    Plant Reese
    Plant Tasi
    Plant Ushunda
    Plant Yuni

    Plushie Astro
    Plushie Chibs
    Plushie Daisy
    Plushie Dakota
    Plushie Decadal
    Plushie Ercuw
    Plushie Feliz
    Plushie Gobble
    Plushie Huthiq
    Plushie Kujo
    Plushie Limax
    Plushie Quell
    Plushie Raulf
    Plushie Zola

    Poison Crindol
    Poison Gonk
    Poison Limax
    Poison Poera
    Poison Raulf
    Poison Sindi
    Poison Walee
    Poison Willa
    Poison Zola

    Polar Daisy
    Polar Echlin
    Polar Flab
    Polar Leido
    Polar Limax
    Polar Newth
    Polar Viotto

    Princess Chibs
    Princess Ercuw
    Princess Hump
    Princess Justin
    Princess Kujo
    Princess Lati
    Princess Newth
    Princess Osafo
    Princess Phanty
    Princess Renat
    Princess Sindi

    Prison Addow
    Prison Arinya
    Prison Astro
    Prison Azul
    Prison Basil
    Prison Bolimo
    Prison Chibs
    Prison Crikey
    Prison Crindol
    Prison Daisy
    Prison Dakota
    Prison Decadal
    Prison Doyle
    Prison Echlin
    Prison Equilor
    Prison Ercuw
    Prison Eyru
    Prison Fasoro
    Prison Feliz
    Prison Figaro
    Prison Flab
    Prison Gizmo
    Prison Gobble
    Prison Grint
    Prison Huthiq
    Prison Ideus
    Prison Ike
    Prison Jessup
    Prison Justin
    Prison Kaala
    Prison Kidlet
    Prison Knutt
    Prison Kronk
    Prison Kujo
    Prison Lati
    Prison Leido
    Prison Lorius
    Prison Mordo
    Prison Murfin
    Prison Newth
    Prison Nino
    Prison Oglue
    Prison Osafo
    Prison Paffuto
    Prison Phanty
    Prison Pucu
    Prison Quell
    Prison Reese
    Prison Renat
    Prison Rofling
    Prison Rusty
    Prison Sindi
    Prison Snookle
    Prison Speiro
    Prison Sybri
    Prison Tasi
    Prison Troit
    Prison Ushunda
    Prison Viotto
    Prison Vixen
    Prison Vlad
    Prison Walee
    Prison Willa
    Prison Xoi
    Prison Yakubi
    Prison Yuni
    Prison Zetlian
    Prison Zoink
    Prison Zola
    Prison Zoosh

    Prize Crikey
    Prize Fasoro
    Prize Nino
    Prize Raulf
    Prize Rofling
    Prize Sybri
    Prize Vlad
    Prize Yuni
    Prize Zola

    Puchalla Azul
    Puchalla Equilor
    Puchalla Gizmo
    Puchalla Gonk
    Puchalla Sindi

    Punk Chibs
    Punk Kaala
    Punk Knutt
    Punk Limax
    Punk Mordo

    Purple Addow
    Purple Arinya
    Purple Astro
    Purple Azul
    Purple Basil
    Purple Bolimo
    Purple Chibs
    Purple Crikey
    Purple Crindol
    Purple Daisy
    Purple Dakota
    Purple Decadal
    Purple Doyle
    Purple Echlin
    Purple Ercuw
    Purple Eyru
    Purple Fasoro
    Purple Feliz
    Purple Figaro
    Purple Flab
    Purple Gobble
    Purple Gonk
    Purple Grint
    Purple Hump
    Purple Huthiq
    Purple Ideus
    Purple Ike
    Purple Jessup
    Purple Justin
    Purple Kaala
    Purple Kidlet
    Purple Knutt
    Purple Kronk
    Purple Kujo
    Purple Lati
    Purple Limax
    Purple Lorius
    Purple Mordo
    Purple Murfin
    Purple Newth
    Purple Nino
    Purple Oglue
    Purple Osafo
    Purple Paffuto
    Purple Phanty
    Purple Poera
    Purple Quell
    Purple Raulf
    Purple Reese
    Purple Renat
    Purple Rofling
    Purple Rusty
    Purple Sindi
    Purple Snookle
    Purple Speiro
    Purple Sybri
    Purple Tantua
    Purple Tasi
    Purple Troit
    Purple Ushunda
    Purple Viotto
    Purple Vixen
    Purple Vlad
    Purple Walee
    Purple Willa
    Purple Yakubi
    Purple Yuni
    Purple Zetlian
    Purple Zoink
    Purple Zola
    Purple Zoosh

    Radioactive Addow
    Radioactive Arinya
    Radioactive Astro
    Radioactive Azul
    Radioactive Basil
    Radioactive Bolimo
    Radioactive Chibs
    Radioactive Crikey
    Radioactive Crindol
    Radioactive Daisy
    Radioactive Dakota
    Radioactive Decadal
    Radioactive Doyle
    Radioactive Echlin
    Radioactive Equilor
    Radioactive Ercuw
    Radioactive Eyru
    Radioactive Fasoro
    Radioactive Feliz
    Radioactive Figaro
    Radioactive Flab
    Radioactive Gizmo
    Radioactive Gonk
    Radioactive Grint
    Radioactive Hump
    Radioactive Huthiq
    Radioactive Ideus
    Radioactive Ike
    Radioactive Jessup
    Radioactive Justin
    Radioactive Kaala
    Radioactive Kidlet
    Radioactive Knutt
    Radioactive Kujo
    Radioactive Lati
    Radioactive Leido
    Radioactive Limax
    Radioactive Lorius
    Radioactive Mordo
    Radioactive Murfin
    Radioactive Newth
    Radioactive Nino
    Radioactive Oglue
    Radioactive Osafo
    Radioactive Paffuto
    Radioactive Poera
    Radioactive Pucu
    Radioactive Quell
    Radioactive Raulf
    Radioactive Reese
    Radioactive Renat
    Radioactive Rofling
    Radioactive Rusty
    Radioactive Sindi
    Radioactive Snookle
    Radioactive Speiro
    Radioactive Sybri
    Radioactive Tasi
    Radioactive Troit
    Radioactive Ushunda
    Radioactive Viotto
    Radioactive Vixen
    Radioactive Vlad
    Radioactive Walee
    Radioactive Willa
    Radioactive Xoi
    Radioactive Yakubi
    Radioactive Yuni
    Radioactive Zoink
    Radioactive Zola
    Radioactive Zoosh

    Rainbow Addow
    Rainbow Arinya
    Rainbow Astro
    Rainbow Azul
    Rainbow Basil
    Rainbow Bolimo
    Rainbow Chibs
    Rainbow Crikey
    Rainbow Crindol
    Rainbow Daisy
    Rainbow Dakota
    Rainbow Decadal
    Rainbow Doyle
    Rainbow Echlin
    Rainbow Equilor
    Rainbow Ercuw
    Rainbow Eyru
    Rainbow Fasoro
    Rainbow Feliz
    Rainbow Figaro
    Rainbow Flab
    Rainbow Gonk
    Rainbow Grint
    Rainbow Hump
    Rainbow Huthiq
    Rainbow Ideus
    Rainbow Ike
    Rainbow Jessup
    Rainbow Justin
    Rainbow Kaala
    Rainbow Kidlet
    Rainbow Knutt
    Rainbow Kujo
    Rainbow Lati
    Rainbow Limax
    Rainbow Lorius
    Rainbow Mordo
    Rainbow Murfin
    Rainbow Nino
    Rainbow Oglue
    Rainbow Osafo
    Rainbow Paffuto
    Rainbow Poera
    Rainbow Pucu
    Rainbow Quell
    Rainbow Raulf
    Rainbow Reese
    Rainbow Renat
    Rainbow Rofling
    Rainbow Rusty
    Rainbow Sindi
    Rainbow Snookle
    Rainbow Speiro
    Rainbow Sybri
    Rainbow Tantua
    Rainbow Troit
    Rainbow Ushunda
    Rainbow Viotto
    Rainbow Vixen
    Rainbow Vlad
    Rainbow Walee
    Rainbow Willa
    Rainbow Xoi
    Rainbow Yakubi
    Rainbow Yuni
    Rainbow Zoink
    Rainbow Zola
    Rainbow Zoosh

    Rainy Azul
    Rainy Crikey
    Rainy Fasoro
    Rainy Feliz
    Rainy Poera
    Rainy Snookle

    Recycled Daisy
    Recycled Gizmo
    Recycled Knutt
    Recycled Leido
    Recycled Rofling
    Recycled Snookle
    Recycled Viotto
    Recycled Willa

    Red Arinya
    Red Astro
    Red Azul
    Red Basil
    Red Bolimo
    Red Chibs
    Red Crikey
    Red Crindol
    Red Daisy
    Red Dakota
    Red Decadal
    Red Doyle
    Red Equilor
    Red Ercuw
    Red Eyru
    Red Fasoro
    Red Feliz
    Red Figaro
    Red Flab
    Red Gizmo
    Red Gobble
    Red Gonk
    Red Grint
    Red Hump
    Red Huthiq
    Red Ideus
    Red Ike
    Red Jessup
    Red Justin
    Red Kaala
    Red Kidlet
    Red Kronk
    Red Kujo
    Red Lati
    Red Leido
    Red Limax
    Red Lorius
    Red Mordo
    Red Murfin
    Red Newth
    Red Nino
    Red Osafo
    Red Paffuto
    Red Phanty
    Red Poera
    Red Pucu
    Red Quell
    Red Raulf
    Red Renat
    Red Rofling
    Red Rusty
    Red Snookle
    Red Speiro
    Red Sybri
    Red Tantua
    Red Tasi
    Red Troit
    Red Ushunda
    Red Viotto
    Red Vixen
    Red Vlad
    Red Walee
    Red Willa
    Red Xoi
    Red Yakubi
    Red Yuni
    Red Zetlian
    Red Zoink
    Red Zola
    Red Zoosh

    Red Panda Doyle
    Red Panda Gonk
    Red Panda Walee
    Red Panda Xoi

    Robot Basil
    Robot Leido
    Robot Limax
    Robot Poera
    Robot Quell
    Robot Raulf
    Robot Xoi
    Robot Zoink

    Rotten Echlin
    Rotten Ideus
    Rotten Leido
    Rotten Sindi
    Rotten Willa
    Rotten Yuni

    Royal Echlin
    Royal Ercuw
    Royal Justin
    Royal Mordo
    Royal Nino
    Royal Paffuto
    Royal Troit

    Jake:// Missing Photos (L-O)

    Posted on : 9th May 2017 06:13   Posted by : ItsJake
    Will be making a forum about buying/swapping soon... any donations are appreciated

    if you have any of these you would like to swap for photos of my pets, let me know. i will swap for similar valued photos or multiple lower valued photos.

    Note: Will be storing all photos in my attic for now until I get the extreme hoarder avi >_<
    I will remove photos as i get them though

    Leprechaun Azul
    Leprechaun Basil
    Leprechaun Chibs
    Leprechaun Crindol
    Leprechaun Doyle
    Leprechaun Jessup
    Leprechaun Kidlet
    Leprechaun Knutt
    Leprechaun Murfin
    Leprechaun Quell
    Leprechaun Raulf
    Leprechaun Reese
    Leprechaun Snookle
    Leprechaun Sybri
    Leprechaun Tasi
    Leprechaun Willa
    Leprechaun Yakubi

    Light Azul
    Light Bolimo
    Light Ercuw
    Light Jessup
    Light Viotto
    Light Vixen
    Light Yuni

    Light Fairy Azul
    Light Fairy Dakota
    Lightfairy Decadal
    Light Fairy Lati
    Light Fairy Mordo
    Lightfairy Nino
    Light Fairy Paffuto
    Light Fairy Yuni

    Lightning Basil
    Lightning Crindol
    Lightning Fasoro
    Lightning Gobble
    Lightning Ideus
    Lightning Limax
    Lightning Newth
    Lightning Poera
    Lightning Pucu
    Lightning Rofling
    Lightning Snookle
    Lightning Vlad

    Love Addow
    Love Arinya
    Love Astro
    Love Azul
    Love Basil
    Love Bolimo
    Love Crikey
    Love Crindol
    Love Daisy
    Love Dakota
    Love Decadal
    Love Doyle
    Love Equilor
    Love Ercuw
    Love Eyru
    Love Fasoro
    Love Feliz
    Love Figaro
    Love Flab
    Love Gonk
    Love Grint
    Love Huthiq
    Love Ideus
    Love Ike
    Love Jessup
    Love Kaala
    Love Knutt
    Love Kujo
    Love Lati
    Love Leido
    Love Limax
    Love Lorius
    Love Mordo
    Love Murfin
    Love Newth
    Love Nino
    Love Oglue
    Love Paffuto
    Love Poera
    Love Pucu
    Love Quell
    Love Raulf
    Love Reese
    Love Renat
    Love Rofling
    Love Rusty
    Love Sindi
    Love Snookle
    Love Speiro
    Love Sybri
    Love Tantua
    Love Tasi
    Love Troit
    Love Ushunda
    Love Viotto
    Love Vixen
    Love Vlad
    Love Walee
    Love Xoi
    Love Yakubi
    Love Yuni
    Love Zola
    Love Zoosh

    Mad Scientist Basil
    Mad Scientist Chibs
    Mad Scientist Crindol
    Mad Scientist Dakota
    Mad Scientist Fasoro
    Mad Scientist Kidlet
    Mad Scientist Kujo
    Mad Scientist Renat
    Mad Scientist Sindi
    Mad Scientist Sybri
    Mad Scientist Viotto
    Mad Scientist Vixen

    Mafia Basil
    Mafia Crikey
    Mafia Feliz
    Mafia Flab
    Mafia Gizmo
    Mafia Pucu
    Mafia Reese

    Mafia Boss Mugshot

    Magenta Addow
    Magenta Arinya
    Magenta Astro
    Magenta Azul
    Magenta Basil
    Magenta Bolimo
    Magenta Chibs
    Magenta Crikey
    Magenta Crindol
    Magenta Daisy
    Magenta Dakota
    Magenta Decadal
    Magenta Doyle
    Magenta Echlin
    Magenta Equilor
    Magenta Ercuw
    Magenta Eyru
    Magenta Fasoro
    Magenta Feliz
    Magenta Figaro
    Magenta Flab
    Magenta Gizmo
    Magenta Gobble
    Magenta Gonk
    Magenta Hump
    Magenta Huthiq
    Magenta Ideus
    Magenta Ike
    Magenta Jessup
    Magenta Justin
    Magenta Kaala
    Magenta Kidlet
    Magenta Knutt
    Magenta Kujo
    Magenta Lati
    Magenta Leido
    Magenta Limax
    Magenta Lorius
    Magenta Mordo
    Magenta Murfin
    Magenta Newth
    Magenta Nino
    Magenta Oglue
    Magenta Osafo
    Magenta Paffuto
    Magenta Phanty
    Magenta Poera
    Magenta Pucu
    Magenta Quell
    Magenta Raulf
    Magenta Reese
    Magenta Renat
    Magenta Rofling
    Magenta Rusty
    Magenta Sindi
    Magenta Snookle
    Magenta Speiro
    Magenta Sybri
    Magenta Tantua
    Magenta Tasi
    Magenta Troit
    Magenta Ushunda
    Magenta Viotto
    Magenta Vixen
    Magenta Vlad
    Magenta Walee
    Magenta Willa
    Magenta Xoi
    Magenta Yakubi
    Magenta Yuni
    Magenta Zetlian
    Magenta Zoink
    Magenta Zola
    Magenta Zoosh

    Marapets Staff

    Mental Daisy
    Mental Figaro
    Mental Kidlet
    Mental Knutt
    Mental Quell
    Mental Rofling
    Mental Yuni

    Mermaid Ercuw
    Mermaid Hump
    Mermaid Huthiq
    Mermaid Yuni

    Midnight Basil
    Midnight Chibs
    Midnight Crindol
    Midnight Daisy
    Midnight Dakota
    Midnight Echlin
    Midnight Gonk
    Midnight Grint
    Midnight Lati
    Midnight Nino
    Midnight Oglue
    Midnight Paffuto
    Midnight Poera
    Midnight Rusty
    Midnight Sindi
    Midnight Tantua
    Midnight Tasi
    Midnight Xoi
    Midnight Zetlian
    Midnight Zoosh

    Millionaire Addow
    Millionaire Arinya
    Millionaire Astro
    Millionaire Azul
    Millionaire Basil
    Millionaire Bolimo
    Millionaire Chibs
    Millionaire Crikey
    Millionaire Crindol
    Millionaire Daisy
    Millionaire Dakota
    Millionaire Decadal
    Millionaire Doyle
    Millionaire Echlin
    Millionaire Equilor
    Millionaire Ercuw
    Millionaire Eyru
    Millionaire Fasoro
    Millionaire Feliz
    Millionaire Figaro
    Millionaire Flab
    Millionaire Gonk
    Millionaire Grint
    Millionaire Huthiq
    Millionaire Ideus
    Millionaire Ike
    Millionaire Jessup
    Millionaire Kaala
    Millionaire Kidlet
    Millionaire Knutt
    Millionaire Kujo
    Millionaire Lati
    Millionaire Leido
    Millionaire Limax
    Millionaire Lorius
    Millionaire Mordo
    Millionaire Murfin
    Millionaire Newth
    Millionaire Nino
    Millionaire Oglue
    Millionaire Osafo
    Millionaire Paffuto
    Millionaire Phanty
    Millionaire Poera
    Millionaire Pucu
    Millionaire Raulf
    Millionaire Reese
    Millionaire Renat
    Millionaire Rofling
    Millionaire Rusty
    Millionaire Sindi
    Millionaire Snookle
    Millionaire Speiro
    Millionaire Sybri
    Millionaire Tasi
    Millionaire Troit
    Millionaire Ushunda
    Millionaire Viotto
    Millionaire Vixen
    Millionaire Vlad
    Millionaire Walee
    Millionaire Willa
    Millionaire Xoi
    Millionaire Yakubi
    Millionaire Yuni
    Millionaire Zoink
    Millionaire Zola
    Millionaire Zoosh

    Minipet Addow
    Minipet Arinya
    Minipet Azul
    Minipet Basil
    Minipet Chibs
    Minipet Crikey
    Minipet Crindol
    Minipet Daisy
    Minipet Dakota
    Minipet Decadal
    Minipet Doyle
    Minipet Fasoro
    Minipet Gizmo
    Minipet Gobble
    Minipet Gonk
    Minipet Hump
    Minipet Huthiq
    Minipet Ike
    Minipet Jessup
    Minipet Kidlet
    Minipet Kronk
    Minipet Kujo
    Minipet Lati
    Minipet Limax
    Minipet Lorius
    Minipet Mordo
    Minipet Newth
    Minipet Quell
    Minipet Raulf
    Minipet Rofling
    Minipet Sindi
    Minipet Snookle
    Minipet Tantua
    Minipet Tasi
    Minipet Vixen
    Minipet Xoi
    Minipet Yuni
    Minipet Zetlian
    Minipet Zoink

    Monster Basil
    Monster Bolimo
    Monster Crikey
    Monster Decadal
    Monster Feliz
    Monster Ike
    Monster Jessup
    Monster Kronk
    Monster Leido
    Monster Limax
    Monster Mordo
    Monster Reese
    Monster Renat
    Monster Rofling
    Monster Sybri
    Monster Tantua
    Monster Viotto
    Monster Vixen
    Monster Xoi
    Monster Yakubi
    Monster Zoink
    Monster Zola

    Moonlight Bolimo
    Moonlight Chibs
    Moonlight Quell
    Moonlight Raulf
    Moonlight Troit
    Moonlight Walee
    Moonlight Yuni
    Moonlight Zola

    Mummy Addow
    Mummy Arinya
    Mummy Basil
    Mummy Bolimo
    Mummy Chibs
    Mummy Crikey
    Mummy Crindol
    Mummy Dakota
    Mummy Doyle
    Mummy Echlin
    Mummy Equilor
    Mummy Ercuw
    Mummy Fasoro
    Mummy Feliz
    Mummy Figaro
    Mummy Gizmo
    Mummy Gobble
    Mummy Gonk
    Mummy Grint
    Mummy Hump
    Mummy Huthiq
    Mummy Ideus
    Mummy Ike
    Mummy Jessup
    Mummy Kaala
    Mummy Kidlet
    Mummy Knutt
    Mummy Kronk
    Mummy Kujo
    Mummy Lati
    Mummy Leido
    Mummy Mordo
    Mummy Murfin
    Mummy Newth
    Mummy Nino
    Mummy Oglue
    Mummy Osafo
    Mummy Paffuto
    Mummy Phanty
    Mummy Poera
    Mummy Pucu
    Mummy Quell
    Mummy Reese
    Mummy Renat
    Mummy Rofling
    Mummy Rusty
    Mummy Sindi
    Mummy Snookle
    Mummy Speiro
    Mummy Sybri
    Mummy Tantua
    Mummy Tasi
    Mummy Troit
    Mummy Ushunda
    Mummy Viotto
    Mummy Vixen
    Mummy Vlad
    Mummy Walee
    Mummy Willa
    Mummy Yakubi
    Mummy Yuni
    Mummy Zetlian
    Mummy Zoink
    Mummy Zoosh

    Musical Azul
    Musical Feliz

    Mutant Addow
    Mutant Arinya
    Mutant Azul
    Mutant Basil
    Mutant Bolimo
    Mutant Chibs
    Mutant Crikey
    Mutant Crindol
    Mutant Daisy
    Mutant Dakota
    Mutant Decadal
    Mutant Doyle
    Mutant Echlin
    Mutant Equilor
    Mutant Ercuw
    Mutant Fasoro
    Mutant Feliz
    Mutant Figaro
    Mutant Flab
    Mutant Gizmo
    Mutant Gobble
    Mutant Gonk
    Mutant Hump
    Mutant Huthiq
    Mutant Ideus
    Mutant Ike
    Mutant Jessup
    Mutant Justin
    Mutant Kaala
    Mutant Kidlet
    Mutant Knutt
    Mutant Kronk
    Mutant Kujo
    Mutant Lati
    Mutant Leido
    Mutant Mordo
    Mutant Murfin
    Mutant Newth
    Mutant Nino
    Mutant Oglue
    Mutant Osafo
    Mutant Paffuto
    Mutant Phanty
    Mutant Poera
    Mutant Pucu
    Mutant Quell
    Mutant Reese
    Mutant Renat
    Mutant Rofling
    Mutant Rusty
    Mutant Sindi
    Mutant Snookle
    Mutant Speiro
    Mutant Sybri
    Mutant Tantua
    Mutant Tasi
    Mutant Troit
    Mutant Ushunda
    Mutant Viotto
    Mutant Vixen
    Mutant Vlad
    Mutant Walee
    Mutant Willa
    Mutant Xoi
    Mutant Yakubi
    Mutant Yuni
    Mutant Zetlian
    Mutant Zoink
    Mutant Zoosh

    Native Dakota
    Native Decadal
    Native Echlin
    Native Gobble
    Native Justin
    Native Knutt
    Native Mordo
    Native Newth
    Native Tasi
    Native Willa
    Native Yuni

    Nefarious Daisy
    Nefarious Echlin
    Nefarious Mordo
    Nefarious Paffuto
    Nefarious Quell
    Nefarious Reese

    Negative Addow
    Negative Arinya
    Negative Astro
    Negative Azul
    Negative Basil
    Negative Bolimo
    Negative Chibs
    Negative Crikey
    Negative Crindol
    Negative Daisy
    Negative Dakota
    Negative Decadal
    Negative Doyle
    Negative Echlin
    Negative Equilor
    Negative Ercuw
    Negative Eyru
    Negative Fasoro
    Negative Feliz
    Negative Figaro
    Negative Flab
    Negative Gobble
    Negative Gonk
    Negative Grint
    Negative Hump
    Negative Huthiq
    Negative Ideus
    Negative Ike
    Negative Jessup
    Negative Justin
    Negative Kaala
    Negative Kidlet
    Negative Knutt
    Negative Kronk
    Negative Kujo
    Negative Lati
    Negative Leido
    Negative Limax
    Negative Lorius
    Negative Mordo
    Negative Murfin
    Negative Newth
    Negative Nino
    Negative Oglue
    Negative Osafo
    Negative Phanty
    Negative Poera
    Negative Pucu
    Negative Quell
    Negative Raulf
    Negative Reese
    Negative Renat
    Negative Rofling
    Negative Rusty
    Negative Sindi
    Negative Snookle
    Negative Speiro
    Negative Sybri
    Negative Tantua
    Negative Tasi
    Negative Troit
    Negative Ushunda
    Negative Viotto
    Negative Vixen
    Negative Vlad
    Negative Willa
    Negative Xoi
    Negative Yakubi
    Negative Yuni
    Negative Zoink
    Negative Zola
    Negative Zoosh

    Neon Chibs
    Neon Ercuw
    Neon Jessup
    Neon Quell
    Neon Sybri

    Nightmare Azul
    Nightmare Decadal
    Nightmare Ercuw
    Nightmare Ike
    Nightmare Mordo
    Nightmare Raulf
    Nightmare Rofling
    Nightmare Snookle
    Nightmare Speiro
    Nightmare Sybri
    Nightmare Vixen
    Nightmare Yuni

    Nimbus Chibs
    Nimbus Fasoro
    Nimbus Leido
    Nimbus Limax
    Nimbus Lorius
    Nimbus Phanty
    Nimbus Pucu
    Nimbus Raulf
    Nimbus Reese
    Nimbus Sybri
    Nimbus Tantua
    Nimbus Vlad
    Nimbus Walee
    Nimbus Zola

    Ninja Equilor
    Ninja Gobble
    Ninja Phanty
    Ninja Rofling

    Old Chibs
    Old Daisy
    Old Justin
    Old Leido
    Old Limax
    Old Osafo
    Old Raulf
    Old Sindi
    Old Willa

    Orange Addow
    Orange Arinya
    Orange Astro
    Orange Azul
    Orange Basil
    Orange Bolimo
    Orange Chibs
    Orange Crikey
    Orange Crindol
    Orange Daisy
    Orange Dakota
    Orange Decadal
    Orange Doyle
    Orange Echlin
    Orange Equilor
    Orange Ercuw
    Orange Eyru
    Orange Fasoro
    Orange Feliz
    Orange Figaro
    Orange Flab
    Orange Gizmo
    Orange Gonk
    Orange Grint
    Orange Hump
    Orange Huthiq
    Orange Ideus
    Orange Ike
    Orange Jessup
    Orange Justin
    Orange Kaala
    Orange Kidlet
    Orange Knutt
    Orange Kronk
    Orange Kujo
    Orange Lati
    Orange Leido
    Orange Limax
    Orange Lorius
    Orange Mordo
    Orange Murfin
    Orange Newth
    Orange Nino
    Orange Oglue
    Orange Osafo
    Orange Paffuto
    Orange Phanty
    Orange Poera
    Orange Pucu
    Orange Quell
    Orange Raulf
    Orange Reese
    Orange Renat
    Orange Rofling
    Orange Rusty
    Orange Sindi
    Orange Snookle
    Orange Speiro
    Orange Sybri
    Orange Tantua
    Orange Tasi
    Orange Troit
    Orange Ushunda
    Orange Viotto
    Orange Vixen
    Orange Vlad
    Orange Walee
    Orange Willa
    Orange Xoi
    Orange Yakubi
    Orange Yuni
    Orange Zetlian
    Orange Zoink
    Orange Zola
    Orange Zoosh

    Jake:// Missing Photos (G-K)

    Posted on : 9th May 2017 06:02   Posted by : ItsJake
    Will be making a forum about buying/swapping soon... any donations are appreciated

    if you have any of these you would like to swap for photos of my pets, let me know. i will swap for similar valued photos or multiple lower valued photos.

    Note: Will be storing all photos in my attic for now until I get the extreme hoarder avi >_<
    I will remove photos as i get them though

    Genie Addow
    Genie Bolimo
    Genie Chibs
    Genie Feliz
    Genie Huthiq
    Genie Kujo
    Genie Phanty
    Genie Rofling
    Genie Sindi
    Genie Sybri
    Genie Troit
    Genie Walee
    Genie Yuni

    Ghost Addow
    Ghost Azul
    Ghost Bolimo
    Ghost Chibs
    Ghost Doyle
    Ghost Ercuw
    Ghost Fasoro
    Ghost Gonk
    Ghost Jessup
    Ghost Kidlet
    Ghost Knutt
    Ghost Lati
    Ghost Mordo
    Ghost Murfin
    Ghost Newth
    Ghost Osafo
    Ghost Phanty
    Ghost Poera
    Ghost Rofling
    Ghost Snookle
    Ghost Tasi
    Ghost Walee
    Ghost Willa
    Ghost Yakubi
    Ghost Zoink

    Gingerbread Addow
    Gingerbread Dakota
    Gingerbread Grint
    Gingerbread Kidlet
    Gingerbread Mordo
    Gingerbread Murfin
    Gingerbread Paffuto
    Gingerbread Snookle
    Gingerbread Tasi
    Gingerbread Xoi

    Glass Addow
    Glass Arinya
    Glass Astro
    Glass Azul
    Glass Basil
    Glass Bolimo
    Glass Crikey
    Glass Crindol
    Glass Daisy
    Glass Dakota
    Glass Decadal
    Glass Doyle
    Glass Echlin
    Glass Equilor
    Glass Ercuw
    Glass Eyru
    Glass Fasoro
    Glass Feliz
    Glass Figaro
    Glass Flab
    Glass Gonk
    Glass Grint
    Glass Huthiq
    Glass Ideus
    Glass Ike
    Glass Jessup
    Glass Kaala
    Glass Kidlet
    Glass Knutt
    Glass Kujo
    Glass Lati
    Glass Limax
    Glass Lorius
    Glass Mordo
    Glass Murfin
    Glass Newth
    Glass Nino
    Glass Oglue
    Glass Osafo
    Glass Paffuto
    Glass Poera
    Glass Pucu
    Glass Raulf
    Glass Reese
    Glass Renat
    Glass Rofling
    Glass Rusty
    Glass Sindi
    Glass Snookle
    Glass Sybri
    Glass Tantua
    Glass Tasi
    Glass Troit
    Glass Ushunda
    Glass Viotto
    Glass Vixen
    Glass Vlad
    Glass Walee
    Glass Willa
    Glass Xoi
    Glass Yakubi
    Glass Yuni
    Glass Zola
    Glass Zoosh

    Gnome Chibs
    Gnome Ercuw
    Gnome Lati
    Gnome Murfin
    Gnome Rofling

    Goblin Gonk
    Goblin Huthiq
    Goblin Kidlet
    Goblin Leido
    Goblin Mordo
    Goblin Nino
    Goblin Sindi
    Goblin Snookle
    Goblin Ushunda
    Goblin Yakubi
    Goblin Yuni

    Gold Addow
    Gold Arinya
    Gold Astro
    Gold Azul
    Gold Basil
    Gold Bolimo
    Gold Crikey
    Gold Crindol
    Gold Daisy
    Gold Dakota
    Gold Decadal
    Gold Doyle
    Gold Echlin
    Gold Equilor
    Gold Ercuw
    Gold Eyru
    Gold Fasoro
    Gold Feliz
    Gold Figaro
    Gold Flab
    Gold Gonk
    Gold Huthiq
    Gold Ideus
    Gold Ike
    Gold Jessup
    Gold Kaala
    Gold Kidlet
    Gold Knutt
    Gold Kujo
    Gold Lati
    Gold Limax
    Gold Lorius
    Gold Mordo
    Gold Murfin
    Gold Newth
    Gold Nino
    Gold Oglue
    Gold Osafo
    Gold Paffuto
    Gold Poera
    Gold Pucu
    Gold Quell
    Gold Raulf
    Gold Reese
    Gold Renat
    Gold Rofling
    Gold Rusty
    Gold Sindi
    Gold Snookle
    Gold Speiro
    Gold Sybri
    Gold Tantua
    Gold Tasi
    Gold Troit
    Gold Ushunda
    Gold Viotto
    Gold Vixen
    Gold Vlad
    Gold Walee
    Gold Willa
    Gold Xoi
    Gold Yakubi
    Gold Yuni
    Gold Zola
    Gold Zoosh

    Gothic Crindol
    Gothic Dakota
    Gothic Decadal
    Gothic Huthiq
    Gothic Kujo
    Gothic Quell
    Gothic Tantua
    Gothic Vixen

    Green Addow
    Green Arinya
    Green Astro
    Green Azul
    Green Basil
    Green Bolimo
    Green Chibs
    Green Crikey
    Green Crindol
    Green Dakota
    Green Decadal
    Green Doyle
    Green Equilor
    Green Ercuw
    Green Fasoro
    Green Feliz
    Green Figaro
    Green Flab
    Green Gizmo
    Green Gobble
    Green Gonk
    Green Grint
    Green Hump
    Green Huthiq
    Green Ideus
    Green Ike
    Green Jessup
    Green Justin
    Green Kaala
    Green Kidlet
    Green Knutt
    Green Kronk
    Green Kujo
    Green Lati
    Green Leido
    Green Limax
    Green Lorius
    Green Mordo
    Green Murfin
    Green Newth
    Green Nino
    Green Oglue
    Green Osafo
    Green Paffuto
    Green Phanty
    Green Poera
    Green Pucu
    Green Quell
    Green Raulf
    Green Reese
    Green Renat
    Green Rofling
    Green Rusty
    Green Sindi
    Green Snookle
    Green Speiro
    Green Sybri
    Green Tantua
    Green Tasi
    Green Troit
    Green Ushunda
    Green Viotto
    Green Vixen
    Green Vlad
    Green Walee
    Green Willa
    Green Xoi
    Green Yuni
    Green Zetlian
    Green Zoink
    Green Zola
    Green Zoosh

    Grey Addow
    Grey Arinya
    Grey Astro
    Grey Azul
    Grey Basil
    Grey Bolimo
    Grey Chibs
    Grey Crikey
    Grey Crindol
    Grey Daisy
    Grey Dakota
    Grey Decadal
    Grey Doyle
    Grey Echlin
    Grey Equilor
    Grey Ercuw
    Grey Eyru
    Grey Fasoro
    Grey Feliz
    Grey Figaro
    Grey Flab
    Grey Gizmo
    Grey Gobble
    Grey Gonk
    Grey Grint
    Grey Hump
    Grey Huthiq
    Grey Ideus
    Grey Ike
    Grey Jessup
    Grey Justin
    Grey Kaala
    Grey Kidlet
    Grey Knutt
    Grey Kujo
    Grey Lati
    Grey Leido
    Grey Limax
    Grey Lorius
    Grey Mordo
    Grey Murfin
    Grey Newth
    Grey Nino
    Grey Oglue
    Grey Osafo
    Grey Paffuto
    Grey Phanty
    Grey Poera
    Grey Pucu
    Grey Quell
    Grey Raulf
    Grey Reese
    Grey Renat
    Grey Rofling
    Grey Rusty
    Grey Sindi
    Grey Snookle
    Grey Speiro
    Grey Sybri
    Grey Tantua
    Grey Tasi
    Grey Troit
    Grey Ushunda
    Grey Vlad
    Grey Walee
    Grey Willa
    Grey Xoi
    Grey Yakubi
    Grey Yuni
    Grey Zetlian
    Grey Zoink
    Grey Zola
    Grey Zoosh

    Hairy Chibs
    Hairy Echlin
    Hairy Equilor
    Hairy Gonk
    Hairy Kidlet
    Hairy Kujo
    Hairy Leido
    Hairy Nino
    Hairy Rusty
    Hairy Sindi
    Hairy Sybri
    Hairy Tantua
    Hairy Tasi
    Hairy Viotto
    Hairy Vixen

    Halloween Azul
    Halloween Bolimo
    Halloween Chibs
    Halloween Crindol
    Halloween Daisy
    Halloween Ercuw
    Halloween Gobble
    Halloween Grint
    Halloween Ideus
    Halloween Jessup
    Halloween Kidlet
    Halloween Knutt
    Halloween Kronk
    Halloween Leido
    Halloween Newth
    Halloween Oglue
    Halloween Paffuto
    Halloween Phanty
    Halloween Poera
    Halloween Pucu
    Halloween Quell
    Halloween Raulf
    Halloween Reese
    Halloween Renat
    Halloween Snookle
    Halloween Tantua
    Halloween Tasi
    Halloween Troit
    Halloween Ushunda
    Halloween Vixen
    Halloween Vlad
    Halloween Xoi
    Halloween Yuni
    Halloween Zoink
    Halloween Zoosh

    Headless Arinya
    Headless Basil
    Headless Chibs
    Headless Crindol
    Headless Daisy
    Headless Echlin
    Headless Ercuw
    Headless Fasoro
    Headless Figaro
    Headless Flab
    Headless Hump
    Headless Justin
    Headless Kaala
    Headless Kujo
    Headless Limax
    Headless Lorius
    Headless Mordo
    Headless Newth
    Headless Nino
    Headless Paffuto
    Headless Pucu
    Headless Rofling
    Headless Sindi
    Headless Tasi
    Headless Troit
    Headless Vixen
    Headless Willa
    Headless Xoi
    Headless Yuni
    Headless Zetlian
    Headless Zoink
    Headless Zola
    Headless Zoosh

    Hero Basil
    Hero Daisy
    Hero Ike
    Hero Newth
    Hero Viotto
    Hero Yuni

    Hobo Basil
    Hobo Chibs
    Hobo Dakota
    Hobo Ike
    Hobo Leido
    Hobo Mordo
    Hobo Newth
    Hobo Osafo
    Hobo Reese
    Hobo Walee
    Hobo Xoi
    Hobo Zetlian

    Ice Addow
    Ice Arinya
    Ice Astro
    Ice Azul
    Ice Basil
    Ice Bolimo
    Ice Crikey
    Ice Crindol
    Ice Daisy
    Ice Dakota
    Ice Decadal
    Ice Doyle
    Ice Echlin
    Ice Ercuw
    Ice Eyru
    Ice Fasoro
    Ice Feliz
    Ice Figaro
    Ice Flab
    Ice Gonk
    Ice Grint
    Ice Huthiq
    Ice Ideus
    Ice Ike
    Ice Jessup
    Ice Kaala
    Ice Kidlet
    Ice Knutt
    Ice Kujo
    Ice Lati
    Ice Limax
    Ice Lorius
    Ice Mordo
    Ice Murfin
    Ice Newth
    Ice Nino
    Ice Oglue
    Ice Osafo
    Ice Paffuto
    Ice Poera
    Ice Pucu
    Ice Quell
    Ice Raulf
    Ice Reese
    Ice Renat
    Ice Rofling
    Ice Rusty
    Ice Sindi
    Ice Snookle
    Ice Speiro
    Ice Sybri
    Ice Tantua
    Ice Tasi
    Ice Troit
    Ice Ushunda
    Ice Vixen
    Ice Vlad
    Ice Walee
    Ice Willa
    Ice Xoi
    Ice Yakubi
    Ice Yuni
    Ice Zola
    Ice Zoosh

    Ice Cream Chibs
    Ice Cream Decadal
    Ice Cream Figaro
    Ice Cream Flab
    Ice Cream Kujo
    Ice Cream Lati
    Ice Cream Limax
    Ice Cream Mordo
    Ice Cream Newth
    Ice Cream Snookle
    Ice Cream Troit
    Ice Cream Walee
    Ice Cream Yuni
    Ice Cream Zola

    Ice Fairy Addow
    Ice Fairy Chibs
    Ice Fairy Daisy
    Ice Fairy Dakota
    Ice Fairy Echlin
    Ice Fairy Fasoro
    Ice Fairy Mordo
    Ice Fairy Newth
    Ice Fairy Osafo
    Ice Fairy Phanty
    Ice Fairy Poera
    Ice Fairy Quell
    Ice Fairy Rusty
    Ice Fairy Sindi
    Ice Fairy Xoi
    Ice Fairy Yuni

    Injured Arinya
    Injured Azul
    Injured Bolimo
    Injured Decadal
    Injured Hump
    Injured Ideus
    Injured Lati
    Injured Osafo
    Injured Renat
    Injured Troit
    Injured Zoink

    Insideout Hump
    Insideout Limax
    Insideout Mordo
    Insideout Murfin
    Insideout Tasi
    Insideout Yuni

    Invisible Addow
    Invisible Arinya
    Invisible Astro
    Invisible Azul
    Invisible Basil
    Invisible Bolimo
    Invisible Crikey
    Invisible Crindol
    Invisible Daisy
    Invisible Dakota
    Invisible Decadal
    Invisible Doyle
    Invisible Echlin
    Invisible Equilor
    Invisible Ercuw
    Invisible Eyru
    Invisible Fasoro
    Invisible Feliz
    Invisible Figaro
    Invisible Flab
    Invisible Gizmo
    Invisible Gobble
    Invisible Gonk
    Invisible Grint
    Invisible Hump
    Invisible Huthiq
    Invisible Ideus
    Invisible Ike
    Invisible Jessup
    Invisible Justin
    Invisible Kaala
    Invisible Kidlet
    Invisible Knutt
    Invisible Kronk
    Invisible Kujo
    Invisible Lati
    Invisible Leido
    Invisible Limax
    Invisible Lorius
    Invisible Mordo
    Invisible Murfin
    Invisible Pucu
    Invisible Raulf
    Invisible Viotto
    Invisible Willa
    Invisible Yuni
    Invisible Zoink
    Invisible Zola

    Island Crikey
    Island Decadal
    Island Hump
    Island Murfin
    Island Oglue
    Island Phanty
    Island Pucu
    Island Walee
    Island Yuni
    Island Zoink

    Killer Chibs
    Killer Decadal
    Killer Fasoro
    Killer Feliz
    Killer Gizmo
    Killer Ideus
    Killer Kujo
    Killer Mordo
    Killer Sybri
    Killer Tasi
    Killer Zetlian
    Killer Zola

    Four Corners
    in 3 minutes
    230,769MP Prize

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