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  • Jake:// Great wins :D

    Posted on : 28th Dec 2016 00:39   Posted by : ItsJake
    I've had a few before now but don't remember them all or the dates...

    Congratulations! You are a winner in last month's Monthly Checklist!! You have won £100 Account Upgrade Credit!!!

    Mizaar asks the Genie to grant them a wish....

    The Genie has granted Mizaar a wish!
    You now have a Essence of Pucu in your Inventory

    Hokages fed Favolos Yellow Gumball
    Favolos was just about to eat Hyebi but is now full
    You now have a Hyebi in your Inventory

    You dug up a Magic Gold Bean!

    Jake:// Pet Struggles

    Posted on : 11th Dec 2016 03:38   Posted by : ItsJake
    List of other pet struggles:
    * turning Jholteon into a lightning Fasoro - again the portal and whirlpool hated me and it took about 2 months and then two days later I was whirlpooling another pet and low and behold! Another Lightning Fasoro 😓
    * Trying to get my seasonal chibs - really recently I've wanted a seasonal chibs and traded a fairy chibs and Chibi vlad for one finally
    * Making snowboard a polar figaro years and years ago when the makers were 20mill... now they're 5-6mill
    * Ziens - he is so so close to being a minipet echlin! He *should* be done by next weekend but definitely before Christmas! He was an echlin... then I accidentally portaled him and he changed into a negative flab 😫 j then had to take him out of the rune temple (wasted runes! to put him back in the slate pyramid and back then into the temple as for whatever reason he couldn't go into the pyramid while in the temple but yet once he's was in the slate pyramid he could go back into the temple at the same time... logic?
    * For more examples of the portal and whirlpool hating me, please see; aqaumentie, pyrokinesis, lruka, ghaara and rymus who I bought costumes/enchanted plushies/potions for as I gave up with the portal and whirlpool :/
    * Marvelled is really close to finishing the temple to be a rofling but I have to save loads of scholarships to put all my pets in uni for hieroglyphics
    * And my final ongoing struggle is trading my headless Zola for ANY raulf haha

    Jake:// Zoink Poratling and Whirlpooling

    Posted on : 26th Sep 2016 09:51   Posted by : ItsJake
    Bought 11 Zoink Potions
    4x 1mill
    4x 750k
    2x 800k
    1x 700k
    Total = 9,300,000mp

    Aiming for Minipet and fat so fingers crossed! Already used probably around 10-15potions and got party (gave away) and Minipet (traded before I decided I wanted it lol) So... Let's go again!

    Used one on Onkiers and the results are below;

    Whirlpool - changed colour to chocolate
    Portal - changed into a Pinata Newth
    Used potion number 2
    Portal - nothing happened
    Whirlpool - gained 1 speed stat

    Whirlpool - changed colour to black... he was already black!! >.<
    Portal - nothing happened
    Portal - turned green
    Whirlpool - found 1210mp

    Whirlpool - changed colour to blue
    Portal - changed to a white ideus
    Used potion number 3
    Portal - nothing happened
    Whirlpool - gained a strength stat

    Whirlpool - changed colour to emo
    Portal - changed colour to red
    Portal - gained one level stat
    Whirlpool - found 307mp

    Whirlpool - gained 1 health stat
    Portal - changed colour to splatter
    Damn can't portal that again so used another pet
    Used potion number 4 on Kremes
    Portal - changed colour to yellow
    Whirlpool - gained 1 level

    Portal - changed colour to red
    Portal - nothing happened
    Whirlpool - gained 1 level

    Whirlpool - found 453mp
    Portal - changed colour to blue
    Portal - gained 1 strength
    Whirlpool - found 190mp

    Whirlpool - gained 1 level
    Portal - nothing happened
    Portal - nothing happened
    Whirlpool - gained 1 level in geography

    Whirlpool - Kremes changed into a Newth!
    Potion number 5 >.<
    Portal - nothing happened
    Portal - nothing happened
    Whirlpool - changed colour to snow

    Whirlpool - kremes changed into a puffuto!
    Great >.<
    Potion number 6!
    Portal - nothing happened
    Portal - changed colour to burnt
    Whirlpool - found 141mp

    Whirlpool - nothing happened
    Portal - changed colour to blue
    Portal - gained 1 strength stat
    Whirlpool - gained 1 level in maths

    Portal - changed colour to summer
    Portal - gained 1 level
    Kept summer and used potion 7 on Marvelled
    Whirlpool - found 1967mp
    Whirlpool - gained 1 sport stat

    Whirlpool - nothing happened
    Portal - turned into a black flab
    Potion number 8 >.<
    With this and the other 10-15 potions I should have just bought the fat costume!
    Portal - turned into an ice cream xoi
    Damn it! Out of potions so going back to kremes the summer zoink

    Whirlpool - nothing happened
    Portal - nothing happened
    Portal - nothing happened
    Whirlpool - nothing happened

    Whirlpool - nothing happened
    Portal - nothing happened
    Portal - nothing happened
    Whirlpool - turned into an ideus -__-

    Back onto my splatter zoink!

    Portal - nothing happened
    Portal - nothing happened
    Whirlpool - found 437mp

    Whirlpool - turned into a zetlian
    Used potion number 9 on kremes
    Portal - nothing happened
    Portal - turned robot
    Whirlpool - gained 1 strength stat

    Portal - turned into a leprechaun azul

    And out of potions >.<

    Bought another potion for 700k, number 10

    Whirlpool - gained 1 level in maths

    (Been using an echlin too)

    Whirlpool - turned into a ushunda
    Used ANOTHER (11) potion! >.<

    Portal - changed colour to yellow

    Portal - changed into a brown feliz
    Done again >.<

    Gave up and bought a fat costume for 15au -__-'
    I sooooo should have just done that in the first place as in total I've probably spent close to 30mill! So
    Now to earn it all back!! Haha

    Jake:// Thank You's

    Posted on : 20th Aug 2016 10:36   Posted by : ItsJake
    Thought I would start this blog as a way to remember the kind people who have helped me on here!!

    Maestro: Gave me Pokii the Autumn Vixen after seeing my pet goals!

    Dear ItsJake You have been sent a Extra Pet Giftbox from Reverie!
    After seeing me make a stupid mistake

    Meivabelle: Toki, Inferno, Autumn Hammy and a Bear Scout Plushie to try and make me feel better! It worked!!

    Dru: Gave me Nijht the Phantom Vixen after seeing my pet goals too!

    Brunette: Space Fairy Frolic

    Jake:// Given Away

    Posted on : 20th Aug 2016 04:14   Posted by : ItsJake
    A few months ago I was thinking of quitting so started giving a lot of stuff away and this is just a list of the things I gave and to whom.

    If you see you're on this blog and wish to be anonymous then please mail me and I will change it ASAP!

    Clarinet: Gallandi (Burnt Pucu)

    Bek: Orange Figaro Potion

    Gabriel: Whedon (Superhero Decadal) and EPGB

    Callietorres: Enchanted Valentine Tasi Plushie

    Webkinzxo: Enchanted Yellow Lati Plushie

    Moonbeam55: 4AU

    Cappygirl: Koob summoning stone

    Alu: Essence of Rusty

    Salvandor: 1AU

    Badger: Queen eleka Gumball, bee potato and winter potato

    Perceptive: Smore, bug guide book, beehive, scouts maple syrup and fish on a stick

    Etc: Daylight costume

    Becky: Tundra costume and Myric (Tundra Quell)

    Alchemist: Enchanted Dragon Quell Plushie

    Lilmissy08: Quell Ears and Moonlight Quell Potion

    Brayden: Tokkun (Party Zoink), Hieroglyphic A and Hieroglyphic K

    Blush: Riesel (Ice Cream Quell)

    Catherine: Chicken waffle sandwich and jar of oceans

    Buzzee: Enchanted Phantom Sindi Plushie and Sketch Costume

    Zeichii: Arcade Costume

    iSell: Minifoot

    WindEarthFireWater: 2AU

    Tofferr: Quell summoning stone

    EmpressOfMinorDemons: Halloween Quell Potion

    Mrbloom: Pink Costume and Yellow Dakota potion

    Kali: Easter costume

    Ghordess: Helped get underwater costume - 4au and Enchanted Scout Fasoro Plushie

    Frooty: 2AU

    Nibble: Ice Fairy Quell Wig

    AbsoluteNormal: Firefly

    Nymphadora: Scout uniform shirt

    taylorraeallbright: Ice Fairy Quell Wig

    Ratchet_Lombax: Enchanted Space Fairy Snookle Plushie

    Selenahottie: Angel and Ghost Poera Potions

    Reverie: Red Vlad Potion

    GJammy: Scout Costume

    ImACatDuh: Koob summoning stone, White Marapop, purple Marapop, bag of scout popcorn and roasted marshmallow

    Peanut65: Streaked Gothic Quell Wig

    Brunette: Mezari (Minipet Sybri)

    Gehinnam: Enchanted Arcade Willa Plushie

    crazyangellady: Rune M

    Costs and Trades:

    MP: 37,500,000
    AU: 26

    Probably more as I bought some of the quell potions/plushies from the AU store myself then traded.
    Most of the other items I had either in m attic or gallery and the scout event items I won myself

    Traded an Enchanted Moonlight Decadal Plushie for;
    Enchanted Valentine Tasi Plushie
    Valentine costume

    Traded an Enchanted Nimbus Limax Plushie for;
    Enchanted Ice Cream Quell Plushie
    Enchanted Space Quell Plushie

    Traded a Chibi Quell Potion for a Halloween Quell Potion

    Traded a Daylight Quell Potion and 2AU for an Enchanted Dragon Quell Plushie

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